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How AI is Changing the Education Landscape

EdNews Daily

By Mark Booker AI is like any other new tool that has entered the arena of learning that enhances a student’s access to data and information to process and consume knowledge more quickly. Whether it be the Internet, the calculator, or even the printing press – all have entered social consciousness as disruptors with some wariness and skepticism, but were ultimately used to change how fast we can learn and share information to enhance the depth of information we pass on to future generations.

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Why Effective IT Leadership Must Have Inclusive Technology Systems

EdTech Magazine

Cerebral palsy confined Mercy, a third grader at Jenks (Okla.) Public Schools, to a wheelchair and prevented her from speaking or fully participating in learning activities. That was until a team of teachers, therapists and technology staff worked to find a solution. They attached a tablet loaded with text-to-talk software to her chair, and those educational technology tools changed her life.


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33 Online Research Resources

Ask a Tech Teacher

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research ( click here for updates ) : BrainPop –with the BrainPop characters, a launchpad to curiosity CoolKidFacts –kid-friendly videos, pictures, info, and quizzes–all 100% suitable for children Dimensions –academic research geared for college-level Fact Monster –help with homework and facts Google Earth Timelapse –what changes to the planet over time Google Trends –what’s trending in searches History Channel –great speeches How Stuff Works –the gold

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Closing Gender Gaps: How Educators Can Better Support Women in Superintendent Roles

EdNews Daily

By Dr. Aurelia L. Henriquez and Tiffany Law Superintendent turnover has hit districts nationwide, leaving school boards scrambling to find permanent replacements. Research from the ILO Group found that since 2020, 49 percent of the country’s 500 biggest school districts have experienced a leadership change. If districts are lucky, their vacancies are filled by experienced superintendents or up-and-comers jumping into a new administrative role.

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The Battle of the Authoring Tools: A 10-Point Comparison for Picking the Right One

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

There are plenty of great authoring tools for developing eLearning, but the one you select could directly impact your course's outcomes. Depending upon your learners’ needs and your organization’s performance goals, you could be overlooking considerations that impact the both effectiveness of your courses and how long it takes to finish them. From general capabilities to specific workflow structures, some aspects are critical when it comes to learning objectives and deadlines.

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What Does It Take to Put Inclusive Curriculum Legislation Into Practice?


In the wake of the Atlanta Spa shootings and a surge in violence against Asian Americans throughout the pandemic, Illinois made history by becoming the first state to mandate that Asian American history be taught in public K-12 schools beginning in the 2022-23 school year. The Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History (TEAACH) Act was signed into law in July 2021 with wide bipartisan support, amending the state’s school code to ensure that all Illinois public school students learn abou

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Now, Every School Can be a Community School: Making it Happen

EdNews Daily

By Zach Vander Veen Part Four: Transforming Data into Action Individualized Supports Expanding and tracking learning opportunities opens up the ability for districts to properly implement, monitor and manage their Mult-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) initiatives, as well as opening more more opportunities to individualize and adapt instruction to the learners’ needs, abilities, and interests, ultimately improving learning achievement.

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4 ways to use ChatGPT in your STEM classroom

eSchool News

Key points: ChatGPT isn’t a tool to be feared–it can contribute greatly to STEM learning AI tools aren’t going away, and harnessing their capabilities is important “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey Back in 2007 when I was teaching Algebra I at the local middle school, the biggest question for mathematics teachers on our campus was whether students could use their calculators while doing classwork and on standardized tests.

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Acceptable Use Policy for AI in the ELA Classroom

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Teachers of ELA classes will need to provide an Acceptable Use Policy for AI in the ELA Classroom. When school starts back up this is going to be essential for every ELA teacher to provide. The post Acceptable Use Policy for AI in the ELA Classroom appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Strengthening Student Literacy Skills

Discovery Education

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, student, or community member, you’ve probably heard lots of conversation surrounding reading over the last school year. Particularly discussions about literacy instruction and student reading proficiency, both critical to the success of students’ academic careers. One teacher, Judith Philias, shared her insights with the Discovery Education team about why she […] The post Strengthening Student Literacy Skills appeared first on Discovery Education Bl

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Use Mentor Texts to Multitask: Less Is More!


