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Edcamps are a great way for educators to meet with peers in their area and share great ideas. edWeb was pleased to be able to support our friends Peggy George and Deirdre Shetler with EdCamp Phoenix. Edcamp Phoenix has come and gone, and what an event it was! edWeb Blog edcamp

What kind of PD makes teachers smile? And on Saturday? EDCAMP

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Year five of Edcamp GigCity is in the books. What many people probably don't know is that this is all volunteer led and run, and Edcamp Gigcity is unique in that the organizers represent higher ed, lower ed, public, and private school sectors. I love that about our edcamp!

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


One teacher went to a “STEM/STEAM” session but was disappointed that the discussion was so “general and theoretical,” while he was looking for something more specific and practical. The Edcamp Foundation puts the Rule of Two Feet near the top of their list of tenets.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

Math Teacher: 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom

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He is also one of the organizers of Edcamp Philly ( [link] ) and a founder of All About Explorers ( [link] ). 5 Idea Friday Education High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) Innovation Math Teachers Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) STEM Teachers

Wonderful Word Problem Breakthroughs

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She greatly enjoys sharing her passion for being a connected educator through venues such as ISTE, Edcamp, EdTechTeam and various conferences. Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Lesson Plans Math Teachers STEM Teachers Wonderful Classroom Wednesday

Can MakerSpaces Invent the Future? (Video)

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Watch for our students next week as they present SpheroExo to teachers at EdCamp Eau Claire! Uncategorized 3D Printing Collaboration EdTech Elementary Greenwood GWgreats Innovation Makerbot Makerspace MakerSpaces Mobile MakerSpaces Robotics Sphero SpheroExo STEAM STEM Wayzata

Meet Six Educators We All Can Learn From

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Millibeth Currie , winner of the Community Counts award, encourages her middle school girls to pursue STEM education opportunities in the local community, from scrubbing in with female surgeons to working with researchers to save an endangered local plant. This blog post was originally published by EdSurge. Guest co-author Mary Jo Madda is an Associate Editor at EdSurge.

This summer’s ultimate ed tech professional development guide


Turn Your Elementary School into a STEM School! You can gain huge insights into how other teachers are making strides with ed tech without reaching for your credit card: EdcampsEdcamps are free, they’re teacher-led and the name of the game is participation.

7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School


STEM and Design Thinking You might’ve heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and you might’ve heard of “design thinking.” These games can be adapted to any grade level, and any content area—whether STEM or otherwise.


Need Professional Development for a Reasonable Price?

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Dr. Wesley Fryer is an author, elementary classroom STEM teacher, digital learning consultant, digital storyteller, and change agent. He teaches 4th and 5th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at Independence Elementary in Yukon Public Schools in Oklahoma.

Rethinking Professional Development So It Actually Improves Teaching

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Jarod: The happenings of it and the surroundings of it sort of stem from a particular kind of planning session that I had with a technology planning team. I’ve talked to some administrators who say, “Hey, we did an EdCamp last month, and the teachers loved it.

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October Is Connected Educator Month

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Innovating STEM and Literacy. As a partner in the Educator Innovator Network, Connected Educator Month is engaging many EI Partners in this work including NaNoWriMo, EdCamp, Common Sense Media, NWP, Digital Is, Mozilla Webmaker and the Hive Learning Network. There have never been more opportunities to share perspectives and lessons learned with inspiring colleagues from around the world.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


Lachelle Brant) Creating Guidelines for Distance Education The Problem: Sometimes, the greatest solution stems from the greatest need. To Address It: Collaboration took place between the state and school districts, which led to the growth of several large statewide professional learning opportunities—including three successful Google Summits, Wyoming’s first Edcamp, Wyoming Technology and Engagement Curriculum monthly webinars, and a statewide conference.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

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STEM, STEAM, or science teachers can browse hundreds of games, apps, and websites tagged for NGSS with the NGSS Explorer. Sometimes we hear about so many different tools from conferences, edcamps, and workshops it can be a little overwhelming.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

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STEM, STEAM, or science teachers can browse hundreds of games, apps, and websites tagged for NGSS with the NGSS Explorer. Sometimes we hear about so many different tools from conferences, edcamps, and workshops it can be a little overwhelming. During the school year, the professional learning we receive can be very district- or campus-centered.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Via CMX : “ How Edcamp Scaled Up 1,500 Community Events Connecting Educators All Over the World.” In other STEM news, Pornhub awards a “women in tech” scholarship. Education Politics. From the Department of Education’s press release : “U.S. Secretary of Education Announces Chief of Staff and Additional Staff Hires.” ” And what a fine bunch.

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