First EdCamp Kauai! -- April 25, 2015

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Experimenting with Storify to help document Edcamp Kauai's inaugural event. Congratulations! Anything else to add to the story? Leave a message in the comments below or tweet me, and I'll add it!

How Teachers Can Learn From One Another at Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps


For larger, more efficient unconferences, the Edcamp Foundation has a site full of resources and ideas for anybody who wants to organize their own “Edcamp,” which is simply a well-articulated version of an education unconference.

HOW TO EDCAMP! Notes from a workshop by Kevin Jarrett

Saving Socrates

Kevin Jarrett (@kjarrett) spoke about how to run an edcamp at #edcampsteam. It isn''t trademarked for an edcamp. Edcamp rules, has to be open to all, at school unconference. This is what an edcamp should be. You can learn about stuff at an edcamp. He mentioned JEDCAMP as a kind of edcamp that was established (Go Seth!). So raid existing edcamp sites.

"Edcamp Style" PD- Personalizing teacher learning on a required PD day!

Tech Helpful

On one day in August before the students came, and again in January of this year we set up Edcamp style PD days. We then shared a version of this document below (see red) a day beforehand and asked teachers to think about which sessions would be the most useful for them.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Like the DBQs, lessons revolve around a central historical question and sets of prima ry documents to engage learners with varied reading skills.

Ed Tech Digest

Larry Ferlazzo

Now Comment lets you annotate documents online. Edcamps: The ‘Unconferences,’ Where Teachers Teach Themselves is from The NY Times. © 2009 Niyam Bhushan , Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio.

2 New Google Classroom Features! (Added 8/12/14)

Think about including those important documents like a syllabus, required materials list, forms, etc. Michael will be presenting at the following upcoming events: Hawaii Association of Middle Schools Conference 2014 Schools of the Future Conference 2014 Edcamp Honolulu 2014.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Edcamps - unconferences where there aren''t traditional keynote speakers or vendors. Royse City is hosting EdCamp Awesome in Feburary 2014. Productivity Don uses Google Drive to collaboratively create documents with his colleagues. Your toolbelt for professional learning


Participate’s Jennifer Williams shares that the goal is to be the glue , pulling together the array of possible professional development options–edCamps, Twitter chats, workshops, conferences, PLN sharing, and more–into one uniform experience.

Beyond "Ditching the Desks," 9 Creative Ways to Avoid "The Cemetery Effect"


That’s when I knew I had to not only “ditch the student desks” but I had to remove my massive desk that was merely a counter to hold our computer, printer, document camera, and stacks of papers.

eBook 286

Paperless Please

Hansen's Link to Tech

As a collective professional learning team try to use only online tools when it comes to planning curriculum, documenting meeting minutes/resources/pd, or creating/collecting any other resources. Tired of the long lines to access the school copy machine? Annoyed with consistent paper jams?

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Professional Learning (Part 1)

The Principal of Change

Idea: Similar to the #EDUin30 initiative , staff could share through video reflections something that they have learned at a professional learning day, or on a monthly basis that could easily be compiled into a Storify document to be shared with the community.

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Professional Learning (Part 2)

The Principal of Change

I feel that there is more growth in this type of process because I own my learning; it is not graded by someone else, but also documents my learning process over time so that I can easily see my own growth. If you want to read both part 1 and 2 as one piece, here it is on a Google Document. ).

THANK YOU for 5 Amazing Years of Educational Podcasting! Thank You For Amazing Feedback!


It inspired me to start planning the first edcamp buffalo (@edcampbflo)! Learn Why Edusight is an awesome Portfolio Tool For Documenting Student Achievement | @Edusight. Hugely informed and supportive of teachers.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Armstrong''s 2008 TED Prize wish asked to help her assemble the Charter for Compassion, a document around which religious leaders can work together for peace. In late fall 2008, the first draft of the document was written by the world, via a sharing website.