Document Student Growth with Portfolios

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Get learners to track and reflect on their progress at regular intervals, such as each progress report time, with student led conferences (SLC). “How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.” – Yvon Chouinard. Digital portfolios are one of the most powerful ways my students take ownership of their learning and reflect on their learning journeys. Digital portfolios help students set, track, and achieve their academic learning goals.

School district secessions gather speed, a new report shows

The Hechinger Report

Photo: Tamika Moore for The Hechinger Report. Two years ago, The Hechinger Report and The Nation published an investigation of Gardendale’s efforts to secede from Jefferson County to form a whiter, wealthier school district that excluded diverse neighborhoods like the one where Williams lived.

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Documenting Maine’s failure to implement proficiency-based education

The Hechinger Report

Their 118-page report, “ ‘In theory it’s a good idea’: Understanding implementation of proficiency-based education in Maine, ” published in October 2018, serves as an unintended post-mortem of how educational reforms can go wrong. The report was funded by the Nellie Mae Foundation, which is a major financial supporter of many efforts to promote and study proficiency- or competency-based education, including those in Maine.

The changing geography of work: a new report

Bryan Alexander

McKinsey just published a new report, “The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow” ( summary ; longer document ), looking ahead to 2030 after new technologies have had some impact.

Learn Why EduSight is an awesome Portfolio Tool For Documenting Student Achievement | @EduSight


Jeff sits down with Vikram to discuss why EduSight is simply the best standards-based portfolio to help teachers document student achievement. Edusight is a standards-based portfolio to help teachers document student learning with grades, notes, photos, and audio/video comments.

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Important Tips on How to Use Pages to Create Beautiful Documents and Reports for Your Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

It offers a wide variety of powerful features that allow you to create beautiful resumes, reports, and documents. January 12, 2017 Pages is an excellent word processor for iOS users. You can more. Apple interactive guides

Keeping Pace Report 2015


Keeping Pace 2015 report is now available online The Keeping Pace report was developed as an important guiding document for schools around the world. The post Keeping Pace Report 2015 appeared first on OnCUE.

LAUSD Releases Documents Detailing Esquith’s Dismissal

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According to the document, Esquith is being accused of sexual and physical misconduct that began prior to being hired as a teacher at LA Unified, and continuing throughout his employment there.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

The 2018 Horizon Report has appeared, thanks to EDUCAUSE

Bryan Alexander

The 2018 Horizon Report , started by the New Media Consortium in 2017, was completed and published by EDUCAUSE this week. My perspective is based on many years of working on and with Horizon Reports.

Elementary Book Report Machine

The Electric Educator

My first project of 2016 was to help Kingsley elementary school , a small school in northern Michigan, build an elementary book report machine. We quickly put together a Google form which contained all of the required elements of the book report. Book reports are meant to be read!

Just released: Horizon Report K12 (and how we’re leading these changes!)


As school leaders, you’ll want to dig into the NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K-12 Edition. The annual K12 Horizon Report regularly identifies and profiles six key trends, six significant challenges, and six developments in educational technology likely to impact teaching and learning.

Report: Writing Skill a ‘Gatekeeper’ and ‘Ticket to Work’

K-12 Schools - Education News

Survey findings uncovered 50% of responding companies reporting that writing is taken into consideration when hiring professional employees. “In One insurance executive reported that those who provide employers with poorly written cover letters will most likely not get an interview.

Organizing Descriptive Feedback with Google Forms

Inquire and Inspire

When report card time came around, it was difficult to generate a comment that reflected student improvement and achievement because I did not have access to all of the feedback. This is unbelievably helpful when generating strengths and next steps for report card comments.

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2 reports help leaders leverage ESSA

eSchool News

Two new reports offer school leaders research-based evidence to help them leverage the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to improve learning outcomes for students. School leaders, policymakers can use ESSA to focus on boosting learning, achievement for students.

New Report Sheds Light on Higher Ed’s Innovation Challenges


A new report surveying academic administrators released Wednesday by the Online Learning Consortium and Learning House sheds some insight on innovation challenges at higher education institutions. Among the report’s findings are that 91 percent of the administrators responding to the survey said that innovation “is stated as a priority in either their strategic or academic plans, or both documents.” Interviews with ten academic administrators were also included in the report.

Tutorial: Anecdotal Comments for Learning Skills with Google Forms

Inquire and Inspire

When I wrote the initial post , I hadn''t yet started writing my report cards. I''ve had a few requests for a video tutorial and now that my reports are done, I found the time to put one together.

Online charter schools slammed in pro-charter report

eSchool News

Report finds “disturbingly low” performance among online charter schools. Stakeholders should be “outraged” by the low performance and profit-seeking of some states’ internet charter schools, according to a new report from a national pro-charter organization.

Los Angeles School District Report Still Leaves Questions

K-12 Schools - Education News

According to the report, “ Report on the Progress and Effectiveness of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Implementation of the Modified Consent Decree during the 2014-2015 School Year—Part 2 ,” the two-year plan has now extended to reach three years.

