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HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


Naturally, technology plays a central role in scaling quality education supply to meet this demand. In the previous posts on this topic our examination found that technology can and does help when it comes to improving completion rates , reducing tuition costs and helping universities to bridge the revenue gap. In this case however technology, and the need to adapt to it, is a part of the problem. Blended and online learning is increasingly in demand by students.

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10Q: Martin Weller - the battle for open

Learning with 'e's

1) You’re currently professor of educational technology at the British Open University. My field was ArtificialIntelligence , but I started experimenting with online tutor groups, producing web pages, etc and migrated into educational technology (as many people did). blogs, social media, learning objects, OERs, MOOCs, etc in this period. I see digital scholarship as a shorthand really for the intersection between digital technology, the internet and open practice.