How a dropout factory raised its graduation rate from 53 percent to 75 percent in three years

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Related: How one district solved its special education dropout problem. Together they review a list of students for whom the data indicates a dropout risk. City Year member Shawn Wiyninger greets a student at Webster High School. Photo: Amadou Diallo for The Hechinger Report.

When Employment is the Goal, Should 'Student Success' Include Dropouts?


If a student drops out of college to take a job they are training for, should that count as success or failure? At the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Community & Technical College, Associate Dean Kim Griffis says dropouts aren’t considered a failure, if the student has landed a job in the technical field they were training for. Noticing the dropouts, advisors reached out to the students and discovered many had left for a job in computer technical service.

Spreading First Aid for Teens’ Mental Health by Training Adults to Help


Left untreated, mental health concerns can contribute to high school dropout rates. MHFA training, referred to as “CPR for the mind,” teaches educators and caretakers how to recognize, understand and respond to signs of psychological distress. Wardrip completed the training in June.

Gates Foundation Gives Millions to Improve Teacher Training

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Early in the 2000s, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation put millions into creating small schools, believing that separating large high schools with growing dropout rates into several smaller schools would increase graduation rates. Now, the foundation is focusing on training teachers.

Dropout Detective Offers Academic ‘Credit Scores’—But Is That a Good Thing?


That’s why it might come as surprise to hear AspirEDU , an educational analytics company, pitch their Dropout Detective software as an “academic credit score” for students. But whereas credit scores are designed to prevent risky buyers from getting approved on loans, Dropout Detective is meant to improve student success and lower dropout rates. Training staff not to view students as single data point. But she says whether dropout rates have fallen remains to be seen.

The big jobs of small-town principals

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So, state and local education leaders are trying to groom people from rural areas for these jobs and offer training and support to help them stay. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts online learning Parents Personalized Learning poverty Principals Rural schools teachers

Two new documentaries showcase a long and winding road to college

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They trained for more than 70 hours for the unpaid positions. Columnists Higher Ed K-12 Liz Willen News Civil rights Funding Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion poverty Race

Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

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Many are taking steps to diversify their faculty and staff and training them in “cultural competency.”. Though some programs have helped lower dropout rates and improved graduation rates for students of color, the gap in the percentage of students finishing a degree has barely budged across the 30 community colleges in the Minnesota State Colleges and University system. College dropouts cost Minnesota millions of dollars in wasted subsidies and lost revenue each year.

OPINION: Advice about how to raise the high school graduation rate — from students themselves

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It’s not easy to help students dealing with challenging circumstances , and we must do much more and much better in training and supporting educators and other school personnel in how to engage constructively with young people who face big challenges in their lives.

Can ‘work colleges’ in cities become a low-cost, high-value model for the future?

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You have to be very deliberate and know what it’s going to take, not only in cost but also for personnel, too, and training.”. Higher Ed News Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion poverty Race Solutions

We won’t have any black Mark Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates till we do this

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Indeed, being a black college dropout negatively affects earnings by at least $10 per hour, according to research by the Economic Policy Institute. Students walk on the campus of historical Morehouse College in Atlanta Ga. Photo: AP Photo/W.A. Harewood.

Is the new education reform hiding in plain sight?

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Even now, curricula in some cutting-edge tech fields exists online (not on campus), making Silicon Valley a driver of high-level training. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts online learning Personalized Learning teachersDan D.

High schools fail to provide legally required education to students with disabilities

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They spoke of teachers inadequately trained to support special education students. Yet general education teachers rarely have much training in special education. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Special education

A vocational school curriculum that includes genocide studies and British literature

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I came here for both — the training and the academics,” says Miller, who plans to study biology in college, of her decision to attend Essex Tech. “It’s But creating schools that combine academics and training is a tough balancing act for the state and for local districts.

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A college scholarship meant to help low-income, black students now serves mostly white, middle-class kids

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At the time, a third of Louisiana’s adults were high school dropouts. He brought in a naval commander to lead a summer program that was part boot-camp, part academic training. The new convocation center at Xavier University is seen in New Orleans, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013.

Can kids get passionate about learning — and develop the persistence to follow where it leads? One school has a plan

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First-graders take part in a dance expedition led by classically trained ballet, tap and jazz dancer Alisa Bowens, at Elm City College Prep, in New Haven, Connecticut. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Personalized Learning

Reimagining failure: ‘Last-chance’ schools are the future of American high schools

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It is features like these that have helped former high school dropouts like Rocheli Burgos — and other students who have struggled in school — get a second chance at earning a diploma. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Mental health and trauma Personalized Learning Solutions

For students with disabilities, quality of education can depend on zip code

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Sometimes teachers lack the best training for dealing with a student’s specific disability. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Investigations Special educationJawanda Mast with her daughter Rachel. Photo: Courtesy Jawanda Mast.

As feds pull back, states step in to regulate for-profit colleges and universities

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And while many states started regulating for-profit colleges before Donald Trump took office, Flaherty said, they’re doing even more of it now, at exactly the time that there are shortages in fields for which these institutions train their students, especially in the skilled trades. “On

The ‘forgotten’ part of special education that could lead to better outcomes for students

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College-bound students might be instructed to research colleges and fill out college applications — but the plans often don’t include training in other essential skills for college, such as how to study. K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Special education

OPINION: How one Colorado boy with autism schooled the Supreme Court on public education for the disabled

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The court specifically rejected the parents’ arguments that attempted to train special education toward a more post-secondary focus. The court specifically rejected the parents’ arguments that attempted to train special education toward a more post-secondary focus. Washington, D.C.

