Educators as Empowered Learners

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Stay current with research that supports improved learning outcomes, including findings from the learning sciences. I participate in the following ways (please note that none of these options cost me a dime of money)- Edcamp GigCity.

Podstock 2013 = Opportunity for Change

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The ability to use technology as a tool, and not an outcome, will create students transforming into lifelong learners. It is in the teacher''s hands to give their students the opportunity to use technology as a tool, or a learning outcome.

Glad I Was Disappointed Today


Remember what it feels like when you do everything in your power to get things right, and the outcome still falls short. disappointment edcamp lessons learned professional development professionalism

The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

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I attended the Edcamp session and watched as attendees unhooked chairs and created discussion circles and then proceeded to generate discussion topics and hold discussions around topics of their choice. technology conference social media reflection edcamp PBL

Rethinking Professional Development So It Actually Improves Teaching

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I’ve talked to some administrators who say, “Hey, we did an EdCamp last month, and the teachers loved it. It’s just, that’s the positive effect on learning outcomes? Positive effect on learning outcomes?

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3 Steps to Creating Empowered Leadership in Your School

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This is the worse possible post-event outcome I can think of. Have you ever thought about creating edcamp style professional learning opportunities for teachers? The chances are really high that at least one person in your school or district has been to an edcamp before.

5 Ways to Prep for the Next School Year


3: Go to Conferences and Get Involved If you have the opportunity this summer, I highly encourage you to attend a summit, edcamp, or any type of conference where you can learn and grow. Also, check out Edcamps which are free, participant-driven conferences for professional development.

Merritt Public Schools: How a Rural Oklahoma District Developed its Digital Learning Program

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They began helping each other implement the digital classroom tools, going to ISTE , and sharing information and best practices with each other and at Edcamps.

Hack Education Weekly News

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” Via The New York Times : “ Edcamps : The ‘Unconferences,’ Where Teachers Teach Themselves.” ” Via Inside Higher Ed : “Lobbying group for independent colleges says it’s open to expanding federal data collection on student outcomes but remains opposed to student-level database favored by public colleges and many policy makers.” Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles.

Edtech Needs More Infrastructure, Educator Support in 2017


In working with the RCE Coach team, I have seen schools begin to ask more informed questions like “Will usage of X tool under Y conditions lead to Z outcomes?” Support Teachers in Effectively Integrating Technology Getting the best products into the classroom is only half the battle; we need to support teachers and administrators to effectively integrate these products to achieve the intended outcomes.

Why PLN?

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What is a Professional Learning Network? It''s a flexible, teacher-driven activity space that facilitates personalized professional development. PLN''s connect teachers to other individuals worldwide who can offer support, advice, feedback, and collaboration opportunities.

What Constitutes Good PD?

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We can all agree that professional development is essential in any profession, especially education. It is an opportunity to become better at what we do as well as gain knowledge on new pedagogical techniques, learning theories, leadership strategies, technologies, and federal/state mandates.

How Kristen Swanson Applies Her Classroom Experience to Lead ‘Professional Learning’ at Slack


She began her career as a third-grade teacher, later served as director of technology for a school district, then directed a research department at BrightBytes, which helps K-12 administrators and school leaders align school spending with learning outcomes. But she’s probably best known as founder of the Edcamp Foundation, which helps teachers run free, grassroots professional-development workshops.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

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If you're a math or English language arts teacher, you can launch the Common Core Explorer to find technology tools you can integrate into your lesson activities to help you address that learning outcome in a new way.

Do-It-Yourself Professional Development

Graphite Blog

If you're a math or English language arts teacher, you can launch the Common Core Explorer to find technology tools you can integrate into your lesson activities to help you address that learning outcome in a new way. Sometimes we hear about so many different tools from conferences, edcamps, and workshops it can be a little overwhelming. During the school year, the professional learning we receive can be very district- or campus-centered.

Enter the #squadgoals Challenge


Grading policies are being revised and adjusted to reflect learning outcomes instead of just using points. We invite you all to join us for our #squadgoals challenge for the next month!

The Greatest Challenge Facing School Leaders in a Digital World


Innovative heads of school already have numerous possible configurations that they can consider, ranging from “genius hour” and “20 percent time” (in which the school allows students to explore their own project and learning outcomes for one hour a day or 20 percent of their time in school) to multi-week immersive projects to all-year grade- or school-level rollouts.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This presentation will share some stories from an innovative, practising classroom teacher and will provide a glimpse into what can be achieved, how it can be achieved and the amazing resultant outcomes that are now possible when learning extends beyond the classroom walls.