3-Bullet Thursday [5 Levels, QFT, Student EdCamps]

Cycles of Learning

​ Interested in developing and hosting an EdCamp at your school site? Monthly membership includes, but is not limited to, frequent distributions of detailed online video courses, lesson plans, teaching websites, curricular resources, and access to webinars exploring the world of curiosity, inquiry and technology in the classroom. Looking for a strategy to promote more critical thought?

Embracing Our Inner Makers: Hands-On Learning During COVID-19 and Beyond

Digital Promise

Edcamp: Maker Learning. Edcamp: Maker Learning is a series of free, online, “unconference”-style professional development opportunities for educators to learn and share how they are creating engaging hands-on activities for students. Maker Learning is Powerful Learning.

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Learning Revolution Newsletter - Weekly Free Event Calendar - Conference Keynotes Update - Edcamp USDOE - Digital Citizenship

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Friday, June 6th at 8am - 3pm in Washington, DC Edcamp US Department of Education: Leading, Learning, Listening , Edcamp US DOE will be an intimate gathering of teacher leaders and policy leaders in order to discuss the most important issues in education. Details to join the webinar at [link]. In our community’s next webinar, Dr. Jason Ohler helps us consider how to use digital citizenship to help our students and ourselves navigate our rapidly evolving world.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Edublog 2011 Award Nominations


Best open PD / unconference / webinar series: EdCamp EdCamp has redefined the way the traditional conference or workshop operates. ntchat Angela Maiers ClassConnect edcamp edublog nominations Kelly Tenkely Kyle Pace Project PLN Shannon Miller Steven Anderson TBA The Moffatt Girls The Nerdy Teacher Tj Houston Edublog 2011 Award Nominations The nominations are now open! There are so many great individuals and groups to support.

Edmodo 122

10+ Ways to Recharge Your Batteries Over the Summer

Teacher Reboot Camp

Twitter Chats, webinars, MOOCs, online courses, online conferences, virtual events, livestreams, Edcamps, Facebook groups, #Hashtags Find your hashtag community! q=education Facebook.com/watch/live Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Webinars Simplek12.com Facebook.com/groups/webinarsforenglishteachers Facebook.com/groups/shareyourwebinar Virtual conferences, summits and events Eventbrite.co.uk

Taking Control Of Your Professional Development

The Web20Classroom

There are countless books, webinars and other resources dedicated to the topic. Webinars -Virtual learning is nothing new. There are so many places to take in a good webinar. Many of your favorite tools and products you use have thought-leadership programs that offer all sorts of webinar experiences. Edweb.net is one of my favorite places to catch a webinar because not only is it easy and free to join, the topics are endless and there are archives of everything.

Virtual Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

The CoolCatTeacher

We have webinars, and we have one-one-one. What’s really exciting is we’re doing webinars about twice a month. People outside of this cohort are joining the webinars. People outside of this cohort are joining the webinars. We just recently had a webinar on relationships, and why relationships in schools are so important. A lot of positive feedback came from these webinars.

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Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers - on demand learning for educators

Educational Technology Guy

The summer camp is organized by topic areas, which include: Common Core Resources, Essential Apps for Educators, Webinar and Online PD opportunities, Virtual Crafts, and even a mess hall with food and recipe ideas. On July 24th there will be a live component ASCD Webinar. The 4th Annual Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers is now available. It is being hosted through Learni.st. The Virtual Summer Camp for Teachers provides on-demand, anytime learning for educators.

Thinking About Redefining Professional Development

The Web20Classroom

The traditional forms of sit-and-get PD are giving way to MOOCs, webinars, Edcamps and flipped learning. As a former Director of Instructional Technology my job was to provide technology embedded professional development (PD) to a district of 4000 teachers. Each day was filled with new and exciting challenges, trying to figure out how we could best help our teachers understand technology integration, while keeping our PD fresh and engaging.

