Convert PDFs to Google Docs to Differentiate Instructional Materials – From Brenda Doucette


Recently, we discovered a feature of Google Drive that has changed how we prepare and access materials and resources for our students. PDFs are just not editable in most situations, and this was an issue when it came to modifying and differentiating documents.

ACTION ALERT: Texas HB 6 With Vital Instructional Materials Funding- House is Voting April 6th!


Attached is a document that highlights the benefits of HB 6. Inform them that HB 6 will be voted on by the House on Wednesday (April 6th) Ask them to vote for HB 6 and Oppose any amendment that might delay the implementation of the Instructional Materials Allotment. members/ You could also follow up with a quick email urging them to support the bill and email the attached document.

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Google Document URL Tricks

Learning in Hand

G Suite apps include Google Documents , Sheets , Slides , and Drawings. Shareable links can be used for publishing a document or for collaboratively editing a document. Documents are only accessible by you (the owner) unless you turn link sharing on.

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4 Important Google Drive Skills for Teachers to Learn by @LauraCallisen


Google Drive can be used to store important instructional material, share documents with students and parents, and foster collaboration between students working on important… Friends of TeacherCast Google Drive

New Research Underscores K-12 Shift From Print to Digital Materials

Marketplace K-12

New market research documents the shift from print to digital instructional materials in K-12 over the past few years, a trend expected to continue. Digital Conversion Ed-tech Research digitalconversion edtech k12market marketreport printtodigital

Do You Know the Edtech Adoption Rules in Your State? SETDA’s New Guide May Help.


A new report from the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) aims to clear up the murky waters surrounding the adoption of digital learning materials, a process that varies wildly between states. Some, such as California, state that all digital materials must have a printed counterpart. Others stipulate publishers complete special checklists or tweaks to Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.

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Notes on Open Pedagogy

Iterating Toward Openness

Pedagogy and educational materials intersect because we frequently ask students to DO things with RESOURCES – *read* articles, *watch* videos, *listen* to lectures, *answer* questions, *solve* problems, etc.

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How our district is making math relevant

eSchool News

As in many other districts, our efforts to improve student achievement were hindered by curriculum materials that were not tightly aligned with the new standards and often lacked the tasks, norms, and routines needed to create problem-solving classrooms.

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What BloomBoard is and How it Energizes Professional Development

Ask a Tech Teacher

To earn these, teachers view the required materials, answer a set of questions, and then submit evidence of impact on practice such as lesson plans, instructional materials, and videos. start reviewing recommended materials or browse the resources.

Is your classroom ready for BYOD?


Blended classes greatly benefit from BYOD scenarios because most of the class instructional materials are on the cloud and all students need to do is to sync them on their devices.

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With Budget Cuts Looming, Here’s How Districts Will Decide What to Keep or Cut


The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, for example, limits the use of school-improvement funds to interventions that benefit student learning as documented by at least one well-designed and well-implemented research study.

Guides help teachers with NGSS transition

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Resources include instructional materials, new NGSS transition customization services and free guides. Designing NGSS Scope and Sequences” is a 15-page PDF that contains a series of scope documents that provide options for schools looking to implement the NGSS.

Blending Online and Field Learning To Inspire Young Girls in Science

EdNews Daily

The US Department of Education recently noted here that “Online learning opportunities and the use of open educational resources and other technologies can increase educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning; reducing costs associated with instructional materials or programs.”.

CoSN 2019: K–12 Schools Address Digital Equity with Curriculum Framework

EdTech Magazine

Some digitally enabled K–12 schools find it difficult to provide appropriate lesson plans that can be accessed by all students, said Tim Clark, director of curriculum, instruction and digital learning at Chicago Public Schools. . What we want to do is transform the instructional core.”.

Three Lessons from the Google Docs Phishing Scam: K-12 Education Edition

Doug Levin

Apparently, the potential of this exploit had been well-understood and documented since at least 2011. This then begs the larger question for me of whether and the degree to which – as schools increasingly shift to the digital delivery of instructional materials and resources – that they are merely swapping disproportionate (even exploitative) control of learning materials from the big three textbook publishers to the big three technology companies. .

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3 tips for connecting students to internet resources during summer

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By providing out-of-school access to digital instructional materials , students now have more opportunities to personalize their own learning and support to complete their homework.

How Edtech Can Help Build a Blueprint for Real Change in K-12


Curriculum and instructional materials live on websites, in the cloud, on paper, in LMS’s, in Google Drive or OneDrive. In addition to the actual curriculum and materials, the program impacted schedules, adult learning opportunities, the budget and many more system elements.

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Be Wary of Products Claiming to Be ‘Research-Based’

The 21st Century Principal

I receive countless emails during a given week from vendors of software, textbooks, and other instructional materials. Otherwise, your language should simply say that your product is based on research-based learning principles, and then provide documentation for those principles. "If We owe it to our stakeholders and our students to make sure our limited funds aren’t wasted on bogus educational materials or products.

