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E–Rate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects

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ERate Updates Free Up Resources for New Classroom Technology Projects. Recent updates to E-rate, which put more focus on funding high-speed internet and network protection tools , have helped K–12 schools reallocate resources to improve other focus areas. . When E-rate 2.0 When E-rate 2.0

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35 edtech innovations we saw at FETC 2023

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This year’s Future of Education Technology Conference landed in New Orleans, and the conference was abuzz with post-pandemic learning recovery tools, solutions to promote equity among students and parents, strategies for digital access, student mental health, social and emotional learning tools, and more.

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Teaching students specific technical skills


This essentially means preparing students for a changed world of work, one where computers/ robots/ AI are increasingly able to perform human functions: the top functions likely to be taken over by data crunching learning machines are in the legal and accounting professions, as well as rote and repetitive manual tasks.

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50 Ways to Teach Using Music in Your Classroom


When a child is exposed to musical education from a young age, the parts of their brain that process sound, speech, reading, and language develop at an accelerated rate.[1] For a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activity, try one of these Science of Sound experiments. Sources : Gersema, E. Wetter, O.

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App of the Week: Cozmo

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note : App of the Week picks are now being curated by the editors of Common Sense Education , which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly. Rating : 5/5. Click here to read the full app review.

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COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Digital Blending of Working and Learning


Even before this crisis, concerns were rising about a potential loss of jobs and the rising demand for digital skills due to technologies such as automation and AI. E-commerce purchases of all types have surged. Retailers such as The Gap are accelerating the adoption of robots in their warehouses.

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AI in the Classroom: A Complete AI Classroom Guide

The CoolCatTeacher

Dan is a respected authority in educational technology and artificial intelligence. As Director at Edufuturists, he is committed to shaping the future of education through technology and innovation. Just how much that technology had progressed. Dan holds an M.A. There was email. A basic browser. But you know what?

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