Let’s Inspire Each Other During #ISTE2016 #NotAtISTE16

Teacher Reboot Camp

Join me virtually for a free webinar broadcast at the Badge Summit, Moving with Mobile Devices at 1pm Denver/2pmCT/3pmET/8pmUK. I will also be attending meetups hosted by EduBuncee , Edcamp , Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access , Edutopia , Personalized Learning Educators , SpeakUp , Chrome Warrior , and Amazon Education.

The 6 Truths Of Effective Educators

The Web20Classroom

Whether it is a national conference in their subject area, an online course in evidence-based instructional practices, a Twitter chat to push back against conventional thinking or a webinar to learn about a specific type of EdTech, they are hungry to learn and know their learning never stops. In all the work I have done with countless educators from across the world I believe we can break them down into two groups. Good Teachers and Great Teachers. What separates the two is effectiveness.

This summer’s ultimate ed tech professional development guide


Webinars. Maybe you’re looking for a more quickly digestible option – like a webinar. Watch live to have your questions answered on the spot or choose an on-demand webinar to experience at your leisure. edWeb offers a ton of free webinars this summer, including. Check out a complete Edcamp calendar to see if one is in your area. It’s officially summer.

Upcoming Presentations


Hi Folks- Just wanted to give you an idea of where I will be the next few months: March 23, 2013- EdCamp Access , organizing and facilitating a session or two. Click through to find out more about the EdCamp model and to register. I can attest that I learn a TON from innovative PD events such as EdCamps. March 29, 2013- FREE Webinar for Advance for SLPs and Audiologists.

Connected Educator Month.What You Need To Know #CE13

The Web20Classroom

Started in 2012, an entire month of webinars, blog posts, ideas, discussions and more are dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of educators to get connected. Running an Edcamp in your area? "Alone we are smart but together we are brilliant." October has been declared by the U.S. Department of Education to be Connected Educator Month.

5 Ways to Participate in #ISTE17 even if you’re not there #notatiste17

The CoolCatTeacher

LIVE webinars and am an organizer for the K12 Online Conference and EdCamp Phoenix. A conversation with Peggy George in episode 105 of the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Peggy George @pgeorge was one of the most photographed people last year at ISTE 2016, however – SHE WASN’T THERE. Peggy is an expert on getting the most of ISTE by attending virtually.

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Summer PD Feel Overwhelming? An Improviser’s Mindset Can Help You Keep Cool


A quick tour of the edu-blogosphere reveals numerous reading lists, playlists, conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, retreats and edcamps to engage with over two short months. With every summer break comes the eight-week-or-so refresh and reset most classroom educators need. But for many of us, professional development opportunities wrestle for space amongst family vacations, home projects, and part-time jobs.

School Librarian as your Information Overload Superhero!


With easy access to websites, blogs, online PD, webinars, YouTube, workshops, and social media, finding digital resources is not hard to do. Ugghh, help, I can’t keep up! Organizing what we find, however, for efficient access when we need it, might not be so easy. What educator wouldn’t love: a person who helped them organize top quality resources? efficient access to resources customized for their needs (grade, content area, unit, project)?

The 2013 Highlights from Kleinspiration!


I enjoy the GHOs, email exchanges, texting back and forth, phone calls, webinars, and more. Happy New Year ~ from Kleinspiration This year was filled with many joyous moments. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and caring friends. I''m lucky to have a job that I adore and hobbies that support what I enjoy doing. Thank you all for being so supportive over the year. I''ve had the pleasure of traveling the country presenting and working with Scholastic.

Why Every Conference Should Be A Connected Conference-#ASCD13

The Web20Classroom

So in the span of 10 minutes we created #EdcampRogue , an impromptu session where we would gather, talk about the Edcamp Model of PD and how educators can get connected. When are they going to provide spaces, speakers, sessions, webinars and more than encouragement to educators to get connected? I''ve spent the last several days attending the 2013 ASCD Annual Conference in Chicago.

