Free access to English and Spanish eBook libraries

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Benchmark Education is are now offering free access to their extensive collection of eBooks to families and educators. The library includes books both in English and Spanish for grades K-6 and is accessible to users using nearly any device with internet access.

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Apps to Help Students Borrow eBooks from Local Libraries

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

With the closures of local libraries due to the current pandemic, book lovers experience what Concepción de León called 'literary withdrawal'. However, this does not have to be a crippling more

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Covid’S Hit on Education and Literacy Levels Will Impact a Generation – Can Ebooks Help Us?

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Scholastic US research indicates that of children who had read an eBook, 26% of boys and 16% of girls said they were reading more books as a result. There’s no limit or allowance to worry about – just complete access to the entire Nimble Stories’ library, as if it were your own.

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LightSail announces free digital ebook library

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K-12 literacy solution provider LightSail will offer a free Starter Library for all customers. The Starter Library includes 200 texts spanning elementary, middle, and high school reading levels, and will grow to 350 texts by March, 2015. Each free text in the Starter Library comes with LightSail’s signature feature: multiple-measure assessments which are embedded into the text, and completed as students read. Next page: Sample ebook titles.

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Using Buncee to Promote eBooks


Since winning the AASL award for one of the best digital storytelling tools in 2017 , the Buncee team has always loved being a part of school libraries across the country. These ideas also address elements of the Future Ready Library Framework.

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5 Great eBook Libraries for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

These are some popular eBook libraries where parents more. eBook libraries for kidsNovember 15, 2016 Looking for some good places where you can search for and find children's books? The list below has you covered.

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Over 1500 free MackinClassic ebooks available to all K-12 schools

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The free MackinVIA digital content management system is available to all schools and is providing users with hundreds of free MackinClassic eBooks to assist with distance learning initiatives due to the COVID-19 health crisis.

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Two of The Best Apps to Borrow Free eBooks from Public Libraries

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

With the closures of local libraries due to the current pandemic, book lovers experience what Concepción de León called 'literary withdrawal'. However, this does not have to be a crippling more. books app

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Will eBooks Change K-12 Education

Kitaboo on EdTech

This does not only include virtual whiteboards and projectors, but also electronic books or eBooks. Educational institutes and publishers have begun to accept that a digital book (eBook) has more potential to deliver effective education than traditional teaching methods. eBooks help create an efficient and effective learning environment for children. Today, kids have started interacting with eBooks at a very young age. The contents of an eBook are mainly cloud-based.

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COVID-19 Is Forever Changing How Students Experience Libraries


There’s a ritual that kicks off every new quarter in Michelle Luhtala’s library at New Canaan High School, one where English teachers send a gaggle of students through her doors to pick a new batch of books. Diana Rendina’s library at Tampa Preparatory School in Tampa, Fla.,

OverDrive launches QuickStart eBooks for elementary schools

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OverDrive, an eBook and audiobook platform for schools, wants all kids to become great readers. OverDrive’s K-5 QuickStart offers young readers a premium collection of 200 eBooks, including Read-Alongs such as the Summer Camp Science Mystery Series, The Mallory Series and Noisy Bug Sing-Along, picture books and other titles. These eBooks are instantly available with simultaneous access for every K-5 student in class, at home and everywhere, both online and offline.

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Here Is A Very Good App for Borrowing eBooks and Audiobooks for Local Libraries

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Libby is an excellent app that allows you to access your local library and borrow ebooks and audiobooks. The way Libby works is very simple: open the app, find your local library, use your more. 2019 audiobooks iPad library apps

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International Children's Digital Library Offers Tons of Free eBooks for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 11, 2015 International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) is an iPad app that offers a plethora of free books specifically selected for kids and young learners. eBooks for kids free ebooksThe app is a fruit of more.

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Public Libraries Can Improve Remote Learning. Here’s How.


With that being said, it is also worth noting that there is still one more amazing resource that families should tap to make the most of any online learning experience—the local public library. I’ll lean heavily on the public library to do so. and I’ll meet you (online) at the library.

Chrome Can: Creating eBooks with Chromebooks!

Dr. Shannon Doak

This media includes images, audio, video, blog posts, and eBooks. Chromebooks can do all of these things including creating eBooks. eBooks come in a variety of formats including PDF, ODF, AWZ, LIT, MOBI, EPUB etc. Students can then use Google Docs to create their eBooks and then save the file as a PDF. Students can also use apps like Gravit Designer to create stunning eBook covers. There are several ways Chromebooks can be used to create EPUB eBooks.

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Free access to Mackin’s Distance learning solution

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Macking one of the world’s largest providers of print books, ebooks, audiobooks, and video is offering access to its ebook library and distance learning content for free. 4,500+ Multi-User eBooks. 3,000+ Multi-User eBooks. 1,500+ Multi-User eBooks.

Internet Archive announces the Emergency Digital Library


million books in its lending library. The newly created National Emergency Library will serve readers around the country, who cannot physically access their local libraries, through the end of the academic year or until the end of the emergency. You’ll want to continue to use library services Libby, Sora and Hoopla for popular, recent titles. The National Emergency Library addresses a different need.

"Libraries as Community Anchors" - a Library 2.0 Mini-Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our third Library 2.021 mini-conference: " Libraries as Community Anchors ," will be held online (and for free) on Thursday, October 21st, 2021. For many years, community members have looked to public libraries to provide baseline, public, computer and internet access.


Ebooks Are Great — Just Not for Young Readers


When you talk to an adult reader about ebooks, they typically come down on one side of the fence or the other. Ebooks do their best to replicate (or improve upon) all that’s good about reading. The interactivity is where ebooks tend to claim the higher ground. The few times I’ve had to use an electronic version (losing one’s voice for a week makes for a challenging library lesson at preschool, as you can imagine), the response from the kiddos is much different.