Mentor Texts That Multitask by Pam Koutrakos is a perfect ELA resource for working smarter, not harder. It leads readers through the why, what and how of using mentor texts to design flexible, integrated, multifaceted literacy learning – and includes free online resources. The post Use Mentor Texts to Multitask: Less Is More! first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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The Art of Making Engaging and Effective Learning Videos

Speaker: Joseph Suarez - Learning Experience Designer at Suarez Media Production

What makes an instructional video engaging and effective? Why do Learning and Development professionals often struggle to produce quality videos? What can we do to change that? In this webinar, Joseph Suarez will break down the craft, the art, and the science of video production and reveal how to leverage the production process to create great videos of all types and sizes.

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Why connected laptops are a pathway to digital liberation

eSchool News

Key points: Digital classrooms–and their remote students–are here to stay School facilities face unprecedented demand for broadband across education sites The introduction of always-connected PCs and Chromebooks continues to be the catalyst for digitally liberating many students. Now is an especially exciting time to turn to this idea as PC and Chromebook battery life innovation, as well as performance, speed, audio, and video enhancement, is finally getting to the level needed to ha

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American Consortium for Equity in Education

STUDENT WELLNESS: DRINKING PREVENTION EDUCATION, ITS THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF ASK LISTEN LEARN, an anti- drinking curriculum , free to schools. Visiting us to talk about it are high school Principal Erin O’Malley from VA and Letitia Barr , the Keep Reading STUDENT WELLNESS: DRINKING PREVENTION EDUCATION The post STUDENT WELLNESS: DRINKING PREVENTION EDUCATION appeared first on Equity in Education.

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5 Ways Educators Can Promote Mental Health Awareness in Schools

Gaggle Speaks

Mental health is one of the most important factors in determining a student’s academic success. Poor mental health can lead to decreased self-esteem, increased stress levels, and decreased concentration, all of which can affect a student’s ability to succeed in school.

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Breezeline Promotes Online Safety Awareness

eSchool News

QUINCY, Mass. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Breezeline , the nation’s eighth-largest cable operator, has partnered with CyberSecurity NonProfit (CSNP) to create a series of blogs, videos and social posts to inform and educate the public on ways to protect against cybercrime and to promote online safety. Recent educational materials created by CSNP staff and experts from the cyber security profession include ways to keep children safe in public online spaces, the benefits and concerns with authentica

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LIVE DEMO: Using PowerPoint to Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Training

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

Have you ever caught an employee sleeping during training? Compelling content is paramount, but trying to do so with the same tools you've always used is complicated, right? Wrong! Powerpoint has excellent features that, with a bit of creativity, can help you improve your presentations and keep your people engaged without going over budget. By utilizing newer components that enable interactive sequences, navigable content to respond to your audience, and pop quizzes for informal knowledge checks

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Enhance Your Writing with Wordtune: Your Writing Companion & Thought Partner – A Detailed Walkthrough #AIWritingAssistant #AI


Have you struggled to find the right words to concisely express your thoughts? Have you needed a little nudge to overcome writer’s block? Have you found yourself in need of some quick statistics mid-paragraph but hesitated to disrupt your flow? This is where Wordtune comes in. Wordtune describes itself as your personal writing assistant and editor, capable of rephrasing and rewriting any text.

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Carnegie Learning Announces New Chief Revenue Officer

eSchool News

Pittsburgh, PA – Carnegie Learning , a leader in AI-driven technology, curriculum, and professional learning solutions for K-12 education, today announced that Chris Hedrick is joining the company as Chief Revenue Officer. Chris will sit on the new Carnegie Learning Executive Leadership Team reporting to CEO Barry Malkin. Chris joins Carnegie Learning from Scholastic, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Sales.