Self-Paced E-Learning Market Evaporating, Report Finds

Marketplace K-12

Future revenue in the $33 billion e-learning market is expected to fall precipitously in the United States and internationally, but sales of other types of digital learning products are predicted to rise, according to a market research report released recently. By guest blogger Leo Doran.

School-Wide Classroom Incident Report Workflow

Hansen's Link to Tech

The post is to provide you an efficient electronic workflow framework for Classroom Incident Reports but can be adapted for any school-wide reports. Create a folder in Google Drive called Classroom Incident Reports to contain everything.

Spending on Ed-Tech Hardware Hits $15B Worldwide, Report Finds

Marketplace K-12

These devices take images of documents and project them onto a screen. Education Technology: “Personal Computing in K-12 Q4 2014 Market Track Report” Follow @EdWeekMMolnar and @EdMarketBrief for the latest news on industry and innovation in education.

The 2018 ‘Horizon Report’ Is Late. But It Almost Never Emerged.


The story behind the latest Horizon Report —which ranks tech trends in higher education—is easily more dramatic than the document’s actual conclusions. A panel of 71 experts convened by the New Media Consortium worked for months to dig through research and make recommendations for this year’s report, following a process that had been honed over several years. It was really important to us that it have not just the look, but that it also read and felt like a Horizon Report.”

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Report Cites DC, New Orleans as Discipline Reform Models

K-12 Schools - Education News

The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), an organization dedicated to making public education more effective, especially for America’s most disadvantaged students, has released a report titled “Grappling With Discipline in Autonomous Schools: New Approaches from D.C.

What Is ‘Quality’? Task Force Seeks Comment on Higher-Ed Outcomes Reporting Standards


In an effort to close the gap between claims and facts, Entangled Solutions has issued a near-final draft of a new set of “quality assurance” standards for how programs report and communicate student outcomes. One option is to charge accounting firms a membership fee to apply the standards in their audit reports of schools. The report also recommends four measures for reporting earnings data. He believes “schools should report on 100 percent of students.”.

Powerful Online Platform Makes School Health Reporting a SNAP

eSchool News

The new system has saved staff countless hours, improved documentation, and led to better service. After using a competing product for years, this New Mexico school district switched to SNAP Health Center to support its busy school nurses.

Which Stories Do the Nations' Education Technology Reporters Want You To Follow?


But when it comes to the biggest stories of the year thus far, what are the writers themselves—education reporters—reading and thinking about? Nichole Dobo (The Hechinger Report): I think there's been a real push in schools to (to use a jargon term) personalize learning.

A stress-free system for summarizing student progress & generating awesome report card comments

The Cornerstone Blog

One year when I taught third grade, our brand new principal had to read and approve all of our report card comments (a grueling task for her, I’m sure). The biggest pitfall that most teachers face with report card comments is overcomplicating the task, which creates overwhelm.

Possible ‘Fraud, Theft, Waste, and Abuse’: Report Questions NYC School Broadband Spending


Scott Stringer These words echo with resonance as a report issued by New York City’s Comptroller Scott Stringer on Sunday notes efforts to wire middle schools (at the cost of hundreds of millions in city funds) has shown negligible results. Stringer’s report also pointed to a scattered paper trail with several missing documents including, “project plans, implementation timelines, progress reports, costs, dates of installation, and all the names of contractors who worked on the project.”

Responding to the Common Core Task Force Report


A collaborative post by Lisa Meade and Tim Dawkins The release of the Common Core Task Force Report from Governor Cuomo’s office has created some interesting news and even more interesting social media posts. There are, in fact, 21 recommendations set out by the Task Force in the report.

Essay Writing in Middle School History Class


Today's history students need to include evaluation, analysis, and synthesis in writing assignments, going well beyond the traditional reporting of facts.

Key Thoughts from 2011 Horizon Report

The 21st Century Principal

This past week, The New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative release the annual Horizon Report. To check out an online version of the Horizon Report 2011, see here. What does the report have to say to our current circumstances in educational technology? An interesting place to start is to look at what the report calls “Key Drivers or Technological Trends” affecting teaching and learning specifically, and education in general.

Must Read for School Administrations Who Want to Be Technology Leaders: Horizon Report 2011

The 21st Century Principal

One of the documents I would recommend as a “must-read” for administrators is the annual Horizon Report, developed ever year by the New Media Consortium. For example, in the 2010 Horizon Report there were two technologies on the near horizon of adoption.

A State-Wide Model for Online Professional Learning

Once a month, the virtual specialists are trained via a webinar by Joy and JoAnn on a topic from the framework document, and they record the webinar, put it on YouTube and host the link in the in the edWeb community, so it’s accessible to teachers at any time.

On capturing evidence in a few new containers


Around this time each year we share the year and we report on accomplishments. It also generates spreadsheet-based reports. Here’s a Pinterest board on Annual Report s my grad students are building for inspiration.