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Easy, painless ways to help your kids with their homework


All parents want their children to be successful and getting good grades can be a crucial first step towards that success. How can you help your child succeed in a world where teachers assign more homework than ever?

How Online Teaching Can Be A Gift Around The World

EdNews Daily

Welcome back to our “Teacher Feature Series,” where we chat with educators who work online across borders. Today, please read about Lynette Irizarry’s journey with 51Talk American Academy, or now known as HAWO American Academy.

When education reforms flounder, where should leaders look next?

The Christensen Institute

Last month, a new study by the RAND Corporation made headlines for its lackluster findings. Following a multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative by the Gates Foundation to boost school performance through better teacher evaluation systems, RAND’s researchers found that the initiative failed to produce significant gains in student outcomes. When a promising education reform like this one misses the mark, where should education leaders turn next?

Will new standards improve elementary science education?

The Hechinger Report

Malachi Ballinger, 6, laughs at how far he has made his “pinball” travel during a science lesson in his kindergarten classroom in Redmond, Oregon. Photo: Lillian Mongeau/The Hechinger Report. Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject.

5 Costly Inventory Management Mistakes Schools Should Avoid

If your school is like most, inventory and/or asset management plays a critical role in daily operations.

3 Keys to Transform Instruction with Chromebooks

EdTech Magazine

3 Keys to Transform Instruction with Chromebooks. eli.zimmerman_9856. Tue, 07/10/2018 - 16:58. While education technology is key to introducing new learning strategies, the technology itself will only be as good as the implementation plan around it. Properly integrating digital solutions into the classroom is about understanding not just what tech to bring in, but how to use it. Chromebooks are tools.

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What’s in Your Name? The Importance of Branding for Recruitment in Edtech


Your brand is your name, your personality, your identity, and so much more. It’s a declaration to the public—who you are, what you offer, and how you’d like to be perceived. A well-cultivated brand sets you apart from others operating in the same space, allowing real people to identify with you and encouraging them to interact with you directly. Looking for your next hire? EdSurge can help!

3 Ways to Simplify, Streamline, and Empower Your Lesson Design


Use a Learning Cycle Template. click here for an example) Lesson planning can be an empowering, but also arduous process. New teachers often fall into the trap (as did I) of lesson planning day by day, often losing site of the lesson's big picture.

Using Single Sign-On to Streamline Edtech Access


Digital educational materials have provided many benefits for K-12 educators and students from computer adaptive assessments to tools that allow students to collaborate and communicate 24/7.

K-12 Artificial Intelligence Market Set to Explode in U.S. and Worldwide by 2024

Marketplace K-12

Teachers and students will have more ed-tech tools that use artificial intelligence in coming years, and the AI market is expected to skyrocket. The post K-12 Artificial Intelligence Market Set to Explode in U.S. and Worldwide by 2024 appeared first on Market Brief.

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Today’s Curriculum for the Higher Ed HR Leader

Speaker: Joseph Clay, Business Transformation Strategist at Oracle, and Jeffrey Haynes, Director with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP

Today’s universities and colleges face many challenges ranging from reconciling financial pressures, to ensuring student success, to managing complicated workforce dynamics. One thing they all have in common: Their head of HR must align the HR function to best support the institution as it navigates this current landscape.

U.S. Degree? Check. U.S. Work Visa? Still A Challenge

NPR Learning and Tech

With a recent U.S. degree in hand, many international students are left to navigate the complicated immigration system by themselves. Image credit: Cristina Spano

One Student’s Personal Reflection on Digitized Education vs Going “Old School”


Today's guest writer shares her perspective on “what it's like growing up with [or without] technology in education.” ” My preschool-high school education comes from a unique perspective, [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!]. Making the case for Education Technologies

Teaching and Scaffolding Student Talk

Reading By Example

One of the strongest draws towards reading Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence and Equity for All Learners has been the many research-based practices offered by Routman and the different educators participating in this book study.

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Britannica CEO Talks Google, Wikipedia and What Lil Pump Can Teach Us About Credibility


There was a time not long ago when people claimed to trust Google news results and Wikipedia articles more than the media outlets they linked to. In other words, up until pretty recently Googling was synonymous with a question answered. But that may be starting to change, at least according to one survey , as public trust in just about anything written continues to erode.

