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Parenting in the 21st Century

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Childhood can be a wonderful, magical, and illuminating journey for each child that leads into a deeper connection to self and the outside world. This unfolding also leads to more challenging realities such as grappling with […]. Miscellaneous


Conservation Station – Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip

Discovery Education

What do streetlights and sea turtles have in common? By Rita A. Mortenson, Educational Technology Coach, Verona Area High School, Wisconsin . Join me for an incredible virtual field trip to learn how smart streetlights are helping protect sea turtles in Florida, along with a wide variety of other innovative ways technology is working to help our environment. You can view the virtual field trip at any time here: [link].

The Gap


When I was a Middle School Principal, I worked closely with our school counselor. In so many ways, he was my right arm.

2 Good Tools for Creating Animated Whiteboard Videos to Use in Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Looking for some good web tools to help you create educational whiteboard animated videos? The tools below have you covered. These are some of our favourite options when it comes to more

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5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Reading by Example Newsletter, 10-13-18: Data-Informed Instruction

Reading By Example

This week’s newsletter focuses on the use of data in the classroom to inform teaching and learning. What do you do when the data isn’t making any sense? Our instructional leadership team and I encountered this challenge in this post.

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FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides

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The post FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning. FREE Webinar: 3 Things That Will Change How You Use Google Slides. Learn why Google Slides is the most versatile tool in G Suite in this free 30-minute webinar from Shake Up Learning. Google Slides is the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. Shake Up Learning 2018.

Explain Everything in Chrome


Explain Everything has historically been a great "whiteboard"/"explanimation" app allowing us to create a series of slides so to speak, with recording capabilities making animations as we draw, move images and drawings around, and speak to record narration.