Higher education must stand up for Puerto Rico

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Training the locals, people who are likely to stay, is the best way to do this. Andre Perry Columnists Higher Ed Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education completion Immigrants and Refugees Mental health and trauma Politics poverty teachers

High school seniors reveal choices in joyous ‘signing day’ ceremony

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No more fun times,” declared Nova, who is training to become a nurse and has two younger sons and a baby girl. “We Match High School senior Aneudy Polanco celebrates his choice of UMass Amherst with his mother and girlfriend on college ‘signing day.’ Photo: Liz Willen.

Asking too much of high school graduates but not enough of businesses that employ them

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Giving collegians training and exposure, while providing high-school students guidance with their post-graduation plan, seems like a win-win. Learning continues beyond high school, and higher education institutions and employers need to support and help train their new charges.

Getting a GED while still enrolled in high school

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In New Orleans, the large number of dropouts who lack HiSET credentials drives the astronomically high count of so-called “opportunity youth.” Through Work and Learn programs, working at a YEP-owned thrift shop and bike shop, she’s been able to earn some money and get on-the-job training.

When using data to predict outcomes, consider the ethical dilemmas, new report urges

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These systems, known as predictive analytics, have the potential to reinforce disparities for disadvantaged students if used without proper training and consideration for how computers might shuffle students into categories, according to the report from New America, a Washington, D.C.-based

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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For the last two years, Summit has set out to replicate its success, not by opening more Summit schools, but by offering other schools free tools, training and support to transform themselves. K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts teachers

Why high school football is making a comeback in New Orleans

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The school jettisoned its “no excuses” policy, provided more training to teachers and tried to attract more locals to the faculty. The players in his spring training sessions started to spread the word that things would be different in the coming season.

Feelings During FLOW-Related Learning

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The characteristics of “Flow” according to its originator and researcher, Czikszentmihalyi, are: Completely involved, focused, concentrating – with this either due to innate curiosity or as the result of training.

The Professional Development Problem

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We can be hopeful that the connection between teacher training and student learning seems to be realized and now what’s needed is to find the right formula for improving this crucial component of school culture. Organizational Mandates (required trainings).

OPINION: What if corporate America did more to raise the high school graduation rate?

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Today, that means a high school diploma and quality postsecondary credentials or training. Some school districts with high rates of poverty — including Tacoma, Washington, Fresno, California, and Cleveland, Ohio — had very high percentages of dropouts more than a decade ago.

States use direct mail, money, to get more of their residents back to college

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The push to reach these dropouts by Mississippi and other states, including Indiana and Tennessee, reflects a growing recognition that there just aren’t enough students coming out of U.S. Indiana, which is also reaching out to its dropouts, hired the same marketing firm as Mississippi.

At a growing number of colleges, faculty get a new role: spotting troubled students

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New faculty at Dickinson College attend a training session about how to help students who might be foundering. Riccio fell back on training Dickinson gives faculty, who are expected to contact the college’s “early-alert” team of advisors when they spot a student who appears to be struggling.

OPINION: Using prime baseball season to strike out summer learning loss

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We want our kids to win, but if summer is their off-season, then we’ve already kept some kids from training. ” High school dropout rates, workplace readiness, and inter-generational trends reflect a vicious cycle. . An unfair game?

The journey to student-centered learning


shouts the Railway-Conductor-Head-teacher and all the traveler-students get in the train. In case it’s not clear by now that the above lines are not at all about a train journey, I must say I’m actually talking about our educational system.

HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


” When, or if, this doomsday scenario arises for higher education, it will be a combination of the challenges we have examined thus far – costs of “campus-based” education, failing revenue streams, and expensive dropouts.

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OPINION: Fearful that they will be seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘unintelligent,’ most college students with disabilities don’t seek accommodation

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Related: How one district solved the special education dropout problem. Early recognition of learning and attention issues combined with evidence-based instruction from trained educators can eliminate the stigma surrounding these issues. The Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

5 trends for seeding CBE growth

The Christensen Institute

Some of the most promising efforts cited in the report, such as Chicago’s After School Matters program, allow for out-of-school learning experiences that both deliver real-world training and show measurable impact on non-cognitive skills. As I’ve noted before , alternative high schools, or dropout-recovery programs, are well-suited to forging competency-based approaches; by design, such programs take on students with varying credit and mastery levels.

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How to help struggling young readers

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The repercussions of not learning to read are magnified for poor children: Research shows that low-income children who cannot read at grade level by third grade are six times more likely to become high school dropouts. “In

Arne Duncan: 6 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Time in Education


In other words, for every dollar we invest in high-quality pre-K, dropout rates decline. How we chose to train this next generation of technology leaders and of civic leaders is critical. Education is the surest path out of poverty. You can’t imagine a world in which people succeed without providing them with a world-class education. I’ve been in education my whole life: My mother set up a tutoring program for kids in our Chicago neighborhood.