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10 Tips for Awesome Digital Citizenship

The CoolCatTeacher

Penny Rayhill on episode 502 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Tech Coach Penny Rayhill shares ten tips for awesome digital citizenship. If you’re looking for some sites to explore – here they are!

How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Overview of educational assessment tools focusing on Summative assessment and Formative assessment. Explain, Compare and give examples of the two concepts. Offer suggestions for improvement and successful integration. A comparison of summative assessment and formative assessment.

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Research Finds Online Service Providers Boost Program Enrollment


Universities that contract with an online program management company tend to outperform those that go it on their own.

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Station Rotation Model: Avoid Falling into a Rut

Catlin Tucker

As a blended learning coach, I spend a lot of time in classrooms where teachers are experimenting with blended learning models. The Station Rotation Model is one I see used frequently.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

Civics for the Youngest Citizens

Digital Promise

This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Read the original version here.

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Make the Most of Ed-Tech Conferences to Kickstart Your Professional Network

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Newcomers to the ed-tech space must often grapple with building a new professional network. For those who are savvy, industry conferences can offer a useful jumpstart. The post Make the Most of Ed-Tech Conferences to Kickstart Your Professional Network appeared first on Market Brief.

5 Ingredients that Spark Joy and Productivity at Work

Education Elements

I am a newlywed who has just returned from a glorious 2.5-week vacation for my wedding and honeymoon.

Don’t worry about disruption: The business model of college is collapsing under its own weight

The Christensen Institute

The Class of 2023 is already coming up short, despite not yet having set foot on campus. High school graduation season is still in full swing, but The Chronicle of Higher Education reported last week that a handful of elite schools have already announced enrollment shortfalls. NACUBO has reported record-setting tuition discounting. The demand for workers with education and skills has never been higher, yet many traditional colleges are struggling. Because the business model of college is broken.

Casting a Shadow that Creates a Winning District

Education Elements

Behavior counts. How employees and students are treated and whether they feel respected begins at the top. From their first interactions with employees, students, parents, and the community, superintendents cast their “shadow” onto their district.


Teachers’ Guide to Plagiarism

This article provides teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to handle plagiarism in the classroom: it examines the definition of the term "plagiarism" and its types with examples, describes common reasons students plagiarize, and provides tips for teachers to detect and prevent plagiarism among students.

Teaching Listening and Other Literacy Skills through Classroom Station Rotation


Teaching with a station rotation model is a great way to engage students in directing their own learning, provide an array of individual and group activities, and integrate a variety of instructional tools and resources.

Global Learning XPRIZE winners could transform US classrooms

The Christensen Institute

Earlier this month, the Global Learning XPRIZE announced two winners — Kitkit School and Onebillion —for a $10 million award for developing “software that empowers children to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic within 15 months.”

Coda - free online doc system that you can build apps with

Educational Technology Guy

Coda , a low-code platform for building and automating business processes has a CEO who is very passionate about effective meetings. He has run meetings at various companies including Microsoft and YouTube. His team recently created templates for running better meetings based on the CEO's ideas.

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Inside a Student’s Hunt for His Own Learning Data


Institutions have access to more student data than ever before—but it's hard to really grasp what that means, since many of the digital tools that colleges use are from third parties or companies that keep their algorithms private.

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Custom eLearning: What to Consider as an L&D Manager

A custom eLearning project is an exciting opportunity, but any L&D Manager will also tell you it can be challenging. Inno-versity shares 5 points to consider before kicking off your project. These concepts are critical to addressing the most common pain points which, IF addressed, will ensure success.

Use Analytics to Quantify Educational Technology’s Effectiveness and Risks

EdTech Magazine

Use Analytics to Quantify Educational Technology’s Effectiveness and Risks. eli.zimmerman_9856. Tue, 05/28/2019 - 10:24. Over the past five years, K–12 technology spending had a compound annual growth rate of about 8.67 percent.

Despite Poor Performance, Virtual School Enrollment Continues to Grow


The number of K-12 students enrolling in full-time virtual and blended learning schools continues to grow, despite research suggesting that students in these programs do not perform as well as their peers in traditional settings.

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Project Based Learning Done Right: 10 Misconceptions Plus 10 Resources to Raise the PBL Bar


Let’s take a look at these ten areas, and also how we as educators can use PBL as a vehicle for authentic student-centered learning

The Key to Minority Student Achievement Might Be Teacher Training Quality


Districts with better teachers, and which use fewer teachers with temporary or substandard credentials, play a major role in narrowing student achievement gaps across racial and socio-economic lines.

Key Elements for Successful eLearning Projects

Discover how this rapid development process creates engaging, custom learning solutions on a timeline that works for you, why a strong learning culture is important, and how to showcase your Return on Learning (ROL) using data to tell the story.

The Nordic Effect: An education paradigm for the world?


In 2000 the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) released its first PISA results (Program for International Student Assessment), and Finland has never been the same again.

How Are Educators Broadening Their Definitions of Evidence?


Joe Romano’s architecture and design students at the Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma, Wash., were engaged in a project to design and build tiny houses for Seattle’s homeless population.

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Making Learning Spaces That Inspire and Engage


Educator and thought leader, Dr. Jennifer Jones is the founder of Green Ivy Schools. She is a thought leader in education innovation. One of Jennifer's key innovations is her classroom design. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Teachers Need More Flexibility, Autonomy and, Yes, Income


After eight years teaching English at public high schools in New Jersey, I’ve learned a secret: teachers want more ! Of course, teachers would love higher salaries—many are barely getting by —but I’m not just talking about money.

Leveraging Learner Variability to Elevate Equity in EdTech

Speaker: Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Director, Learner Variability Project

In this webinar, Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer of Digital Promise, will share his insights into the modern boom in neuroscience and learning sciences research. You'll discover how much more we know now about how students learn - and how we can use that knowledge to create EdTech-enabled classrooms that can meet the diverse needs of all students.

5 Factors Of Education Building Design Of The Future

TeachThought - Learn better.

5 Factors Of Education Building Design Of The Future contributed by Anne Davis Buildings–as a kind of technology–are at the heart of modern human civilization.

The TeacherCast Mobile Podcasting Equipment Checklist for New and Experienced Podcasters


In this post, we take a look at the mobile podcasting equipment that I use when attending conferences such as ISTE and FETC.

10 signs you’re doing SEL right

eSchool News

Teachers, school counselors, and school leaders impact student social-emotional learning (SEL) to the degree that they transform each student’s mindset by empowering the self of the student. SEL is more than simple observable changes in behavior or short-term boosts to motivation.

Padcaster: Educational Podcasting Equipment Review


In this post, we will take a look at one of the best pieces of equipment you can purchase for either your home studio or educational broadcasting class.

iPad 88

EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.