How to Maximize your EdCamp Experience

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Edcamps are the "unconference". Edcamp is a great series of free, unconferences for educators. Edcamps are excellent resources for teachers and offer some of the finest professional development around. Find an Edcamp near you and attend, learn, share, and collaborate.

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


Even if you send out a group email for people to meet at a coffee shop on a particular afternoon, you’re technically starting an unconference. The Edcamp Foundation puts the Rule of Two Feet near the top of their list of tenets. Find a session that meets your needs.

Learn about the Edcamp Movement: The Definitive Podcast | @EdcampUSA #edcamp


In todays podcast, Edcamp Foundation executive director Hadley Ferguson teaches us how to start our very own edcamps in our schools and our communities. About the Edcamp Foundation Edcamp is a form of unconference designed specifically for teachers and their needs.

How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience: 6 Tips! [infographic]

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How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience (Click to view full size image) 6 Tips to Maximize the EdCamp Experience There are so many wonderful reasons that I love EdCamps! Below are some tips for new and experienced EdCampers! What is EdCamp?

EdCamp CT is Aug 10th. I'm going. Are you? You should be!

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Edcamp is a great series of free, unconferences for educators. The Edcamp model is unique in that attendees set the agenda the morning of the conference and the sessions are not led by one person, but are rather a collaboration of both the facilitator and attendees. EdCamp is coming back to Connecticut this summer. If you haven''t been to an EdCamp yet, you need to get to one! See the related link below for more information about other upcoming EdCamps near you.

Meet Six Educators We All Can Learn From

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Watch how Michael’s students are motivated to do work not just for a grade, but for real-world use: Exemplary educators are sharing their best and most useful resources both online and offline, using avenues like Twitter, EdCamps, and YouTube to share what they’ve learned and created with other educators. This blog post was originally published by EdSurge. Guest co-author Mary Jo Madda is an Associate Editor at EdSurge.

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Friday, June 6th at 8am - 3pm in Washington, DC Edcamp US Department of Education: Leading, Learning, Listening , Edcamp US DOE will be an intimate gathering of teacher leaders and policy leaders in order to discuss the most important issues in education.

"What is the Mindset of a Maker Educator?" Resources Mentioned in Edcamp Online

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Lisa Goochee (@blubirding) October 25, 2014 Participated in my second annual EdCamp Online this morning and I learned so much! Meeting some new people with common interests. It was a treat to meet and chat with +Jackie Gerstein , who moderated the hangout. I was very pleased to participate in EdCamp Online again, and even more pleased with how much I got out of the Maker Educator session.

Using EDCAMP for Professional Development for All Teachers

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I attended my first EdCamp, called JEDCampNYNJ and on a Sunday last spring. On a side note, I might suggest a yearly JEDCamp be established for Hebrew school teachers where Hebrew school does not meet and teachers use that time to learn together yearly with others in the area since their needs are very specific and different from Jewish Day Schools.) I was fortunate enough to attend incredible sessions and meet some very passionate educators. At EdCamps, this is a given.

Tools for Changing/Improving PD and Meetings

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Professional Development and Faculty Meetings are typically held face-to-face and many times are longer than they need to be, or too much time is spent on things that only affect a small percentage of those present. There are some tools and resources that can be used to change how and when PD and Meetings are held. Google Docs/Google Drive - use Google Docs for meeting and PD agendas and shared resources. What ideas and resources do you use for meetings and PD?

Discussing an Augmented Reality World! - AR Detroit

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Erin Klein giving Leap Motion a try at the AR Detroit Meet up. It started when I picked up my good friend Erin Klein @KleinErin for the meeting. This was an exciting part of the meeting. After about an hour of amazing discussion, it was time to call the meeting to a close.

