5 Simple Ways to Gamify Your Classroom

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FAQ Guide and Reflective Journal for New Teachers ” is currently available in eBook and paperback through Amazon Kindle. Jessica Ratliff-Gordon is an elementary educator, author, and doctoral student at Northcentral University.

The Most Epic Digital Library For Kids and Educators


is an ebook app specifically designed for kids aged 12 and under. While eBooks are the main content on Epic! Gamification. As a parent of two and an elementary school teacher, I know firsthand how important it is to keep kids engaged to continue learning despite all distractions.

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CURRICULUM ASSOCIATES AQUIRES MOTION MATH ( www.curriculumassociates.com ) & ( motionmathgames.com ) Curriculum Associates has acquired Motion Math to further help elementary students improve their math fluency and number sense in key conceptual areas.

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Create Multimedia eBooks in a 1 iPad Classroom by Wesley Fryer Enhanced eBooks on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches can include audio, video, and interactive animations in addition to digital text, images and links. However, what does that look like for early elementary grades (K-3)?