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The first session revolved around the very real challenges of integrating technology into classroom instruction from the perspective of two willing (but under supported by their district) teachers. I then spent a very long lunch (we basically had our own session three at the lunch benches) talking about the future of edtech professional development. Upon returning home, I got to thinking, we should aspire to have edCamps happening on school campuses every day.

Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech. Vicki: Happy EdTech Tool Tuesday. Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Gifted Teachers High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) History and Social Sciences Teachers How to Guides.

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Connecting Voices through Robotics: An EdCamp Global Event

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

This year, our library is fortunate to have a robotics loan from Birdbrain Technologies. We recently started talking on Twitter about how our kids could collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously, and we were looped in to a conversation about EdCamp Global.

From EdCamps to Google, 11 Professional Development Offerings for Teachers This Summer


Grab Your Tents: Time to Go Ed-Camping Okay, so for most of these edcamp events you probably won’t need a tent, but they are often full of multi-day events (so pack snacks). If you are looking to dive deep into early education topics this summer, PBS is hosting a free edcamp event in New York City where educators are encouraged to collaborate with other schools and home-based teachers to share practices and develop skills. Education Technology Events Community

Voxer, Twitter, and EdCamps: How to Tackle the Harsh Realities of Finding Good Statewide PD


Many teachers connect this way to learn about the latest in edtech tools, educational ideas and methods in teaching, and joining my fellow Nebraskan teachers for the weekly chat gives me a comfortable hour that flies by and is full of ideas and collaboration. The Trifecta of Rural PD, Part 2: Edcamps Problem Two: How do you bring educators together for a day of learning that doesn’t cost any money to gather? Worth the drive are EdCamps in Kansas City and St.

What Are Your EdTech Resolutions?


What are your EdTech Resolutions for 2016? The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. Setting Technology Goals for 2016. EdSurge Post/List of 2016 EdTech Conferences. Find or organize an EdCamp.

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Keeping Our Eyes on The #EdTech Horizon

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Many of those same teachers also invested a lot of time and energy to learning about new ideas and technologies; whether that be attending a conference, edcamp, adding new books to their professional libraries or taking a grad class. We’re quickly approaching that time.

Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

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You can take courses on helpful topics like classroom management, teacher wellness, education technology, special education classes and more. He is the Director of Technology for the Casady School in Oklahoma City.

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Keeping Our Eyes on The #EdTech Horizon

Kyle Pace

Many of those same teachers also invested a lot of time and energy to learning about new ideas and technologies; whether that be attending a conference, edcamp, adding new books to their professional libraries or taking a grad class. We’re quickly approaching that time.

Edtech Needs More Infrastructure, Educator Support in 2017


education technology agenda. Much work remains to be done to realize the full potential of education technology. While device penetration is increasing and edtech products are proliferating, adequate infrastructure in schools lags behind. Help Schools Identify What Works As more schools get connected to high-speed internet, it is imperative that the most effective technology solutions get implemented. Education Technology School Infrastructure Policy

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50+ Can’t-Miss K-12 Education Technology Events for 2017-2018


How to stay posted on the latest edtech events. To help you plan your upcoming travels, we’ve compiled a shortlist of more than 50 education technology events for the K-12 community happening across the world through June 2018. On November 1-3, EdSurge and Digital Promise will host hundreds of education leaders, thinkers, researchers around learning, equity and technology at Fusion , in Burlingame Calif. Education Technology Events Community

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

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As mentioned in my previous post 16 Great NonProfits Working to Support EdTech in Schools , prior to my role as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, I spent 14 years in a public school in Pennsylvania as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle school and elementary principal, and district level technology director. EdCamp Foundation. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

EdTech Events Calendar

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There are a LOT of EdTech events. From EdCamps to state technology conferences to Google summits, there is always something going on! As a full time technology consultant, I attend a lot of events around the country. The EdTech community is awesome; caring, sharing, and fun! To help you get started, I created and am now maintaining a calendar of EdTech events in the United States. educational technology events

The Future’s Open Wide With These 60+ K-12 Education Technology Events in 2018-2019


From local Edcamps in your backyard to glitzy conferences dotting the globe, these convenings showcase exciting changes happening in schools and classrooms (and humbling lessons learned along the way). We’ve compiled this shortlist of education technology events for the K-12 community happening across the world in 2018. The calendar below lists the locations and dates major K-12 education technology conferences for the rest of 2018, and through the first six months of 2019.

EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #6: L. Butler

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In addition to creating Animoto videos, Lisa is active on Twitter (@SrtaLisa), writes about educational technology topics on her blog , and enjoys attending educational conferences. Lisa and I were lucky to connect during EdCamp Philly this past Spring! edcamp #edtech edmodo edmodocon teaching technology Guest post #6 is submitted by Lisa Butler, a middle school Spanish and Social Studies teacher in Hershey, PA. Lisa has been using Edmodo for 2.5

Disintermediating IT: The Secret Sauce To Small School EdTech Success

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The high school district was fortunate enough to recognize that to make forward progress with technology, they had to make a change. The main reason: the shift towards authentic technology integration into everyday instruction is happening right now.

