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Virtual reality STEM program helps special needs students

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zSpace STEM Lab helps to eliminate obstacles for students with special needs. The impact of zSpace for students and teachers is exciting, particularly because many students using the system have special needs, and have experienced frustration learning in the traditional way.


800 new digital learning activities help prepare for PARCC and SBAC tests

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Compass Learning recently announced its Pathblazer math and reading intervention solution and Hybridge blended learning solution have been enriched with more than 800 new digital learning activities for grades 6-8. Common Core Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Top New

10 steps to making yours a STEM school

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Get outside, involve the community, and take stock of your resources to improve STEM outcomes, says one PD organization. The quest to improve the way schools team STEM subjects, such as engineering and computer science, isn’t an easy fix.


Alabama Partners with NASA and ASTA to Support New Online Science Resources


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Office Depot partners with district to develop high school STEM wing

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announced the opening of a new STEM wing at Lovejoy High School, located in Lucas, Texas. The STEM wing was unveiled at Learning @ Lovejoy , a nine-day professional development conference with more than 50 sessions for every subject area, level and role within K-12 education.

5 apps to jump-start augmented reality in the classroom

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Advocates have long said augmented reality helps boost student engagement and also helps reach those with varying learning styles. “[Augmented reality], on the other hand, is an approach that has endless possibilities for enhancing the motivation and actual learning for students.

5 innovative tech initiatives happening in schools today

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As the school year gets underway across the nation, many schools and districts are launching new technology initiatives and programs designed to improve teaching and learning. Digital Learning and Tools Resource STEM

106K free teacher-created digital textbooks hit the web

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The move to digital textbooks and resources is spreading as more companies partner with open education efforts. More than 100,000 teacher-created digital textbooks are now available online through the CK-12 Foundation’s free STEM content and tools platform.

Inside Our Digital Learning Implementation Phase 2

In my school district, our professional and digital learning department is barely around 7 months old. We held professional development for teachers and shared learning via twitter and blogs. Minecraft Teach and Learn (with students and teachers).

5 technologies to avoid in the classroom-and what to use instead

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Though social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for informal, personal use, most of education still has problems implementing these larger social media platforms for meaningful teaching and learning without running into privacy, security and cyberbullying headaches.

Unlocking stackable global credentials

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The traditional monopoly that universities once held on delivering learning is coming apart. This new supply has the potential to usher in a new system that makes learning more flexible, affordable, and accessible.

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Teach students to learn by doing with Google school coding clubs

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I might not have known what I was getting into, but I knew that I would do anything to inspire my students to grow and learn in all areas of STEM, but in particular, computer science. Google’s CS First clubs open up new worlds for novice coders.

How a small district turned every student into a music composer

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Spending seven years as music teacher in Big Sky’s rural community, I encounter daily the educational benefits that a small school district offers students, particularly in its abilities to offer more intimate backdrops for learning.

Survey: Teachers now use twice as much gaming and video in the classroom

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Annual survey reveals digital resources such as game-based environments and online videos have experienced increased use in classrooms. The explosion in teacher interest and usage of videos and game-based learning could be a harbinger of a new awakening for digital learning.”.

Science resource targets K-5 STEM gap, NGSS

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A new science resource launching this month is intended to engage K-5 students in problem-based science learning. The program aims to help teachers improve student results in STEM by motivating students to become curious, creative problem solvers.

Will homework disappear in the age of blended learning?

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Blended learning can enhance classroom time for students and teachers in ways that either reduce the need for homework or prompt educators to rethink the use of homework entirely. There are a few key reasons why blended learning is facilitating this changing role of homework. First, depending on the model, blended learning can give students the time and support they need to master concepts on a daily basis—thereby reducing the need for further practice at home.

What's Happened in North Carolina With Statewide Support for Digital Learning


And as the Haw burbled in the background last Friday and Saturday, school administrators, teachers and edtech entrepreneurs gathered for thoughtful conversations and exchanges around how to use digital technology to support learning at the 30th EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Here’s what we learned. North Carolina has been supporting digital learning longer than many other states. A Vision for Digital Learning. Student learning: Yes!

NGSS Explorer helps teachers with digital STEM resources

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Common Sense Graphite search and ratings tool connects educators with STEM and STEAM apps, websites aligned to NGSS. The NGSS Explorer and Graphite’s library of STEM and STEAM editorial- and peer-based reviews can be found here. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM

Fab labs to launch in early childhood programs

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Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM will develop early childhood fab labs in Head Start programs. TIES is among a group of leaders who participated in April’s Early Learning Symposium hosted by The White House, in partnership with the U.S.