My Noms for the 2013 Edublog Awards


Best open PD / unconference / webinar series- Edcamp ! It''s Edublog awards time! The 10th Annual Edublog awards are once again a reminder to the districts of the power of the Capitol, and how they must never rebel against their country again. Oh wait, that''s The Hunger Games. They are on my mind this weekend for some reason.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


To Address It: Collaboration took place between the state and school districts, which led to the growth of several large statewide professional learning opportunities—including three successful Google Summits, Wyoming’s first Edcamp, Wyoming Technology and Engagement Curriculum monthly webinars, and a statewide conference. The future of tech in schools isn’t suburban or urban. It’s rural.

Why Forward Movement Matters

Kyle Pace

We go to edcamps, conferences, webinars, etc. If you think about the staggering amount of edtech services out there, coupled with the numerous types of devices, it can feel pretty overwhelming to most people. and get filled up with so many new ideas and resources but we don’t know where to start. Have you ever had either of these feelings?

Connecting Teaching, Learning, & Leadership


Notes from an edWeb.net Webinar 4/28/14 Dr. Joe Mazza Director of Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership North Penn School District Dr. Mazza just took on his position in December. Anytime, Anywhere Learning for All Recognizing organizational hashtags, chats for "credit" Flipped faculty meetings, learning opportunities for students, staff, & community School/District EdCamps & ParentCamps - go to edcamp.wikispaces.com to learn more!

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Follow hashtags on Twitter like #txed, #txlege, #digilead, #txidea, #txeduchat edweb.net - Professional social network for the education community - watch their webinars and webcasts live or in recording. Edcamps - unconferences where there aren''t traditional keynote speakers or vendors. Royse City is hosting EdCamp Awesome in Feburary 2014. Notes from a concurrent session at TASA Midwinter 2014.

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


EdTechTeam hosts a number of free live events for the community, including “summit on air” sessions and other webinars, with participation sometimes as high as 800 educators for a single event. EdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators.

Events + News - #TLChat LIVE! - NMC Preview - Students in Charge - iSchool Initiative

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Saturday, April 18th at 9am in NYC EdCamp IB , EdCamp IB is a free unconference dedicated to teaching and learning in the four programs of the International Baccalaureate. Whether you teach our littlest learners in the PYP or the oldest DP students, EdCamp IB is an opportunity to share the best of IB education with other IB teachers. While EdCamp IB will be focusing on education in the IB programs, this event is open to all educators who would like to learn with us.

Connected Educator Month

Educator Innovator

Beginning with a kickoff webinar on October 1 and culminating with Edcamp Online , Educator Innovator’s participation will focus on disseminating resources that highlight the critical importance of interest- and passion-driven work by young people. Educator Innovator and its network of partners is leading a theme on youth agency and voice as part of this year’s Connected Educator Month , which starts next week.

2012 Edublog Award Nominations


Best open PD/unconference/webinar series I have been to a number of Edcamps in the past several years, and these free unconferences, crowdsourcing the knowledge of the attendees themselves, still rival any experience I pay $$$ for. Each year I enjoy the Edublog Awards season, which is ostensibly a competition but really a reminder of the importance of social media in education. For more on the history of the Edublog awards, click here.

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My Edublog Awards Nominations for 2011


Best open PD/unconference/webinar series- I went to my first unconference this year at EdCamp Boston and it was one of the best PD experiences I have ever had. It''s that time already. The Edublog Awards were started about 7 years ago to counteract the trend of blocking social media in school districts and celebrate the educational power of these resources.

Enhancing Professional Collaborations


Whether it is a live virtual meeting, Twitter chat, recorded webinars, or simply a series of emails, technology has given us ways to connect like never before. Attending conferences, EdCamps, or meetups allows you to you find (or expand) your passion and purpose while increasing your opportunity to meet professionals who share that passion. Think about some of the recent movie blockbusters like The Avengers, Justice League , and X-Men.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Anne is host of Tech Talk Tuesdays, a weekly online webinar, is a virtual conference coach for Digital Learning, Victorian Education Department, an Australasian Co-ordinator for the Global Education Conference, an active member of the Flat Classroom Projects and is a lead teacher for the Global Classroom projects. And we also organized India''s first edcamp, EdcampMumbai. Please mark your calendars for November 18 - 22 for the fourth annual Global Education Conference ( [link] ).