Offline Activities with Mobile Devices

Teacher Reboot Camp

Even without an Internet connection students learn a lot with mobile devices, laptops, and other technologies. Offline activities with mobile devices from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Field Research – students observe an object, environment, or animal and documents what they have learned. Play I Spy with my Mobile Device , which is in my book Learning to Go ! Challenge: Try one of these activities to get students learning with their mobile devices.

Get Learners Moving With Mobile Devices

Teacher Reboot Camp

Unlike many other technologies, mobile devices can support physical health along with learning. With a mobile device students can create, problem solve, critical think, and engage with the world around them. Check out my slide presentation ( download for free ) and the bookmarks below for pair work activities with mobile devices. Active Learning with Mobile Devices from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Plastic bags protect mobile devices from getting wet and dirty.


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Adobe launches Document Cloud

eSchool News

Adobe recently announced Adobe Document Cloud, a new way to manage critical documents at home, in the office and across devices. Adobe Document Cloud will address the waste and inefficiency associated with document processes. Whether it’s school permission slips, health insurance forms or complex enterprise document workflows, Adobe will transform how people and businesses get work done. Next page: New features that come with Document Cloud.

Adobe 75

Preserving ‘Academic Mobility’ for Afghan Students and Refugees


Like a good Californian, this spring I prepared for the next wildfire by placing important documents into a three-ring binder labeled “GO.” And it points to the need to preserve academic mobility for those in crisis. They’ve gone dark: Afghans who helped the U.S.

Economic Mobility Pathways in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

It wasn’t until a group of local leaders from across education, business, nonprofit, government, and philanthropic communities came together to identify challenges and collectively design solutions that real pathways toward income mobility began to emerge for the area’s adult learners.

Give-Away: iPevo Document Camera


an iPevo Document Camera What is it? The Point 2 View USB Document Camera provides live image capture for documents, pictures, textbooks, and three-dimensional objects—all at hundreds or even thousands less than conventional document cameras and overhead projectors. be sure you''re a follower of this blog to be eligible* please also like on Facebook: click here **if you already have a document camera, please do not enter for this give-away** More about this product.

Document Learning Made Visible with the Super Note App

Brilliant or Insane

The post Document Learning Made Visible with the Super Note App appeared first on Brilliant or Insane. Featured Mobile Learning Technology visible learning Brilliant or Insane. This year, I’ve spent a good deal of time coaching students and teachers to make learning visible within and beyond their classrooms. This may sound easy, but it isn’t. There’s a difference between displaying student work and capturing the actual moves that deepened understanding or improved performance.

Two Apps for Scanning Documents with your Smartphone

Educational Technology Guy

I''m one of those people who loves to be paperless and scan in any paper documents I have. I scan documents, posters, memos, receipts, business cards and more. Here are two apps that you can use for document scanning on your Smartphone, and they are both free. Google Drive''s apps for Android allows you to scan documents and even perform OCR (optical character recognition) on text in the documents you''re scanning.

The Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Document Learning with Mobile Technology


Reshan Richards Formative Assessment To assess your students'' ongoing awareness of what and how they''re learning, consider using cameras, screenshots, video, and screencasting as everyday classroom tools

AVer Information Announces the Release of the M5 Distance Learning Document Camera

eSchool News

the award-winning provider of video collaboration, distance learning and education technology solutions, announced today the release of the new M5 Distance Learning Document Camera. . AVer Information Inc.,

Google Document URL Tricks

Learning in Hand

G Suite apps include Google Documents , Sheets , Slides , and Drawings. Shareable links can be used for publishing a document or for collaboratively editing a document. Documents are only accessible by you (the owner) unless you turn link sharing on. One way to turn on link sharing is by clicking the Share button in an open document. Once you have the shareable link copied, you can paste it into a document, webpage, link shortener, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

School Is Hard for Mobile Students. These Districts Want to Help.


a mostly working-class suburban city just across the Mystic River from Boston—high student mobility used to be a challenge without a clear solution. Not all mobility is bad. And student mobility is nothing new here. Being the new kid in school is never easy.

Mobile Bitmoji in Google Docs

Teacher Tech

Including Bitmoji or another avatar of ourselves in our digital documents puts that personal touch because IT IS YOU. The post Mobile Bitmoji in Google Docs appeared first on Teacher Tech. Bitmoji is You I have a theory that Bitmoji makes learning better. We know relationship building and having a connection with students has a significant impact. A new feature in Android keyboards is the ability to […]. Advanced Docs Google Slides google slides

Google Mobile Apps Take Three!