The Importance of Andragogy in Education

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It is probably the key to the success of the Edcamp movement. All of the Edcamp sessions are guided conversations. Our PD efforts are not currently meeting the needs of teachers or administrators. Accountability Administrator conference Connected Educator Edcamp Education ISTE Leadership PD Professional development Professionalism Reform Teachmeet Thought leadership Thought Provoking Uncategorized unconference

Reflections on Edcamp Boston 2011


This past Saturday I attended Edcamp Boston, an "unconference" set in the wonderful Microsoft NERD center overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge. Upon arrival at Edcamp, these are organized into session spaces and times; I popped up a small session: Then, you just GO.

The Top Gun of EdTech Conference

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It was a week full of meetings, sightseeing, learning, and making friends. I am a better person after meeting Karl and look forward to working with him in the future. I was also able to meet John Stevens aka Mr. T, for the first time that night.

Is Edu Connected Collaboration Just Whistling In The Wind?

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My building connections no longer served me well enough to meet my needs. Educators would come to these groups to discuss topics that we were all interested in, but were not being discussed in faculty rooms or faculty meetings or not even in the provided Professional Development sessions.

Poor teachers: Who is to blame?

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Key factors in adult learning, or the intrinsic motivations for adults to learn are ownership of the learning to meet personal needs and being able to use tomorrow what’s learned today. The Unconference or the Edcamp Model is completely different. The attendees decide upon the entire Edcamp schedule of sessions on the morning of the conference. It is designed to meet the needs of their interests.

Edtech Conference on an Aircraft Carrier? Yes, Please!

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Starting on Monday I will have a couple of days to meet with a few edtech start up companies. I will then head over to meet with the great people of STUDYBLUE ! cuerockstar edcamp edcamphome edtechm san francisco remind 101

Educational "Air Time"

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Needless to say, I'm trying to look at methods from a non-marginalizing approach and make the assumption that every teacher is trying their best to meet the needs of their classroom goals and individual students.

Podstock 2013 = Opportunity for Change

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It is going to be a busy, long few days filled with meeting new friends, old friends, and lots of edtech! apps apps for elementary augmented reality Aurasma edcamp EdReach edtech ESSDACK Explain Everything mini lesson podstock13 three ring

Educators as Empowered Learners

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I participate in the following ways (please note that none of these options cost me a dime of money)- Edcamp GigCity. This is my fifth year of participating in this edcamp unconference in Chattanooga, TN.

What is a Twitter Profile?

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Second, use the profiles of others to determine if they meet the standards that you have set for your own Personalized Learning Network. Administrator Connected Educator Edcamp EdChat Education Leadership PD PLN Professional development Professionalism Reform Social Media Teched Thought leadership Thought Provoking Twitter The basic principle of Twitter is that if you follow ten people on Twitter, you will only see the tweets of those ten people.

Edcamp: It All Started with a Tweet

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We held the first Edcamp in Philadelphia in May, 2010. The educators who had connected through social media now had a chance to meet face-to-face and enhance the relationships that they had already started. Each Edcamp is organized by educators, for educators.

Finishing Strong by Taking Chances?

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The free version will meet your needs just fine! Edcamp Style Learning.I am a huge fan of the unconference model of professional development that the Edcamp model brought to education. This will be year four of my involvement with Edcamp Gigcity in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Taking Control Of Your Professional Development

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He is engaging in the classroom, works very hard to meet the needs of all his students and regularly reflects on his teaching to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Edcamps can help fill that void. Recently I was talking to a teacher friend of mine.

Things That Have Me Thinking-March 28

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Edcamp USDOE - As someone who has had the honor of attending several Edcamps and the pleasure of being an Edcamp organizer I am super excited about this announcement. The Edcamp Foundation has partnered with the US Department of Education to host the first ever Edcamp USDOE. You don’t know what an Edcamp is? Sessions are decided on by the participants that day and really meet the needs of who is attending.

Thinking About Redefining Professional Development

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The traditional forms of sit-and-get PD are giving way to MOOCs, webinars, Edcamps and flipped learning. One idea that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is Flipped Faculty meetings. Faculty Meetings aren’t the only thing we can flip.

