Sun.Jan 22, 2023

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ChatGPT with My Students

User Generated Education

I love educational technology.

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Imparting Value When It Comes to Change

A Principal's Reflections

I remember vividly as a young principal when I started to drink the “edtech” Kool-Aid many years ago. It represented a true turning point in how I thought about change in education. Up until this point, my thinking was relatively traditional and as such, so was the culture of my school.

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8th Grade Insights Into ChatGPT and the Future

Middle Web

Like much of the current K-12 universe, Sarah Cooper is both excited and concerned about the impact of ChatGPT’s disruptive technology. Recently she checked in with her 8th graders for insights into how they might use it and how they think AI may impact their lives in the future.

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10 of The Top Free eLearning Authoring Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In this digital world, engaging modern students with paper-based learning materials is no piece of cake. To help students absorb information better, teachers have to master technologies, such as course authoring tools.

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Contact vs. Company Intent Signal Data

Intent signal data comes in two types: either companies or individuals signaling interest in products like yours. Which kind of data delivers more advantages to B2B marketers? It depends. Get this infographic to learn about the advantages of intent-based leads and how you can most effectively use both types of data.

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Here Are Some of The Best Safe Kid Games

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

In this post I share my top picks for safe kid games. Whether your kids want to brush up on their math skills or explore other science and social studies topics, these interactive activities will make the process both entertaining and informative.