Want t o GO EVEN FARTHER in the classroom with EVEN MORE Google Apps on your mobile device? Google Keep Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google+ Explore your interests, group things you love into Collections, or join Communities of people around any topic right from your mobile device. Chrome Remote Desktop Securely access your computers from your mobile device.

Is mobile the key to physics instruction?

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$5 million NSF grant initiative leads to mobile physics instruction module. While no data exist to document their success at the college level, it is already apparent that improvements are being made. Chandrasekhar and her team examined student learning and technology self-efficacy gains among MU education majors in a physics course using the mobile-based Exploring Physics curriculum, which they developed through the NSF grant.

The 3 key ingredients for mobile learning success

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Don’t forget these keys of mobile implementations. Why are some mobile learning implementations successful while others struggle? When it comes to mobile learning success, leaving out just one key ingredient can ruin an otherwise perfect recipe. One leadership component that is often missed by districts is to have a very clear vision for why they are implementing mobile learning. Featured on eSchool News Keys to Successful Mobile Learning Resource Top News

Evernote Tips and Tricks Series - #10 - scanning documents and business cards

Educational Technology Guy

Tip #10 - Scanning Documents and Business Cards Another great feature of Evernote is the ability to scan and then easily organize and search documents and business cards. You can capture documents easily by either scanning them with a scanner, taking a photo with a camera, or using the Evernote mobile app and your device''s camera. Once captured, text in the document is searchable. You can use any scanner to scan a document and then upload that file to Evernote.

Filechat - collaborate on documents, pictures and videos in GDrive and Dropbox

Educational Technology Guy

Filechat is a new, free service that allows you to collaborate on documents, photos and videos in Dropbox or Google Drive. Instead of just commenting on a document or file, users can chat, like and vote on any of their files in Drive or Dropbox. The mobile app allows you to get notifications, preview and edit files and participate in the conversations. You can even have multiple conversations with different teams or groups.

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Quick List Of Mobile Apps For Administrators

The Web20Classroom

When it comes to mobile learning there are loads of great sites for apps for kids and teachers. My life is spent editing and creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets. I can edit, comment and view all my documents from this app, no matter where I am. The Google Translate app is great for helping to break the language barrier with students and staff and you can put in text and get instant translations for emails and documents.

The AVer U70 Document Camera – Portable, Practical and Powerful

Fractus Learning

Hi-spec and real bang for your buck, the AVer U70 USB Document Camera ticks all the boxes for an everyday classroom document camera. AVer U70 Document Camera – In the box. With just a camera and cable, the U70 gives you everything you need to start presenting and streaming: U70 document camera. AVer U70 Document Camera. The U70’s camera is the heart of what makes this document camera such a powerful piece of classroom equipment.

Credential Blockchains Could Help Student Mobility. These 4 Efforts Explore How.


Although research for the new report was largely conducted before the spread of COVID-19, its authors note that the pandemic will likely make learners even “more mobile, moving in and out of formal education as their job, health, and family situations change.”

G Suite Top 10 Music Tools- Web and Mobile


This Docs add-on lets you render standard music notation, drum notation, and guitar tablature in your documents using the VexTab notation language. Mobile Apps for Music Education Database of music teaching apps and creation resources selected from 1000's of tablet and smartphone apps for Android and iOS. Create and edit your music score documents with your Chrome browser in real time. VexTab Music Notation Input music directly into Google docs!

Marking up Mobile Photos with Annotable


Ever since Evernote abandoned Skitch a couple of years ago, I’ve been looking for a good way to mark up photos on my phone, which is a thing I find myself doing pretty regularly, either in documenting issues around campus, or communicating quickly about various issues. Annotable brings a lot of tools to mobile photos: As you can see, it includes tools for cropping, drawing a variety of shapes, pixelating the image, redacting the image, and more.

Peer editing in digital and mobile environments

Nik Peachey

Increasingly though I've been having problems with the reliability of the free services these companies provide and the lack of reliable compatibility with mobile devices. Quip looks a lot like Evernote and has a similar interface with documents contained in notebooks, but one of the big differences is that Quip was designed specifically to enable peer editing and collaboration on documents and has a very clear way of showing and tracking the changes.

