Sun.May 08, 2022

Music for Armed Forces Day

Ask a Tech Teacher

Many Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces. Armed Forces Day is also part of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May.

4 Question Types for Deeper Learning

A Principal's Reflections

There are many strategies out there that an educator can use to empower learners. Possibly one of the most powerful is questioning techniques. They comprise the core of any meaningful learning experience and are at the heart of virtually every type of pedagogical approach.

GRR: When It’s Time for You Do, Help Them Fly!


The “You do” phase of Gradual Release of Responsibility should give students many opportunities to reveal signs of mastery and indicators of readiness, with teachers serving in the role of “active observers." Experts Sunday Cummins and Julie Webb guide us through the process. The post GRR: When It’s Time for You Do , Help Them Fly! first appeared on MiddleWeb.