Sat.Jul 23, 2022

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Physical Computing with micro:bits and Makecode

User Generated Education

I am quite fond of facilitating physical computing activities with my learners as I’ve discussed in Scratch and Makey Makey Across the Curriculum . For that post I created the following graphic to represent the benefits of physical computing. I think it is important to extend the use of coding and microcontrollers into creating physical objects for the following reasons: Standards Addressed.

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How Are Click Here Made

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Are you wondering "How are click here made?" You see "Click Here" in many websites or emails. Here are the steps for how to create your own hyperlinks so people can click here. The post How Are Click Here Made appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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9 Good Online Math Tutoring Websites for Kids and Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

When children are in kindergarten and first grade, the math curriculum focuses on number awareness and identification. Math for third graders can be more challenging since kids have to deal with fractions, decimals, and other complex math concepts that may prove novel. Unfortunately, teachers in the conventional classroom are often too busy to attend to all kids & needs.

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