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9 questions that help get at student agency and personalization

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If your goal for a lesson, unit, or other instructional activity is to have students drive more of their own learning, consider these 9 questions from Section C of the 4 Shifts Protocol. If you like your answers, awesome! Keep doing that!

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How Tech Is Taking Social-Emotional Learning out of Its Silo


When I started out as a high school teacher in the early 2000s, I was using a lot of technology designed for connection. It was the advent of SmartBoards and podcasts, voicethreads and vlogging. Yet even in the midst of all the excitement, I didn’t feel completely connected with my students.

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Teaching global warming in a charged political climate

The Hechinger Report

Science teacher Melissa Lau guided her sixth graders at Piedmont Intermediate School through a lesson on the relationship between carbon emissions and extreme weather. Photo: Nick Oxford for The Hechinger Report.

6 Great SMS Messaging Tools to Use in The Education Sector

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

One would think that education and SMS messaging have no business with each other. In fact, many educational institutes outright ban cellphone use during class. Board members well as more. sponsored posts

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Practicing Deep Listening

Reading By Example

In Chapter 5, “Practicing Deep Listening” Shane starts off sharing a very vulnerable story with us by recounting an occurrence where she “failed” to listen.


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Global Collaborator: Unpacking ISTE Standard for Students #7

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Global Collaborator: Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally. ISTE Student Standard #7) This standard is my hill to die on.

A Very Good Resource of Printable Worksheets for Teachers

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If you haven't already seen it, BusyTeacher is an excellent website that provides a wide variety of educational materials especially curated for language teachers. It has over 17,000 more

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys for Kids – An Awesome Guide

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Dinosaurs may be extinct, but children’s fascination and obsession with dinosaurs are still going strong. Most parents may fondly remember their own crazy obsession with dinosaurs. Dinosaur toys have been around for many generations of young imaginations and […]. Toys and Play