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Educating Students for the New Industrial Revolution

Watch the Recording Listen to the Podcast A common refrain of 21st century education is that teachers are educating students today for jobs that don’t even exist yet. But while schools may not be able to prepare students for an exact occupation, they can give them the skills they need to succeed beyond high school. During the edLeader Panel, “ Real Career Experiences for K-12 Students: Exploring Ideas and Spotlighting Successes ,” Susan Auchincloss, Project Director of CS-PLAN at Sac

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Why I Ignore Social Media (Mostly): Advice for School Leaders


Don’t let social media lead you into its toxic swamps

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The Roses and Thorns of an LMS Strategy: How to Flourish with the Right LMS

Speaker: Amanda Davis, Chief Experience Officer and Liam O'Malley, VP of Association Solutions

The "new normal" is now a little less new, a little more normal. Does that mean your current LMS strategy is in need of a refresh? Is your organization or association leaning into the always-evolving eLearning environment to ensure you have the tools and content to remain relevant through all this change? There are many complex decision-making processes within your learning & development strategy and LMS lifecycle management, including: Selection.

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American Consortium for Equity in Education


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Simplifying Project Instructions Using Speaker Notes

Cycles of Learning

Keeping in my my constant goal of managing the extraneous cognitive load of my teaching materials while simultaneously maintaining a high level of rigor, I have been tinkering with leveraging the " Speaker Notes " to streamline the location of project instructions, links, and rubrics. See a few screenshots below from a recent project in my Biochemistry class where all instructions were provided in the Speaker Notes of the appropriate slide.

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Summer 2023 Online "Bootcamp" Topic Options

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Given the dramatic success of the ChatGPT bootcamps that I held this spring for librarians and educators, I'm looking at using the same format for some other events this summer and beyond--that is, one hour a week, live and recorded, over 3 - 6 weeks. Below is the list of bootcamps I'm considering offering. I will be holding the ChatGPT bootcamps for librarians and educators again, but I've included them in the list to gauge general interest levels.

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Shielding Your Intellectual Property: The Role of DRM in Content Protection

Kitaboo on EdTech

In today’s digital era, where information and creative works can be easily reproduced and distributed, protecting intellectual property has become more crucial than ever. Intellectual property refers to original creations of the mind, including inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, and designs used in commerce. This article explores the role of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in safeguarding intellectual property and discusses its benefits, challenges, and future trends.

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How to Apply the Concepts of Neuroscience to Create a Thriving Learning Culture

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Founder and Chief Freedom Officer at LearningToGo

According to business research, psychological safety is a critical component of successful individuals and teams. Training programs that implement psychological safety principles offer their staff members a setting where people can feel accepted, respected, and empowered to learn. This openness encourages growth and innovation while enhancing productivity, engagement, and teamwork.

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ChatGPT Detector as a new solution against cheating


AI vs. Human: Who Wins? ChatGPT appeared only six months ago but has already become integral to everyday life. It has brought about positive changes in various processes but has also presented challenges to mankind. How can we overcome cheating now? How can we determine whether a text is a uniquely human creation or simply generated by artificial intelligence?

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ESSER Funding Update

MIND Research Institute

We experienced the initial set of Covid-19 restrictions just over three years ago. The uncertainty of the pandemic's impact led to growing concerns over the long-term consequences of remote learning. Though many challenges arose, a federal program (ESSER) administered by the Department of Education provided emergency relief funds to aid public school districts nationwide.

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Help Kids Take Charge of Their Emotions


When our students are struggling with anxiety, they need support in developing strategies to help break down their problems. Chunking a problem and examining possible options can help make it feel more manageable. School psychologist Katelyn Oellerich shares some examples. The post Help Kids Take Charge of Their Emotions first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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Mighty Pro: All About Its Features, Benefits, and Cost (2023)

Sell Courses Online

Mighty Networks is one of the top choices among creators who want to build an online community.

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Building the Foundation for a Modern K-12 Classroom

K-12 looks different these days. But one thing remains the same: you need a reliable learning platform that serves as the foundation for teaching and learning––for all students, in a variety of learning experiences. Discover how the Instructure Learning Platform supports today's K-12 classroom through: A central, consistent, connected hub of the digital learning environment.