Fri.Jul 31, 2020

What You Might Have Missed in July

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are the most-read posts for the month of July: Tech Ed Resources: Online Classes. Tech Ed Resources: K-12 Tech Curriculum. Tech Ed Resources: Mentoring and Coaching. Celebrate the Anniversary of the Moon Landing. Common Tech Problem: Browser Doesn’t Work. Free Mouse Skills Posters.

First Impressions: In East Tennessee, School has Started

EdNews Daily

By Christy S. Martin, Ed.D. Amid the fear and the virus, school has begun. The opening of Alcoa, Maryville, and Blount County Schools in East Tennessee preceded many districts in the state and country and will be an example for all to follow.


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What is Google Sheets and How Does It Work for Teachers?


Google Sheets is a super flexible tool that can help make teaching easier and more comprehensive with these tips

Tools 101

Leadership: The Connective Tissue of Educational Change

EdNews Daily

By Mac Bogert “True leadership only exists if people follow when they have the freedom not to.” –Jim Collins Connective Tissue I delivered my first virtual class in 2009. I was in front of a blue screen, behind a desk.

SplashLearn Makes Learning Fun and Creates Fearless Learners

Loved by more than 30 million kids, SplashLearn is a game-based learning program that creates engaging learning experiences to nurture a generation of fearless learners. SplashLearn is the fastest growing elementary school math program in the US, used by more than 440,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools across the United States.

Add a Rubric to Google Classroom with Google Sheets

Teacher Tech

You can add a rubric to a Google Classroom assignment using Google Sheets. This is my preferred way. Template Make a copy of the rubric template to help you successfully upload your rubric. It has to be in a specific format. I created a no code template.

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To Combat the ‘COVID Slide,’ Tutoring Program Pairs Elementary Schoolers with College Students


Michelle Lamont’s 7-year-old daughter, Savannah, was already struggling with reading when her school shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. The prolonged closures—and in her case, lack of any formal instruction—only exacerbated the problem.

Podcast: Education Tech Chaos

EdNews Daily

In this podcast, LeiLani Cauthen, Publisher and CEO of the Learning Counsel, and Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director of Instructional Development and Support, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia discuss the complexity of digital delivery.

Considerations & Essential Questions for the Upcoming School Year


This blog post shares some important considerations and essential questions for schools and teachers to consider when planning for the upcoming school year.

When Life Gives You Lemons

EdNews Daily

By LeiLani Cauthen To say this has been a crazy year is an understatement. Like you, our team has been trying our best to stay ahead of the curve and make adjustments to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our schools and districts.

Data 130

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

How our students avoided the ‘COVID slide’

eSchool News

When the pandemic forced schools to shut down this spring, ensuring that our nearly 250 students remained fully engaged in learning from home was a significant challenge.

Jobless college students are being given summer jobs to mentor younger peers

The Hechinger Report

With their summer jobs and internships canceled and anxiety about getting Covid-19 — or just succumbing to boredom — college students have found at least one type of work that they largely can do at home this summer: mentoring even younger students.

An integration specialist meets students–and teachers–where they’re comfortable

eSchool News

In partnership with eSchool News, Illuminate Education is spotlighting teachers in a series recognizing educators, the way they have moved instruction online during COVID-19, and how they have prioritized the needs of their students. Krista Barbosa. Integration Specialist.

How Libraries Stretch Their Capabilities to Serve Kids During a Pandemic


On a recent summer day, librarian Lyn Hunter posted a video to YouTube on how to make a weather thermometer using a straw, rubbing alcohol and a bottle.

Develop A Feature-Rich App for Any Virtual Classroom

Building an e-learning platform? Download the solution brief to learn how you can create a customized, feature-rich, interactive classroom for an enhanced learning experience.

Free Distance Learning Templates for Back-to-School

Graphite Blog

Pandemic or not, a new school year can be an opportunity for a fresh start. It may be hard to feel fresh if you're overwhelmed by the circumstances, but back-to-school traditions can help keep spirits up.

FREE Google Certification Resources for Educators

Shake Up Learning

The post FREE Google Certification Resources for Educators appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Looking for some help to reach your Google for Education Certification goals? Look no further!

An Easy Way to Save Images from Google Docs

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

If you use Google Docs in your instruction you might have noticed that saving images from a Google document is not straightforward. But there is a hack to solve this issue. Of course we are more. google docs

Using Stories in PD to Promote Reflection


In his new book James Dillon takes a unique and potentially powerful approach to professional development, writes Anne Anderson. Dillion replaces the usual data and research with a collection of stories about teaching and learning gathered during his 40+ years’ of education experience.

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8 Reasons to Invest in a New Student Information System

If your school’s SIS has limited functions, only works on campus or breaks down more than you would like, it might time to invest in a new one.

New Student-Led Nonprofit Aims to Counter COVID Misinformation


A group of high school and college students from around the world who met on a social network popular among video gamers are putting their tech skills to work against the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

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This Is How to Use JotForm Report Builder for Remote Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In our “new normal” of remote teaching, figuring out how to effectively run a virtual class can be difficult. That’s why it’s so important to find easy-to-use technology tools to make the process more. 2020 Form builder tools sponsored posts

Today: The Future of Teaching & Learning Post-COVID-19

The Innovative Educator

Join me today, Friday, July 29th at 4:00 pm to hear education experts discuss the future of teaching and learning post-COVID-19.

Video 59

The Easiest Way to Make a Bitmoji Classroom

Nick's Picks for Educational Technology

Bitmoji Classroom Bitmoji Classrooms are really catching on as teachers try to have fun and increase engagement by designing their virtual environments.

7 Benefits of Lesson Plans in the Cloud

What if teachers didn’t have to lug tons of paperwork with them to and from work? Having lesson plans available anywhere is just one of the advantages.

Case Study: Chicago Connected

Education Superhighway

With the possibility of remote learning returning this fall, the City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the philanthropic community, and leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) recognized a historic opportunity to eliminate broadband accessibility as a barrier to digital learning.

Talented Young Men Overcoming Tough Times


Thomas P. Hébert looks into what enabled five talented young men to overcome adversity and at the factors that influenced the emergence and sustainability of their resilience. Included in what helped, the young men credit teachers, writes educator Elizabeth OBrien.

Cloud Stop Motion

Technology Tidbits

Cloud Stop Motion is an innovative site for creating and storing stop motion video projects. This is ideal for educators looking to integrate technology into the classroom and can be used for project based learning, digital storytelling, and more.

Video 42

Erase all Kittens

Technology Tidbits

Erase all Kittens is an interesting online game that I just found out about from Free Technology for Schools. This game has a rather cool concept as it has kids hacking into levels to help them complete the game and rescue all the kittens by editing html code.

Why Families Leave Schools

Do you know three of the biggest reasons families leave schools? Here they are – and what you can do about it.