5 Tips for Planning a Kidcamp, the Student-Driven #Edcamp


By now you’ve probably heard of edcamps —free, organic, participant-driven, “un-conferences” that empower educators to maximize professional learning experiences and peer networks. PD After Hours Earlier this year, Hackensack Public Schools hosted its first edcamp at Nellie K. Parker Elementary School. Edcamp After Hours , the first of its kind in northern NJ, ended up being a big hit. Tell your kids about what Edcamp does for educators like you.

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


One district employee was smiling about how there were elementary and secondary teachers connecting and sharing: “Where else do you see this?” It was at an elementary school, and a healthy brunch was provided.

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Towards Choice-Based Learning in Elementary

My Paperless Classroom

Sometimes you get to attend a surprise Edcamp. I was settling in to write when I saw a tweet about Edcamp Los Altos. At Edcamp LosAltos As the first session wrapped up, I was in the MPR and I started talking to John Miller.

"Edcamp Style" PD- Personalizing teacher learning on a required PD day!

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Several of the elementary teachers at our school attended and many plan on attending again. On one day in August before the students came, and again in January of this year we set up Edcamp style PD days. Last year our school had the opportunity to host Chattanooga's EdcampGigcity.

Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


If you''re a Michigan educator, be sure to mark your 2015 calendars for the MI Flip Conference and EdCamp Lansing. EdCamp Detroit : May 3, 2014 Detroit, MI The EdCamp unConferences are one of a kind. For any EdCamp unConference, there is no registration fee. EdCamp U.S.

Inspired Learning to Get Results Now at #ModelSchools

A Principal's Reflections

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of makerspace-focused sessions, and learn from colleagues at schools that have successfully implemented makerspaces on their campuses, including Clark Burnett, a 4th grade teacher from Lang Ranch Elementary School in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Notes from the "Makerspace for Elementary Schools" Session @ #edcampsteam

Saving Socrates

In elementary school, a little more guided. Using hummingbird kit which they had at edcamp in Philly. Michele Sarrides @ferrbrook Makerspace- lot of philosophy, people make things, as broad or general as that. Electronic with robots, goal is use to do it yourself concept. It is designated space such as a library, or unused locker room they can refurbish. It is so broad and unspecific. In middle school or high school, have tutorials available and have stuff there for them.

Wonderful Word Problem Breakthroughs

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Listen to Felicia Casto talk about her awesome elementary math classroom. Webb Elementary in Navasota, Texas and works with teachers in her school and educators across the nation on how to best to embrace digital learning across a variety of platforms.

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

iLearn Technology

Hundreds of conferences, workshops, MOOCS, edcamps, professional journals, blogs, the list seriously goes on and on. There are a lot of options for professional development. If you’re like me, your inbox and mailbox have a pretty consistent stream of offerings.

Can MakerSpaces Invent the Future? (Video)

Adjusting Course

Watch for our students next week as they present SpheroExo to teachers at EdCamp Eau Claire! Uncategorized 3D Printing Collaboration EdTech Elementary Greenwood GWgreats Innovation Makerbot Makerspace MakerSpaces Mobile MakerSpaces Robotics Sphero SpheroExo STEAM STEM Wayzata

Virtual Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

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So whether it’s elementary or district leadership or high school leadership, and they have these organic one-on-one conversations outside of their brick-and-mortar buildings, and outside their own (mentorship).

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Digital Learning Day Reflections

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We adopted the edcamp "rule of two feet" for this event. dlday collaboration digital learning day edtech elementary technology integrationLast Thursday Chattanooga Christian Lower School opened our doors for observations of technology integration.

Changing The Way We Educate Incrementally

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Elementary Electives- One day when talking with our school president I said "wouldn't it be awesome if we could do electives with elementary students?" I've gotten involved with the organization of yearly Edcamp Gig City. Change is hard even if the change is exciting.

Math Teacher: 5 Principles of the Modern Mathematics Classroom

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Gerald Aungst is a “curiosity engineer” with more than 25 years of professional experience as an elementary teacher and curriculum specialist who empowers learners through inquiry and making.

10 tips to retool your tech PD for the innovation age

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At Grand Oak Elementary School in Huntersville, NC we have worked hard to create an environment where we are supporting our staff through this transition. Simulate an EdCamp model, focus on more engaging and longer term PD that is more in depth rather than isolated shorter sessions.

Empowering Student Voice through Self Differentiation in High School


Now, all of my Twitter chat introductions are made with Buncee… I even made Buncee business cards to share at conferences and edcamps! She enjoys connecting with educators through social media, professional organizations, conferences, Twitter chats, and edcamps.

This summer’s ultimate ed tech professional development guide


Turn Your Elementary School into a STEM School! You can gain huge insights into how other teachers are making strides with ed tech without reaching for your credit card: EdcampsEdcamps are free, they’re teacher-led and the name of the game is participation.