Rejuvinate with an EdCamp

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With Spring comes MAPs testing, NSEA testing, musicals, awards banquets, track meets, golf meets.there is so much going on this time of year. It''s hard to believe that today is the first day of Spring. And to think that there are only 40 days left in the 2014-2015 school year! Where did the school year go? I''ll admit that it''s really easy to lose focus in the Spring. Admit it. You''ve

Find local colleagues at an Edcamp

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Why not attend or host an Edcamp to network with colleagues locally who share your interest in teacher-driven and participatory professional development? You can find links to many Edcamps happening across the country in the Calendar section of Educator Innovator. You can also learn more about the Edcamp movement and upcoming Edcamps by visiting the Edcamp Wiki at [link]. hosted by any organization or anyone : Anyone can host an Edcamp.

8 Education Books For The Digital Age: The Connected Educator Series #CorwinCE

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Series Editor Peter DeWitt, says, "It is our hope and intent to meet you where you are in your digital journey, and elevate you as educators to the next level." The Edcamp model connects educators to PD like never before.

A PD Perspective

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All of this suggests to me that a Power Point presentation delivered by someone who may be lacking knowledge of effective Power Point delivery fails to meet the needs of adult learners.

The Importance of Relationships, Voice and Digital Leadership #EdCampUSA

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Great group shot of #edcampusdoed w/ @arneduncan — Zac Chase (@MrChase) May 29, 2015 #EdCampUSA On Friday, May 29, I had the privilege to attend #EdCampUSA (aka EdCamp DOED) in Washington D.C. This was no ordinary EdCamp. This EdCamp was held at the U.S.

3 Steps to Creating Empowered Leadership in Your School

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All too often in education – whether that be at a conference, in a professional learning workshop, or even at a faculty meeting, we have become used to one person in the room being the “expert”, or the “Oz” around a particular topic.

EdCampCT Reflections and Resources

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For those who don''t know, Edcamp is a great series of free, unconferences for educators. The Edcamp model is unique in that attendees set the agenda the morning of the conference and the sessions are not led by one person, but are rather a collaboration of both the facilitator and attendees. It was a great day, filled with fun, learning, discussions, connections, and meeting some members of my PLN in person finally. I highly recommend Edcamps!

The Takeaways – #ISTE2016 Day One


attend the EdCamp organizers meet-up where, again, I was able to see my digital PLN come to live before my eyes. EdCamp Miscellaneous PLN

The SUM of an Amazing Summer

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Between attending FlipCon 2013, EdcampHome, EdmodoCon 2013 , Google Apps Training & TeachMeetNJ, working with the Gobstopper folks, AND having the release of my first ever contribution-to-a-third-party-published-book ( Flipping 2.0 ) AND meeting face to face with some amazing folks from my PLN, I couldn''t have asked for a better summer. edcamp #edtech #flipclass #njed assignments collaboration edcamp edmodo edmodocon

5 Simple Ways to Improve Teacher Professional Development

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The most popular form of the unconference is the Edcamp , but many conferences are scheduling an “unconference” day with this same format. At Edcamps across the world, teachers show up on a Saturday morning to an unconference location.

The Conversation We Need To Have With Leadership

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This year, many of us will spend hours in school meetings feeling demotivated, bored, unappreciated, and stressed. Therefore, I’m sending you on a mission to have a conversation with your leadership about changing how meetings are organized at your school.

My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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Meeting up with my friend Rachelle Poth on the last day led to one of my greatest moments of reflection. For me, that moment was a realization that ISTE meets needs in many different ways for many different personality types. Why not meet them where they already are looking?

Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation


How much time in faculty meeting is spent on announcements that you could just print out for people and have them read? There are schools where administrators are experimenting with models of teacher-led professional development like EdCamps.

Today’s Classrooms Should Be About Flexible Teaching—Not Furniture


At the end of June a group of passionate, dedicated educators gathered for one of New Jersey’s last EdCamps of the 2017 school year. As I noticed these changes I also realized I needed to refine my methods of instruction to better meet the needs of my students. That EdCamp session ended up covering something more important than how many scoop chairs you have in your classroom: finding more meaningful ways to reach our students by being flexible as a teacher.