How Connected Educators Use Social Media


Reviewer Susie Highley put what she learned in What Connected Educators Do Differently to work in organizing an edcamp and remotely attending ISTE this summer. She highly recommends the book to newly connected and veteran social media users.

How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience: 6 Tips! [infographic]

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How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience (Click to view full size image) 6 Tips to Maximize the EdCamp Experience There are so many wonderful reasons that I love EdCamps! Below are some tips for new and experienced EdCampers! What is EdCamp?

Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


Join me and 1,000’s of educators at SDE’s National PD Conferences. If you''re a Michigan educator, be sure to mark your 2015 calendars for the MI Flip Conference and EdCamp Lansing. EdCamp Detroit : May 3, 2014 Detroit, MI The EdCamp unConferences are one of a kind.

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


Technically, if one trusts the etymology, the best way for a teacher to confer with other educators would be an educator conference. I wanted to interview one group, but they were too involved in their conversation on migrant education to be interrupted.

5 Ways to Participate in #ISTE17 even if you’re not there #notatiste17

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I will be leading a panel discussion on the 5 teacher trends changing education. Listen to Terry Freedman talk about how to get the most out of education conferences and ISTE. LIVE webinars and am an organizer for the K12 Online Conference and EdCamp Phoenix.

Creating Change

The Principal of Change

One of things that I have been really thinking about is not only embracing change, but educators creating it. How often do we create change in education? Yet so many educators are choosing innovation and empowerment over creating a compliance model of education.

How to Be Awesome at #Edcamp! [FREE Poster Download!]

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How to Be Awesome at #EdCamp Poster | | #edchat #hackpd #teaching The #EdCamp Revolution is here to stay! Have you attended an EdCamp yet? In case you haven''t been paying attention, the EdCamp movement is changing the way educators connect and learn.

8 Education Books For The Digital Age: The Connected Educator Series #CorwinCE

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My book, The Relevant Educator ships today. Below is a post (thanks to the most awesome Mark Barnes) about the entire Connected Educator Series from Corwin. Enter Corwin Press and the Connected Educators Series. The Edcamp model connects educators to PD like never before.

Twitter has changed everything!

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When I started my education career many educators I knew feared social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others could only do harm to your career. Never did I realize the POWER of social media from a professional viewpoint.

5 things you should know about Periscope for education

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Pros and cons for educators considering Twitter’s new live video streaming service. Ever since Twitter introduced its live streaming service, Periscope , earlier this year, educators have become enamored.

Coming Soon: Edcamps, Brought to You by the Letters PBS


The do-it-yourself conference is coming to your local public broadcaster, as part of a new venture between the Edcamp Foundation and PBS Education. Between now and May, 10 local PBS affiliates will host a series of specially branded events, called PBS Edcamps, aimed at educators and caregivers of students in Pre-K through third grade. PBS is moving from content provider to a convener,” says Sara Schapiro, vice president of PBS Education. “I

Virtual Mentorship for Emerging Leaders

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Jennifer Gonzalez has released her 2018 Teachers Guide to Technology with over 200 education technology tools including tools for assessment, flipped learning, presentations, parent engagement, video engagement and more. I’m a special education teacher.

Voxer, Twitter, and EdCamps: How to Tackle the Harsh Realities of Finding Good Statewide PD


The Trifecta of Rural PD, Part 1: Social Chat Platforms Problem One: How do you gather a group of like-minded educators in one place in order to share ideas, when so many miles separate you? Many teachers connect this way to learn about the latest in edtech tools, educational ideas and methods in teaching, and joining my fellow Nebraskan teachers for the weekly chat gives me a comfortable hour that flies by and is full of ideas and collaboration.

Compliance does not foster innovation.

The Principal of Change

A long time friend of mine, Beth Still , had sat down in the session (although it was not necessary for her to be there as she could have easily led the session), as I shared some ideas for empowering use of social media for both teachers and students.

My #ISTE17 Takeaways

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It's easy to get lost in the crowd if that is what you want or to be in the middle of everything learning AND social. ISTE17 applied digital skills dash and dot digital skills google pd robotics social media

What is a Twitter Profile?

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If you add a Hashtag, #Edchat for example, the range of your tweet is extended beyond your ten followers to thousands of educators who follow that specific #Edchat hashtag on a search column. I enjoy examining profiles of the high-profile “Education Reformers” to see whom they interact with. I have found that many follow organizations, politicians, celebrities, and not regular educators. First, have a clear, concise profile describing who you are as an educator.

Connecting Teaching, Learning, & Leadership


He is trying to bring Admin, Educators, Parents, Students, Community, & School Board together in a transparent way. Dr. Mazza showed us this video to give an idea of what connected educators can do with Twitter: Twitter in D123 from OLHD123 on Vimeo.

The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

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Social Media and Connected Learning. Now, it seems, many educators and school leaders realize that they have no choice but to get on board with social media, and they are exploring the tool. conference edcamp PBL reflection social media technology

Digital Tools to Mobilize a Community to a Goal

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I've done this using social media, blogging, and various websites. Are we as educators truly teaching our students to add value to the digital world if we don't embrace mediums to do this?

A PD Perspective

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Recently, as I was tweeting about the need for teachers to be more aware of what was going on within their profession an unexpected tweet response came from a connected educator who I greatly respect and hold in high regard. Most educators lack the time or the inclination to do so.