Back on the Road! The 2018 K-12 Education Technology Conference Calendar


One of the best parts of the job is checking out the education technology conferences that dot the globe. It seems like every single city we go, there’s an edtech rodeo—and no matter where we go, we’ll find a good show. To help you plan your upcoming travels, we’ve compiled a shortlist of education technology events for the K-12 community happening across the world in 2018. gathering hundreds of education leaders, thinkers, researchers around learning, equity and technology.

24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech


EdCamps. A love for learning, teaching, education, a better tomorrow—and the role that technology could play. To celebrate this most hallowed of Hallmark holidays , we offer this handy list to help you profess and pursue your love for education technology. Education Technology Fun Stuff CommunityHackathons. Platforms. Startups. Bootcamps. Pitchfests. What binds these and countless other education ideas, events, words and buzzwords together? Why, love, of course.

Podcasting How To’s and Tips with Jeff Bradbury and Vicki Davis

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It had Dan Callahan on from — at that time, he was kind of working with the EdCamp Foundation and founders, and we just did a show on, “What Is EdCamp?”. The reason that we’re at EdCamp Buffalo is that I’ve heard your show, and it inspired me to create my own EdCamp.

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Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


Technology has been a key component in the planting, fertilization, growth and eventually, the blossoming of new statewide initiatives including distance education and new professional learning opportunities for educators that have benefitted students in a variety of ways. I argue that rural states are where edtech companies, investors, and media outlets should be looking to to see truly innovative implementation of technology.

How a Cheapskate Introduces Technology Tools

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I'm not the first to tell the edtech world this.Leslie Fisher blogged about it several months back and educators everywhere have been loading up buggies of these little goodies, myself included. I'm a visionary without a budget.

Making the leap from a teacher to an Edtech coach

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I’ve just started my first year as an edtech coach at Colegio Inglés. As an edtech coach: 1. However, as an edtech coach I get to reach out to about 390 students. Are you an edtech coach? Image by Vishal Patel from Flickr. (CC-BY-NC-ND CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

A National Push for More ‘Active Use’ of Technology in Learning

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In its 2016 National Education Technology Plan, the Department of Education emphasizes model approaches to digital learning. The new plan lays out model ways of using educational technology in the nation’s classrooms, with a focus on equity and active use.

Google Tips for Instructional Coaches and Tech Coaches

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As an Instructional or Technology Coach, we have a lot to do on a daily basis. . As an edtech team (4 of us) we have a Team Drive that we have all GSuite files organized. Resources for Instructional/Technology Coaches: PLC Communication Using Google Apps by Pam Hubler.

The Rise of Online Professional Development!


The Technology Advances Quickly & is Easier to Use! To have a successful online event, the technology needs to be readily available, easy to set up and use, and must fit the needs of the presenters and attendees. That technology exists today and is quickly becoming main stream.

My EdcampNJ Highlights

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Photo Credit: Kevin Jarrett High & Low-tech for Optimal Learning Not only teachers able to share ways to integrate technology in the classroom, but I also learned some low-tech techniques as well. Keep those eyes peeled at Edcamp-- resources can be found anywhere!

How to Choose a Digital Assessment Strategy – SULS010

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shakeuplearning #edtech. 11:51] – Carly talks about the kind of technology and devices that she has available to her students in her classroom. [14:46] Edcamp. One piece of content or skill that’s just hard to teach or doesn’t seem to work well with technology?

Google Success Story: Pam Hubler, Google Certified Trainer

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She is passionate about professional development, technology integration, and building a strong culture in schools. She has presented at FETC, the EdTechTeam Low Country Summit, and EdCamps.

Taking Control Of Your Professional Development

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You can also visit the list of the Top 50 Must Read Edtech blogs and take a look at the Edublogs Awards Nominated blogs. Edcamps can help fill that void. You can read more about Edcamps and check out the Edcamp calendar to learn when one is taking place near you.

13 Tips to Organize Your Google Drive

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I have used hashtags for event files that have hashtags, like #edcamp. edtech educational technology episodes Free Resources for teachers G Suite Google Google Drive Google Tips Infographic Productivity Shake Up Learning Show Podcast google drive productivity shake up learning show

The Rumors are True! There’s a New Google Sites Coming!

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That alone has helped schools launch Google Sites in K12 schools across the globe, using Sites for e-portfolios, teacher websites, campus websites, edcamp websites, training websites, and much more. The post The Rumors are True! There’s a New Google Sites Coming!

Digital Learning Day Reflections

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Last Thursday Chattanooga Christian Lower School opened our doors for observations of technology integration. We adopted the edcamp "rule of two feet" for this event. For many of our visitors, technology integration wasn't happening really.

Give Teachers Credit: They Know Learning Is Social


My job is to interview and survey the pioneers, investors and stakeholders who drive technological change, share their stories, and collaborate with very smart people to build and distribute tools that help everyone else get involved. The parallels between the early days of the world wide web and today’s edtech scene are surreal. There is a lot of noise in edtech today, mostly coming from technology and consumer marketing-oriented companies.

App Overkill: Going Beyond the Buzz Words #SXSWedu


Arc Capital Development Adam Phyall, Director Technology & Media Services, Newton County School System, Covington GA Oh oh! There's a huge gap between what's being designed by edtech companies and what is happening in classrooms and what classrooms need.

Desire vs. Obligation

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Were you at an edcamp? technology. Education Leadership ProfessionalDevelopment edchat edtech education professionaldevelopmentWhat’s your most memorable learning experience? Is it something from a long time ago or did it happen more recently?