3 ways innovative schools advance maker learning for all

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In March 2016, Digital Promise and Maker Ed issued a call-to-action for school leaders around the country to commit to growing the next generation of American makers. Maker learning inspires creativity, confidence, and passion for learning in young people.

Check out the cool font that changes online text for students with dyslexia

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Games is using the font beginning with the release of 3 Digits , and plans to introduce it to all newly- developed games for kids. team first became aware of the Dyslexie font, Wilczynski said she knew the team needed to learn how to incorporate it.

8 ways digital media will evolve for the future

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A new study evaluating the Ready To Learn initiative outlines how educational digital media will change to influence children and content producers. The report notes that early learning apps grew faster than any other app category.

It’s time for every student to learn to code

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Learning to code is about more than career readiness. It’s about helping students make sense of their digital world. Digital Learning and Tools Featured on eSchool News Industry Insights STEM Top News

zSpace launches virtual reality teaching tools

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Their intent is to create a union of the latest technology that enhances the school experience and makes learning interactive and fun. zSpace’s immersive virtual reality environment offers over 250 STEM lesson plans and activities for educators to use with their students.

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4 maker myths debunked

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Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Technologies Top News Is making new? How does it work best? A SXSWedu panel explores concepts around making. Making, maker spaces, and maker labs have dominated educational discussions in recent months.

Survey: Most schools still haven’t tried virtual reality but many would like to try

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Digital Learning and Tools News STEMTwenty-three percent of schools in a recent survey said they have tested virtual reality or tried it in classrooms. More than half of those surveyed said they are actively investigating virtual reality for classroom use.

Complement and ‘commoditize’ teachers, but don’t substitute for them with tech

The Christensen Institute

In education, the question of whether technology will replace teachers was a common meme to fight the emergence of digital learning but has increasingly faded away as a serious threat. This may mean eliminating “classrooms” as we have known them and creating new learning environments in which students interact with lots of adults in multi-faceted ways.

Partnerships strengthen computer science movement

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“Our goal is to work with them to give more opportunities for kids to have experiences in technology, and learn what it is like to work in a technology field, as early as possible in their educational career to drive interest.”

Game-based platform teaches computer science, coding

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CodeCombat, which offers a platform to help kids learn computer science, announced that it has closed a $2 million seed round of funding from Third Kind Venture Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Allen & Company. CodeCombat was designed to make learning to code as easy as playing a game.

Introducing the math selfie

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These high-tech, mathematically-savvy and, let’s face it, just plain cool selfies are just one way Wichita Falls ISD students are using digital technology in their classrooms as a way to enhance and enrich learning. Math selfies, QR codes, and Kahoot games enrich one school.

15+ great resources for introducing coding to the classroom

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As the world continues to become more and more digital, the number of computer science jobs in this country is rising three times faster than the number of computer science graduates. Code Avengers : Students can learn to build web sites, apps, and games.


New Science Techbook is built for NGSS

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Digital textbook uses instructional approach aligned to real-world science applications. Designed specifically to help teachers transition to the NGSS framework, Discovery Education’s latest Techbook joins the company’s line of digital textbooks.

Lifeliqe Creator empowers teachers to create, publish interactive 3D content at ISTE

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VR-enabled STEM models immerse students in a trip to space, a walk with a dinosaur, and a voyage through the inside of a shark. Lifeliqe’s models are focused on STEM subjects including human biology, plant biology, animal biology, geology, paleontology, physics, geometry, and chemistry.

6 ways to support computer science education

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Establish more STEM-intensive public charter high schools. Computer science is the most important STEM field for the modern economy, but it is not even represented in the acronym, and it is the discipline that the fewest high school students study.

Full Sail launches new camps for coding, robotics, gaming, and more

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Developed by Full Sail University with the goal of creating an engaging and open learning environment that allows children and teens to explore creativity through storytelling, art, and technology, Full Sail Labs provides young creative talent with the knowledge to become digital content creators.

Should students learn coding? Students, schools disagree

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are eager for their children to learn coding and other computer science skills, but their message hasn’t yet hit the in-box of school administrators. Digital Learning and Tools McClatchy News STEM Top News

Inquiry-based science platform lets students conduct investigations

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Released in preparation for the 2015-16 school year, NexGen Inquiry includes an interactive teaching and learning platform that supports existing curriculum, integrated teacher professional development, a teacher community and a resource library. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Top News