23 amazing STEM and digital learning tools

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Check below for the latest marketplace news to keep you up-to-date on product developments, teaching and learning initiatives, and new trends in education. Digital Curriculum and Tools. Next page: More digital technologies and STEM resources).


Georgia Public Broadcasting Renews Long-Term Partnership with Discovery Education Creating Digital Learning Environments Statewide


–Continuation of 18-Year Collaboration Ensures Students and Educators Access to Engaging K-12 Digital Resources– SILVER SPRING, Md. GPB Education encourages lifelong learning through high quality, reliable content and their ability to connect educators, students, and families at all levels.

Inside Our Digital Learning Implementation Phase 2


In my school district, our professional and digital learning department is barely around 7 months old. We held professional development for teachers and shared learning via twitter and blogs. Minecraft Teach and Learn (with students and teachers).

The Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools Partners with Discovery Education to Accelerate the Creation of Digital Learning Environments


A comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas, Discovery Education Streaming Plus helps build students’ mastery in interpreting, understanding, and evaluating information. Digital STEM k12 education edtech The Wire

Why Being in the (Online) Room Isn’t Enough: Fostering Difficult Dialogues in Digital Learning


At the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate conference this week, a panel of digital learning specialists shared how they are working to address some of these challenges at their own institutions and beyond. Digital learning advocates have long hoped that online education could provide students of different and often underrepresented backgrounds new opportunities and access points to higher education.

Virtual reality STEM program helps special needs students

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zSpace STEM Lab helps to eliminate obstacles for students with special needs. The impact of zSpace for students and teachers is exciting, particularly because many students using the system have special needs, and have experienced frustration learning in the traditional way.


Science resource targets K-5 STEM gap, NGSS

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A new science resource launching this month is intended to engage K-5 students in problem-based science learning. The program aims to help teachers improve student results in STEM by motivating students to become curious, creative problem solvers.


10 steps to making yours a STEM school

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Get outside, involve the community, and take stock of your resources to improve STEM outcomes, says one PD organization. The quest to improve the way schools team STEM subjects, such as engineering and computer science, isn’t an easy fix.


What's Happened in North Carolina With Statewide Support for Digital Learning


And as the Haw burbled in the background last Friday and Saturday, school administrators, teachers and edtech entrepreneurs gathered for thoughtful conversations and exchanges around how to use digital technology to support learning at the 30th EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Here’s what we learned. North Carolina has been supporting digital learning longer than many other states. A Vision for Digital Learning. Student learning: Yes!

15 real classroom uses for Minecraft

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Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Featured on eSchool News Gaming ISTE News STEMThese days, it seems like Minecraft is second-nature for many kids.

Discovery launches new STEM services for PD and curriculum

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Discovery Education is launching three new services designed to help school systems nationwide grow capacity for STEM teaching and learning. The launch of these new capacity building services is part of Discovery Education’s continued commitment to supporting STEM education.


Superhero Activities to Empower Students

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Every student can find a superhero to admire and learn from. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. Learn English Kids has free reading materials for very young learners to adolescents. Superhero STEM Resources!

New Mexico’s Loving Municipal School District Introduces New, Systemic Approach to STEM Education Districtwide in Partnership with Discovery Education


-Combination of Dynamic Digital Content and Sustained, Job-Embedded Professional Development to Help District Create STEM Learning Environments that Promote Students Desire to Learn and Succeed- Silver Spring, MD.

5 Higher-Ed Innovators Share Challenges, Ideas for the Future of Digital Learning


17, more than 100 people gathered to hear speakers present how their organizations are embracing the future of digital learning. She referenced three examples of creative uses by IDEO U students, from Jess in Melbourne, who formed her own in-person local learning circle to employees at an architecture firm in Italy who used a prototyping leader’s guide to help them work on a common project during their weekly happy hours. In a Meetup hosted by EdSurge on Aug.

Alabama Partners with NASA and ASTA to Support New Online Science Resources


Digital Content Digital Learning instructional materials partnerships Personalized Learning Project Based Learning digital content digital instructional materials digital learning professional learning stem

18 powerful technology tools and trends for 2018

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Yoder based her list on some of the top digital transformational trends in education, including classroom devices, redesigned learning spaces, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and gamification.

Don’t miss the latest STEM, policy and ed-tech news

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While traditional field trips continue to offer opportunities to create memorable learning environments for students of all ages, a new wave of technologies have created new, virtual field trip experiences. The Dremel 3D Idea Builder empowers students to master key STEM concepts through hands-on learning and creativity. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Top NewsCatch up on the most compelling K-12 news stories you may have missed this week.