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

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During my time as a public school employee, I’d occasionally hear about educational organizations that were working to support schools in some capacity. When I got connected on social media, my lens was expanded and I became aware of more organizations, as well as their supporting tools and resources. CUE is a nonprofit educational corporation founded in 1978 with a goal to inspire innovative learners in all disciplines from preschool through college.

Twitter Equals Growth Mindset?

The Principal of Change

There is a lot of talk in education about Carol Dweck’s “growth mindset” , in which she discusses the idea that beliefs that “abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed.” It is an idea that educators have latched on to (for good reason) since this is not something we want to only be able to develop in students, but in ourselves as well, in a world that is constantly changing. This could be something to applied the idea of educators using Twitter.

Educators as Empowered Citizens (Unpacking the ISTE Standards for Educators)

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Citizen- Educators inspire students to positively contribute to and responsibly participate in the digital world. Educators: Create experiences for learners to make positive, socially responsible contributions and exhibit empathetic behavior online that build relationships and community.

ISTE "Unplugged" in Denver - 10th Anniversary of the Education Unconference!

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The annual conference is at the end of this month in Denver , Colorado, and for the TENTH year we have a set of grassroots-organized "unplugged" events that you can participate in for free, grounded by the Hack Education unconference and after-party on Saturday, June 26th.

Parent/Educator EDU

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I have always found it challenging to be provocative in promoting change in education in a blog post, while remaining positive in tone. This is true of many educators as well as parents. We all need to be better educated, if we are to be better educators for our children.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Must have an education email account to set up an account. We need to be using social media to tell people about the positive things that are going on in our classrooms and schools! Edcamps - unconferences where there aren''t traditional keynote speakers or vendors.

Edcamp: It All Started with a Tweet

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I was an early adopter of Twitter as a means of connecting with other educators, thanks in large part to Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. I loved the energy and collaboration that was happening there, as educators around the world found each other and built a network.

Excellent Online Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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Professional Development for educators is something that I believe still needs to be improved. Many educators have turned online for some of their professional development. Check out some more great information and resources on educator professional development.

What if Chattanooga's Connected Educators Were Even More Connected?

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I had 17 unique educators notice the tweets and respond- three of them were superintendent level educators, a few were edtech edus, at least three were principals or assistant principals and the majority seem to be classroom teachers but I do not know for sure.

Google Apps for Education Tips, Tricks, and our Favorite Chrome Extensions | #TechEducator 101


In this Episode, we discuss and demonstrate our favorite Google Apps for Education Tips, Tricks, and Chrome Extensions. The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. Google Apps for Education Tricks Mentioned on Todays Show.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The Importance of Relationships, Voice and Digital Leadership #EdCampUSA

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Great group shot of #edcampusdoed w/ @arneduncan — Zac Chase (@MrChase) May 29, 2015 #EdCampUSA On Friday, May 29, I had the privilege to attend #EdCampUSA (aka EdCamp DOED) in Washington D.C. This was no ordinary EdCamp. This EdCamp was held at the U.S.

3 Things We Need To Remember For Every Professional Development

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Several of our divisions like Title I, Social Studies and others have taken whole days and run them like a mini conference. Social Media. I remember my first professional development as a teacher. I was fresh out of college.

8 Secrets To Providing Amazing EdTech Customer Service | By @JeffBradbury | @SamPatue


They solved my problem and I was a lifetime user and spokes teacher for all the great tools Techsmith makes to help teachers create media. Are they in the social media space I am already in? Be engaged in the education community. Tweet.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

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Please mark your calendars for November 18 - 22 for the fourth annual Global Education Conference ( [link] ). 3, and Connected Educator Month in October--how are we still standing?!), Where does this type of problem solving fit in in the current education landscape?

Give Teachers Credit: They Know Learning Is Social


The enthusiasm shared by educators who understand that social media will forever impact their lives and practice is very reminiscent of the vibe expressed by dot-commers two decades ago during the first wave of the Internet boom—this is a very good thing. This approach won’t work with passionate educators who recognize that their world is changing because of technology. This is true within education as well.

3 Ways to Instantly Grow Your Personal Learning Network


Imagine a network of leaders from every sector of education: public schools and early learning centers, colleges and universities, museums and libraries, nonprofits and corporations. It’s the Remake Learning Network , a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of learning. As an educator, working with others is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your students. Attend an Educational Conference.

#NYSCATE13 - A Conference that Knows How to Make IT Happen!

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Some nail it like EdCamps and EduCon , and others leave something to be desired. I had the privilege to meet and canoodle with innovative educators at this year’s NYSCATE in Rochester and here are a few of my favorite things about what this conference did right. Making social media happen * Lisa Nielsen impressed by all that is going on in the social media kiosk. A conference that gets social media right.

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Professional Learning (Part 2)

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More and more, educators are becoming both consumers and creators of information, which is accelerating the opportunities for our students. Rationale: If we want innovative students, we need to focus on becoming innovative educators. EDCAMP professional learning day.

Why Every Conference Should Be A Connected Conference-#ASCD13

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Educators from across the country and across the globe gathered to discuss pressing educational issues and talk about how we can all make teaching and learning better for kids, no matter where they are. There has been a huge push from ASCD to get educators connected.