“Just Right” Content for Digital Learning

BYOT Network

Likewise, as teachers design digital learning experiences based on their students’ personal strengths and interests, they need to search for the “just right” instructional resources to meet their students’ varied needs.

An Obstacle to the Ubiquitous Adoption of OER in US Higher Education

Iterating Toward Openness

While this pattern will likely continue at some level, the funding and production models that successfully kickstarted the OER movement cannot possibly scale to provide an additional 2000 courses worth of material.

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Library of Congress introduces three new apps (and a reminder of some older goodies)


Engaging Congress Developed by the Indiana University Center on Representative Government, this game uses primary sources– documents, photographs, political cartoons, maps and other documents–to explore the challenges of sustaining our democracy.

SETDA Provides Tips on Equity of Access for Students Outside of School

It really truly guides all of the decisions instructionally for our students,” she said. By providing out-of-school access to digital instructional materials , students now have more opportunities to personalize their own learning and support to complete their homework.

eBook details key strategies to manage digital curriculum

eSchool News

According to the Consortium for School Networking’s 2015 IT Leadership Survey, 84 percent of school technology officials expect that at least half of their instructional materials will be digitally based within three years,” said itslearning vice president of sales and marketing, Matt Dobosh.

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Free Tools for Accessibility and Inclusive Classrooms

The built-in dictation features, spellcheck, and word prediction enables students to focus on the context and not get lost in the document. Prior to this, she worked as a curriculum and instructional designer at DreamBox Learning.

New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Digital Services Boost Teachers’ Ability to Engage Students in Science, STEM, Social Studies, and More


The beginning of each school year offers teachers the perfect opportunity to update their instructional materials,” said Jerry "Jay" McKinney, an educator with Louisiana’s Rapides Parish School Board.

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Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible


Educators agree that all students deserve access to all instructional materials. However, few institutions have clear, well-communicated plans that document how accommodations will be provided to students who need them. When institutions identify accessibility as a priority, all members of that institution have a duty to participate in the process of creating accessible tools and materials.

Curation Situations: Let us count the ways


It’s about saving teachers instructional time. And it’s also about instruction and modeling for learners what it looks like to organize content and tools to manage our digital lives as information citizens. Builds Instructional Partnerships. What’s curation?

Most English lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers and other sites are ‘mediocre’ or ‘not worth using,’ study finds

The Hechinger Report

One of the most popular English lessons in the instructional marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers is a unit on how to teach William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” But otherwise, instruction in this Shakespeare unit rarely goes deeper than a surface understanding of the text.

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OPINION: Why creating and maintaining accessible digital resources is neither easy nor optional

The Hechinger Report

Many are also joining to support passage of the Accessible Instructional Materials in Higher Education (AIM HE) Act. It could not have been easy for UC Berkeley to decide to remove public access to educational materials. Cal students in the Doe Library at UC Berkeley.

How to move out of the day-by-day lesson planning trap

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Like Rachel, these teachers are taking the time to document lesson plans but still feeling like they’re flying by their seat of their pants, forgetting to do certain things with students even though it’s in the plan, and constantly running out of time before getting to finish the lesson. We also discuss and plan instructional materials, assessments, etc.

1:1 iPads and Digital Learning in Belton ISD


The first session I attended at iPadpalooza was presented by Instructional Technology Coordinators Terice Schneider and Vicki Ventura of Belton Independent School District. Belton is paying for most of their implementation through the Texas Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA).

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What’s New: New Tools for Schools


The tool is ideal for differentiated learning, literacy, English-language learners (ELL) or Special Needs instruction. Created in partnership with NSTA, the videos and supplementary materials (teacher guides, lesson plans, DIY activities and more) support NGSS for grades 3-5.

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Are We There Yet? Integrating Tech & Learning #SXSWedu


Notes from panel discussion/concurrent session at SXSWedu 2012 Geoff Wurzel, TechNet Wurzel was one of the influencers on Senate Bill 6 and the creation of the Instructional Materials Allotment in Texas. Johnny Vaselka , Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Public Education Visioning Institute: Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas - A group of 35 superintendents in Texas produced this document in 2006.

The Dilemma of Entrepreneurial Teachers With Brand Names


In the 19th and 20th centuries, enterprising teachers found resources, scrounged materials, and took risks in using new techniques and products on their own time and on their own dime so that their students could learn in innovative ways. Now with the internet and social media, there is far more evidence of entrepreneurial teachers documented in blogs, Facebook postings, and start-up businesses.

What Federal Education Budget Cuts Mean for Edtech


However, as Politico reported , documents have surfaced showing the Trump administration’s desire to cut an additional $3 billion from the 2017-2018 year budget. If I were a company selling curriculum solutions, I would bundle it with professional development, or English Language instruction, that way you are able to tap into other grants offered in Title I or Title II,” House says.