InFocus releases new ultra-mobile projectors 

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InFocus Corporation has introduced its new IN1116 and IN1118HD WXGA and full HD ultra-mobile projectors, which are compact and light enough to pack and bring anywhere. “InFocus IN1110 series mobile projectors’ USB port and 4GB, built-in memory and PC-free player allow you to present all of your presentations, documents, spreadsheets and virtually anything else, which is ideal for anyone presenting in multiple locations.

6 Must-Have Mobile Device Apps for the School Administrator

The 21st Century Principal

Ask yourself what makes an app on a mobile device useful, and the answer is that the most useful apps have these four characteristics: The app is available for and syncs across multiple devices. This rule applies to any software, but most especially to mobile apps. Being able to share using app has rapidly become an expectation, especially with mobile device apps. While neither of these apps meet all of the criteria above, both of these apps make reading PDF documents easy.

The 10 Core Google Mobile Apps You Need!


Want to get started in the classroom with Google Apps on your mobile device? Upload photos, videos, documents and other fi les that are important to you, then access what you need wherever you go, on any device. Google Classroom Classroom is designed to help teachers create, collect, and grade assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student.

QuickOffice mobile office app launches new help site

Educational Technology Guy

QuickOffice is an excellent app that allows you to read, view, edit, and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The free Quickoffice Lite allows you to view documents, but most people will want the full Pro version ($14.99 It is available for Android, iOS, Symbian and webOS, with HD versions for Tablets. for smartphone, $19.99 for tablet). There are deals and specials at different times, and the Amazon App Store for Android has offered it as a free download in the past.

ScanSnap IX100 Review Wireless Mobile Scanning to your Tablet

My Paperless Classroom

Despite my love for scanners, I have not made much use of my iPad to capture documents. I can take pictures of documents and load them into evernote, but I end up with the document plus part of the table, or the text is not square in the picture, or the document is keystoned because I was not holding the iPad flat. A mobile scanner that sends work back to my desk is really neat, but I don''t know if it is a game changer, but then I connected the scanner to my devices.

Be Mobile, Don’t Travel: Tips for Surviving without a Classroom by H. E. James


Instead of worrying about having to travel, think about being mobile, in more than one sense of the word. I didn’t teach in the age of mobile tech, which made it more difficult to be the mobile teacher I wanted to be instead of just “the teacher with the cart.”. If you are a teacher without a classroom, you have to think like you have a mobile office. I use Google Drive as well, but mostly for storing documents. Advanced Mobility.

4 Reasons You Need a Mobile Reading App on Your Smartphone


When you download a reading app however, all documents are expertly formatted to be much easier on the eyes, according to It’s a great time to be a book lover. Not only are we graced with libraries and bookstores full of all kinds of stories and information, but we also have the vast catalogues of online info and eBooks. Any book you want to find, you can purchase and read within seconds. Many applications exist to help us access and read this information.

?Scaling Mobile Technology for Community College Students: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs


It’s why mobile access has been one of the most important means of connecting students to their academic resources. This is not to say that the mobile medium provides a better learning experience ; however, students' work schedules often prohibit them from dedicated time in front of a stationary computer. These mobile messages keep students connected to course material and let students know we care about them, but the system is still too one-size-fits-all.

OER 79

Time Is Not Always On Our Side- 5 Minute Mobile Projects with Field Trips


Sometimes we want our students to complete quick mobile projects that take very little time, but produce awesome projects. Each group on the field trip had an iPad to capture video and or images to document their experience. Check out these examples: Document Class Activities w/ pictures and recordings fuglefun Document Field Trips Document class activities.

Mobile Apps Are a Must to Attract and Engage Students—Here's How Colleges Can Build Them


With dwindling budgets and limited resources at higher ed institutions, mobile apps are filling the gaps. By supplementing in-person tours with a mobile tours app, colleges are able to reach more students without adding staff. If it didn’t work with our schedules, we had to resort to handing out paper documents with the names of all the buildings on campus and a description of the programs offered,” she says. “We More About Using Mobile Apps on Campus.

Be That Cool Teacher- Mobile Learning in The Classroom 101


With the recent expansion of mobile learning through various teaching tools such as iPads, laptops, ipod touches, and various other tablets, it is important for educators to know how to strengthen their instructional practices using these practical tools. Mobile Learning Starting Places: Tony Vincent of Learning in Hand a former educator turned mobile learning guru, has researched based methods, strategies, and tips for using mobile devices in the classroom.