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Tech Tip #21 How to Make a Small Window Big

Ask a Tech Teacher

In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

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How We Began Online Learning Successfully

The CoolCatTeacher

Reflections from the trenches From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter As we began distance learning, I started writing and reflecting. I wrote this piece back in March as this began and in the hustle and bustle, I didn’t publish it.

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Lessons on Return Planning: From District Leaders for District Leaders

Education Elements

A bank teller, Jeff Bezos, and a Starbucks barista walk into district reopening planning session. No, really.


42 Distance Learning and Inspiring Resources for Educators

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Over the past months, many educators have been sharing resources, best practices, and more about distance learning.

Reimagining Learning for All Students through Universal Design

Education Elements

“There has to be a better way!” I remember a character on a movie or TV show I watched as a youngster constantly repeating this phrase and it’s been ingrained in my mind ever since.

Five reasons re-opening will not be enough to save many child care centers

The Hechinger Report

Children at Pyrena Hui’s child care center in San Francisco, California, participate in an art activity. Credit: Pyrena Hui. America’s child care providers, who care for roughly 12 million children under age 5 every day, have been devastated by the coronavirus crisis.

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Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks for Teachers


Microsoft Teams for school use can make education more engaging and effective, when also using these tips

Navigating the New Normal: A Guide for Our At-Risk 50-and-Up Educators

EdNews Daily

By Carol Henry As schools gradually reopen, students, teachers and staff are all vulnerable to the lasting effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

5 ways esports is impacting education right now

eSchool News

More than 70 percent of schools are considering starting an esports program, citing an opportunity to improve the campus experience for students and foster STEM learning, according to a survey from Extreme Networks and eCampus News.

Virtual Discussion: Social Distancing Tech for Hybrid Schools

EdNews Daily

One of the most difficult aspects of our return to physical school is the question of proper social distancing. Even with a hybrid model of learning, the implications of student safety are massive, as is the planning needed to accomplish it.

Can Colleges Reopen? 7 Questions From Congress As It Considers More Higher Ed Support


With the new semester quickly approaching, and coronavirus cases rising in most states, will colleges and college students have what they need to succeed this fall?

Schools and the Space-Time Continuum

EdNews Daily

By LeiLani Cauthen It’s almost Fall, and the clock is ticking. Talk of time and space are swirling all around us, and confusion is rampant. As you know, some states aren’t really open yet and others are closing down. And in the education biz, it feels like the wild West out there.

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Educators Like Their Curricula More When the Training Is Good, Survey Finds


What do educators think about the quality of the curriculum they teach? It depends—mostly on the training they received. That was the driving takeaway from a recent survey of more than 2,100 teachers, the results of which were released today.

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For District Leaders: Amplify Your Leadership Voice in the Midst of Covid-19 Challenges

EdNews Daily

By Bob Riefstahl As a district leader, adjusting the way you communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic can significantly improve your effectiveness. Just like your teachers, students and parents, as a district leader you have been forced to find new ways to effectively communicate.

How gamification can improve schoolwide behavior

eSchool News

Now that online games have become so popular among K-12 students, school and district administrators can use gamification techniques to create a positive school climate and encourage positive behavior by individual students who have differing needs.

July’s Top 5 Education Book Releases

Where Learning Clicks

Check out our picks for July’s top 5 education books, which can help you plan for what’s sure to be another unusual school year. The post July’s Top 5 Education Book Releases appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

Access to Ed-Tech Tools Has Jumped 90 Percent Since School Closures

Marketplace K-12

The use of learning management and communications tools, and virtual curriculum, have soared since the coronavirus forced lessons to go online. The post Access to Ed-Tech Tools Has Jumped 90 Percent Since School Closures appeared first on Market Brief.

Two Very Good Tools to Add Sticky Notes to Your Gmail Emails

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

For those of you using Gmail, the extensions below are definitely worth trying out. They will help you enhance your productivity and transform your emailing experience. The apps allow you to more. 2020 Gmail tips and tools

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Using Facebook Communties to Empower Parents in the New School Year by @Mjmcalliwrites

Teacher Tech

What do the best parties and Facebook communities have in common? When people feel invited and included by a host who truly values them, new relationships form and old relationships grow deeper.

President Pressures Schools to Re-Open


Education leaders pushed to bring back all students when school year begins

SEL Skills Are More Vital Than Ever. Here’s How to Choose the Right Tools.


In January, our team published a report on social-emotional learning research that has taken on new importance during the past few months.

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Easing the Burden of Labor Compliance and Grant Tracking

eSchool News

Ancillary grant YouTube


Effective Anti-Racist Education Requires More Diverse Teachers, More Training


In the wake of ongoing protests for racial justice , young people in America are demanding change from their schools. Petitions are circulating all over the country in support of creating anti-racist education. One petition, written by alumni of Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Ariz.,

How Are Schools Reopening in the Fall?

EdTech Magazine

The return to school won’t be business as usual this year. Across the country, many school districts are still weighing their options for how to reopen schools amid continuing coronavirus concerns.

4 Great Story Book Maker Apps for Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

As an academic activity, creating story books engages students in meaningful social learning activities that target a wide variety of literacy skills. There are tons of story maker apps out more. 2020 storytelling tools

We Are Repeating The Discrimination Experiment Every Day, Says Educator Jane Elliott


The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 prompted educator Jane Elliott to create the now-famous “blue eyes/brown eyes exercise.”

#AskExcelinEd: How can students continue learning this summer?


It’s National Summer Learning Week! Ordinarily, the “summer learning slide” can result in months of learning loss for students while students are out school.

What Our Children Need to Put Their Best Foot Forward: Some Ideas to Address Social Isolation, Missed Curriculum, and a Pattern of Negative Interactions #engaginglitminds

Reading By Example

Running a school where the students all succeed, even if some students have to help others to make the grade, is good preparation for democracy. – William Glasser.

The Best Stroller Fans To Keep Your Baby Cool in 2020

Fractus Learning

Have you tried hand-fanning your baby and pushing a baby stroller at the same time? If you have, you understand how hard that is – and you get the value of having a clip-on stroller fan. [.]. Baby Parents


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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

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