Teaching Sequence in Kindergarten with Robots

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Programming a robot requires knowing what you want the robot to do. One of the first steps to creating a program is to develop a detailed sequence of every move the robot will make. After the first student programmed the robot, they all got a turn.

Notes from the "Makerspace for Elementary Schools" Session @ #edcampsteam

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Electronic with robots, goal is use to do it yourself concept. In elementary school, a little more guided. Using hummingbird kit which they had at edcamp in Philly. Michele Sarrides @ferrbrook Makerspace- lot of philosophy, people make things, as broad or general as that. It is designated space such as a library, or unused locker room they can refurbish. It is so broad and unspecific. In middle school or high school, have tutorials available and have stuff there for them.

Can MakerSpaces Invent the Future? (Video)

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Our students recently participated in a robotics competition that was invented from the ground up by staff and students. We designed and printed 3D “exoskeletons” that fit over our Sphero robotic droids…and SpheroExo was born.

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Big news from Wonder Workshop: Challenge Cards- Dash and Dot are some of our favorite robots to introduce robotics to preschool and elementary students. ISTE17 applied digital skills dash and dot digital skills google pd robotics social media

Your Guide to Running a School Like Disney World


At Mary Williams Elementary , we strive to create a similarly magical feeling. This was the rationale for starting teacher-centered Edcamps during professional development. Since then, we've experimented with dozens of different apps and online programs to boost learning and interest: 3-D printing, spheros, Osmos, virtual reality, coding, cyber security modules, drones, Robotics, multiple devices. Lynn Colón is the proud principal of Mary Williams Elementary.

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The winners of this year’s Harold W McGraw Jr Prize in Education : Dr. Christine Cunningham, Founder and Director of Engineering is Elementary (EiE) at the Museum of Science; Dr. Sandy Shugart, President of Valencia College; and Chris Anderson, TED “curator.” Via CMX : “ How Edcamp Scaled Up 1,500 Community Events Connecting Educators All Over the World.” ” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. Education Politics.

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