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Digital Learning Program From @snaplearning Can Boost Your Class Library!


On a nearly annual basis, I find that one of the last things that I have left on my to-do list is maintaining my classroom library. This can be a frustrating task in a normal year, however it becomes a much more tedious process when faced with a number of common library challenges. Many things can impact one''s class library (space, money, grade changes) and can create havoc on their library. Print PDFs, Read Digital Books, and Graph Progress Snap!

Searching Multiple Libraries with the Chrome Library Extension


That post described Library Extension , a very useful Chrome extension 1 that works with Amazon’s site (reports in the comments section of the LifeHacker post indicate that it works with the Goodreads site, too, though I’ve not tested it). The extension allows you to add whatever libraries you’d like (they currently support some 3200 libraries, and have a link for users to let them know if their local library is missing), so it’s possible to search multiple libraries simultaneously.

A Huge eBook Library for Kids 12 and Under

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

It provides a huge library featuring over 20.000 eBooks designed specifically for kids 12 and under. May 29, 2017 Looking for some good summer reading books for your kid? Epic has you covered. more. kids websites

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Free Educational eBooks for Young Learners

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) is an iPad app that offers a plethora of free books specifically selected for kids and young learners. The app is a fruit of the partnership more

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Will eBooks Replace Physical Textbooks in Higher Education

Kitaboo on EdTech

A decade ago, education publishers were faced with a dilemma where they had to choose between paper books and eBooks. And that is the reason why a lot of education publishers have shifted towards eBooks. eBooks have a lot more to offer than physical books. The purpose of eBooks in schools and universities is to make learning more engaging and reading more comfortable for the users. Students can carry just one eBook reader which contains all their syllabus contents.

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How Librarians Continue Their Work Digitally Even as Coronavirus Closes Libraries


Libraries are temporarily closing their doors due to coronavirus—like so many other institutions in the wake of a growing pandemic. But what does it mean for librarians to serve patrons without a library ? And for a lot of libraries, that's not something you can do on a dime.

Introducing the Universal School Library, a new Internet Archive collection


Last week, the Internet Archive announced the opening of the Universal School Library (USL) , “a growing collection of digitized books within the Internet Archive’s larger holdings, made available through controlled digital lending , and curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators and researchers.” a curated collection of 15,000 high-quality books, especially for students in schools who no longer have access to school libraries.

Play Library Santa: Sharing gifts of digital media


This year, I’ve found myself giving many of them a rather unintentional gift–an introduction to their public libraries’ digital media collections. While most of my friends and relatives have library cards, I am discovering, among the people I know who are not librarians, a surprising ignorance of the power of their cards to access digital media. I no longer subscribe to print magazines because of my public library’s access to RBDigital.

Kindergarten Authors: Empowering Voice Through Informational Ebooks

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

We used PebbleGo, TrueFlix, and books to search for facts in the library and in class. Then, in the library and in class, students worked on sequencing their facts. student project ebooks kindergarten publishing research storykit student voice writing Kelly Hocking’s Kindergarten class has done it again. They have once again ventured out to try something that no other class has tried and inspired other classes and projects with their work.

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One future for research libraries

Bryan Alexander

On May 12 the head of the National Science Library at the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Xiaolin Zhang, gave a major speech to the THETA conference in Australia. In the talk director Zhang laid out a vision for the future of the academic library, and it’s one that both challenged and excited many of us, both within and beyond the library world. Anything they don’t own they obtain through consortial relationships (I think that’s inter-library loan).

Why Should Students and Publishers Adapt eBooks in STEM Learning

Kitaboo on EdTech

Over the last few years, eBooks have become synonymous with flexible learning. eBooks can work very well in sync with STEM-rich programs, providing the right amount of engagement and interactive learning opportunities. Therefore, eBooks make for the perfect study material to deliver STEM courses. In this blog we will look at how educational publishers and students can benefit by creating and using eBooks for STEM learning. And eBooks offer the necessary engagement.

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Access to a Digital Reading Tool Empowers Students to Discover and Enjoy eBooks


With just one tap, they can borrow a book from the library and begin reading. Reading Language Ebooks Digital Literacy ResourcesThe promise of educational technology is that it allows every student to experience instruction tailored to his or her learning style and specific learning needs. Equity of access and the opportunity for deep personalization are founding principles of many 1:1 programs.

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Open Library gets even more open


Created in 2006 by a team led by Aaron Swartz and Brewster Kahle, Open Library is an Internet Archive project developed to present one web page for every book ever published. Open Library now also offers a full-text search of its collection of Internet Archive’s more than 4 million books. For more information, check out the July 14th Open Library Blog post, Search full-text within 4M+ books , You can now embed Open Library books.

A Very Good Digital Library for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

It provides a huge library featuring over 20.000 eBooks designed specifically for kids 12 and under. The library moreLooking for some good summer reading books for your kid? Epic has you covered.

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4 Good iPad Library Apps

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Looking for some good library apps other than Kindle and Kobo? Some of these apps provide access to free eBooks and several moreBelow is a collection of some iPad apps you might want to try.

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Accessing Your Local Library with Libby and Flipster


One of the questions posed to us was, “How often do you use the library?” I had to ask for clarification: was the question about how often I made use of the library’s resources, or how often I actually entered the building? The same is no doubt true for many of us in relation to our local public libraries. In this post, I want to call attention to two mobile applications that I’ve found helpful in accessing and managing digital library materials.