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Search the data on white charters

The Hechinger Report

The post Search the data on white charters appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

Should Gen-Ed Come Later? New Book Argues For Cheaper And Faster Alternatives to College


Debates about how to expand access to higher education often assume a one-size-fits-all model of what college should be. But new book due out this fall argues for the creation of colleges of many shapes and sizes, including a new set of low-cost options that are focused on helping students who just can’t afford a four-year campus experience get a first job.

Microsoft Announces Surface Go


Today, Microsoft announces Surface Go , the most portable and affordable Surface product to date. Make the Most of Your Budget with These Great Products: Makerspace Product Roundup ]2018 Key features include: Starting at $399.

Will New Standards Improve Elementary Science Education?


This story about science instruction was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Sign up for the Hechinger newsletter. Science could be considered the perfect elementary school subject.

Gwinnett County Public Library Introduces Learning alive™ Kits for Early Readers


(ATLANTA, Georgia) July 10, 2018 — Thanks to a generous donation from the Atlanta Retailers Association (ARA) that was matched by the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia, Alive Studios is equipping all 15 Gwinnett County Public Library branches with its evidence-based Learning alive™ kits.

The Value of Open Learning When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The Principal of Change

At the beginning of July, I started to lead a book study on Instagram on “ The Innovator’s Mindset.” ” Here was my initial plan for the endeavor. Read a chapter a day for two weeks straight until the book was completed. Make up the rest as I went along.

Learning Upgrade Selected as Finalist in the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE


Helpful Resources to Teach Students Coding Skills

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Coding is an essential skill for 21st century students. When kids learn to code' , Mitch Resnick states, ' it enables them to learn many other things, opens up many new opportunities for.read more. coding tools

Schools in Three States Establish or Expand Student Access to Courses from The Virtual High School


Positive response to the courses offered by The Virtual High School (VHS Inc.),a

5 Interactive Web Tools to Use with Students in Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

One of our favourite resources for student interactives is ReadWriteThink. It provides a wide variety of educational materials to help teachers make the best of technology in their teaching and to.read more. ReadWriteThink Tools

Let Students Create Video With WeVideo


It’s time for a quick blog about video creation, and you can’t talk about video creation without We Video.

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Try Drama and Role Play with English Learners


Reader's theatre helps EL students feel more confident “playing” with English and learning to use fixed expressions, intonation, and gesture, writes teacher-author Alice Savage. Explore her 10 ideas for extending the content or language of a script into engaging lessons.

Geography Drive Arcade

Technology Tidbits

Geography Drive Arcade is a fun iOS game for students wanting to learn about Geography. This is done through 4 engaging mini-games such as: state shape challenge, capitals, flags, and more. Also, GDA helps kids learn how to spell geographical location as well as find out historical facts. I highly recommend checking out Geography Drive Arcade by clicking here !!! educational apps game based learning geography

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Improving Education Environments

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5 Tips To Help Your ‘Organizationally’ Challenged Child

Fractus Learning

Misplaced clothing, messy bedrooms, tripping over toys, forgotten homework books, and other scary surprises in backpacks frustrate parents. The irony is that, although the child is disorganized, you could be helping it along. There is a […]. Kids Parents Resources Teens

Going Social: Offering Social Media Sign-on for Your Guest WiFi Network

SecurEdge Networks Mobility Blog

Today’s consumers don’t leave home without their smartphones, and they expect robust WiFi wherever they go—stores, coffee shops, restaurants, heck, even the waiting room at the vet’s office. And when they snap a pic of their huevos rancheros or a selfie with their labradoodle and sign into your guest WiFi network to share on social media, there is an opportunity for your business to harness that social media moment. Captive Portal Guest WiFi Retail Analytics

How to start a virtual coding boot camp in five easy steps

eSchool News

It never ceases to amaze me when I see a middle school student excelling at virtual robot simulations, a seventh grader using computer code to solve a STEM problem, or an eighth-grade robotics team brainstorming ideas and then developing a full-blown operating robot.


More Now: Robust Infrastructure


This is an excerpt from the sixth chapter of More Now: A Message From The Future for The Educators of Today by Mark Wagner, Ph.D., our founder and CEO. These philosophies have inspired his work, and ours at EdTechTeam, for years. Get your copy today. Robust Infrastructure is the technology, networks, hardware, and other resources (including policy) that make deeper experiences possible without detracting from the learning.

This strategy could help younger at-risk students master math

eSchool News

Low-income minority kindergartners learn math better when taught in small groups, according to a new report from University of Michigan (U-M) researchers.