Sat.Oct 19, 2019

Are We Rushing Education Change? The Case for Slowing Things Down


Education is known for endless change, and over the years that’s taken many forms: testing modifications, curriculum adjustments, new committees to join, fresh acronyms to learn.

CraftyText – Google Chrome Extension

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Make Large Onscreen Text Sometimes you when displaying a website it can be handy to display some text. The CraftyText Chrome extension makes this an easy task. Install CraftyText Install CraftyText Chrome Extension After installing the CraftyText click the CT icon in the extension shelf and enter what you wish to display. Click the CT […]. The post CraftyText – Google Chrome Extension appeared first on Teacher Tech. Chrome Chrome Apps Google extension google GoogleEDU

The Educational Technology Cult Is Alive and Well in the 21st Century

The 21st Century Principal

Does anyone else notice how "cult-like" ed tech leaders and supporters can be? They constantly proclaim salvation by technology for every educational ailment that we face. Yet, we've been on this "ed-tech binge" since perhaps the mid-1990s with very little to show for it.

Educational Science Apps for Middle School Students

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Upon the recommendation of some of our readers, we went ahead and curated for you the collection below. This is a list of some useful iPad science apps to use with middle school students. The apps,read more

iPad 40

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

E-Readers, Ebook Apps and the Technologies of Distraction: Why I Read Paper and Not Digital Books

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There was time I downloaded e-books with a madness. There was something exciting perhaps about instantaneously getting access to that new title or some older book I was intending to read. I've even blogged about the wonders of ebooks on this blog at some point in the past.

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Educational Leaders, Marketing Language, Deception and Integrity: Critical Thinking Instead of Deception

The 21st Century Principal

Since I began blogging a few years back, I've always eschewed all these offers from companies and individuals for "branded content" to post here. I could have perhaps made much more money from blogging. The pennies one receives from allowing ads alone hardly amount to any kind of income.