Today’s Classrooms Should Be About Flexible Teaching—Not Furniture


At the end of June a group of passionate, dedicated educators gathered for one of New Jersey’s last EdCamps of the 2017 school year. And how many elementary and middle schoolers do you see hanging out at Starbucks?) I even brought back the daily read-aloud activities in my rocking chair from my days as an elementary teacher—against protest from colleagues that “storytime” had no place in middle school.

Many Frustrated Teachers Say It’s Not Burnout — It’s Demoralization


She says she loved working in elementary school but the switch to middle school was tough. After years of requests, she received a transfer to an elementary school, where she now teaches second grade.

Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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And then also from an elementary standpoint, I had a teacher use it in lieu of … she used to have her students write personal narratives and then they would bind the book together as a classroom set and put it in the library.

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The 2013 Highlights from Kleinspiration!


Top 5 National Finalist - Best Elementary Teacher) - Selected to Attend Teachers College in New York, Columbia Featured On: Some of my favorite blogs, podcasts, and sites are listed below. Happy New Year ~ from Kleinspiration This year was filled with many joyous moments.

How a Cheapskate Introduces Technology Tools

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I actually bought one for every elementary teacher at our school and for 3of the middle school science teachers. I look for opportunities for my teachers to attend and I serve on organization committees to give more educators these chances- i.e. Edcamp Gigcity.

Teaching Sequence in Kindergarten with Robots

My Paperless Classroom

I was talking with some great teachers at EdCamp Silicon Valley in a session on programming with elementary students. Bongo and 3 of the Bee Bots Our first lesson was a getting to know the bee bots session.

To Build Teamwork, Breakout EDU Challenges Students to Think Out of the Box


I was on my way to my new gig as an elementary teacher one morning when I first heard the term “PBL paralysis” on a podcast. I had heard about Breakout EDU back in 2015 when it first hit the EdCamp scene in New Jersey. Chrissy ( @TheConnectedEdu ) is a veteran teacher with over 24 years experience with students in elementary and middle school.

Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

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In 2013-2015 he taught 4th and 5th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at Independence Elementary in Yukon Public Schools in Oklahoma. He is an organizer for Oklahoma EdCamp and the PLAYDATE OKC professional development conferences.

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My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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Big news from Wonder Workshop: Challenge Cards- Dash and Dot are some of our favorite robots to introduce robotics to preschool and elementary students. Rachelle and myself Traveling alone to ISTE this year gave me lots of time alone with my thoughts and my learning.

Merritt Public Schools: How a Rural Oklahoma District Developed its Digital Learning Program

Education Superhighway

Walking into a Merritt Elementary School classroom today, you’ll find students using iPads to figure out math problems and submit their answers, while teachers grade those answers and provide feedback and follow-up support in real-time.

Your Guide to Running a School Like Disney World


At Mary Williams Elementary , we strive to create a similarly magical feeling. This was the rationale for starting teacher-centered Edcamps during professional development. Lynn Colón is the proud principal of Mary Williams Elementary. Every year, millions of people flock to Disney World, the self-proclaimed “happiest place on Earth.” Many return year after year to spend their hard-earned money despite the long lines and unpredictable weather.

Big ideas and ed trends from the #ASCD15 conference

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Amber Teamann wrote a great post summarizing our conversation with administrators and teachers at Magnolia Elementary, the school which won the ASCD Whole Child Vision and Action award: learn how they use “feedforward” instead of “feedback.”

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Edcamps - unconferences where there aren''t traditional keynote speakers or vendors. Royse City is hosting EdCamp Awesome in Feburary 2014. Ex: Creating elementary student handbook. Notes from a concurrent session at TASA Midwinter 2014.

mauilibrarian2's 10 Nominations for the 2013 Edublogs Awards #eddies13

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Best individual blog - One of the EdCamp Movement''s founders, Kristen Swanson , is in my exclusive Google+ MVP circle. Here are a few other nomination lists to check out: The ASIDe Blog Borchardt Elementary Library A.T. This is a fantastic reflective exercise for me!

If Ferris Bueller Was At Our School #savmp #KidsDeserveIt #PrincipalsInAction #edchat

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Jon is Vice-Principal at Sandy Hill Elementary School and his blog is featured on EdWords and BAM Radio! Adam is Principal at Montair Elementary School and co-founder of Kids Deserve It. Here is how they are getting it done: Student Run EdCamps Yes, you read that correctly.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


To Address It: Collaboration took place between the state and school districts, which led to the growth of several large statewide professional learning opportunities—including three successful Google Summits, Wyoming’s first Edcamp, Wyoming Technology and Engagement Curriculum monthly webinars, and a statewide conference. She has been both an elementary teacher, and currently serves as an education consultant in the Wyoming Department of Education.

Connecting Teaching, Learning, & Leadership


Dr. Mazza was the Lead Learner at Knapp Elementary School. (He Notes from an edWeb.net Webinar 4/28/14 Dr. Joe Mazza Director of Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership North Penn School District Dr. Mazza just took on his position in December.

Beyond "Ditching the Desks," 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect"


Thank you - Tom Murray 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect" For All Classrooms Being a current elementary teacher, I strive to create an environment that is highly engaging and interactive for my students.