Discovery Education Adds Dynamic New Content to Digital Services


Discovery Education announced today it has added a variety of new digital assets to its supplemental and digital textbook services. Digital Learning curriculum Ed Tech Ticker News edtech


Office Depot partners with district to develop high school STEM wing

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announced the opening of a new STEM wing at Lovejoy High School, located in Lucas, Texas. The STEM wing was unveiled at Learning @ Lovejoy , a nine-day professional development conference with more than 50 sessions for every subject area, level and role within K-12 education.


Here’s how 5 more schools are innovating and educating

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As the school year gets underway across the nation, many schools and districts are launching new technology initiatives and programs designed to improve teaching and learning. Amy Wright, Computer Teacher / STEM Coordinator. Next page: Collaboration, international learning, and more.

8 tips to help create and sustain a makerspace

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Aside from the technology tools and other resources that make up the space, it’s wise to have a plan in terms of when students will use the space, how it will be shared, where funding will come from, and how students will demonstrate what they are learning.

18 edtech developments set to impact schools

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Coding as a literacy and the rise of STEAM learning are two key trends driving K-12 technology adoption for the next 1-2 years, according to the latest New Media Consortium and CoSN Horizon Report. Digital Learning and Tools Featured on eSchool News News STEM

Will homework disappear in the age of blended learning?

The Christensen Institute

Blended learning can enhance classroom time for students and teachers in ways that either reduce the need for homework or prompt educators to rethink the use of homework entirely. There are a few key reasons why blended learning is facilitating this changing role of homework. First, depending on the model, blended learning can give students the time and support they need to master concepts on a daily basis—thereby reducing the need for further practice at home.

These 10 TED-Ed videos will hold your students’ attention

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Given students’ easy access to videos and digital resources via mobile devices and computers, it makes sense that educators would incorporate such TOOLS/MEDIA into their instruction. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Featured on eSchool News Resource STEM

Survey: Most schools still haven’t tried virtual reality but many would like to try

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Digital Learning and Tools News STEMTwenty-three percent of schools in a recent survey said they have tested virtual reality or tried it in classrooms. More than half of those surveyed said they are actively investigating virtual reality for classroom use.

Survey 109

How a small district turned every student into a music composer

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Spending seven years as music teacher in Big Sky’s rural community, I encounter daily the educational benefits that a small school district offers students, particularly in its abilities to offer more intimate backdrops for learning.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Renews Long-Standing Commitment to Students Statewide Through Continued Collaboration with Discovery Education


–Renewal of 15-Year Partnership Supports the Creation of Digital Learning Environments Across Louisiana- Silver Spring, Md. Discovery Education Streaming Plus is an award-winning comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas.

Fab labs to launch in early childhood programs

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Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM will develop early childhood fab labs in Head Start programs. TIES is among a group of leaders who participated in April’s Early Learning Symposium hosted by The White House, in partnership with the U.S.

6 ways to support computer science education

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Establish more STEM-intensive public charter high schools. Computer science is the most important STEM field for the modern economy, but it is not even represented in the acronym, and it is the discipline that the fewest high school students study.

Complement and ‘commoditize’ teachers, but don’t substitute for them with tech

The Christensen Institute

In education, the question of whether technology will replace teachers was a common meme to fight the emergence of digital learning but has increasingly faded away as a serious threat. This may mean eliminating “classrooms” as we have known them and creating new learning environments in which students interact with lots of adults in multi-faceted ways.

New AI tool helps teachers tackle math

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As the new school year begins, elementary school teachers are now able to access a new, free online artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to strengthen their math instruction and help students learn at higher levels. Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News IT Newsletter News STEM

5 AR & VR tools for social skills

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Beyond the technologies’ cool factor, however, lie a handful of promising uses, including uses in social and emotional learning and for with students who have special needs. Digital Learning and Tools Featured on eSchool News ISTE Resource Special Education STEM

Unlocking stackable global credentials

The Christensen Institute

The traditional monopoly that universities once held on delivering learning is coming apart. This new supply has the potential to usher in a new system that makes learning more flexible, affordable, and accessible.

OER 206

Elementary and high school students build Maze Runner-like challenge for Sphero

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The high school teacher said as students are learning skills at younger ages, it forces junior high and high school teachers to adjust accordingly. “I think it’s good so kids learn how to program and code,” he said.

Step up to the #STEMchallenge: Show Us Your Best STEM Lessons

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We’re excited to announce our first #STEMchallenge, a call to innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators everywhere to create and share their most inspiring and tech-rich STEM lessons.


Tackle teacher shortages with online learning

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As we’ve written before , one affordable and flexible solution stands out: online and blended learning hold the potential to unlock new solutions to the nation’s teacher capacity challenges. How online learning can solve teacher shortage problems.

3 apps that lead to improved executive functioning skills

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Apps & STEM Digital Learning and Tools eClassroom News Featured on eSchool News Resource

5 innovative tech initiatives happening in schools today

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As the school year gets underway across the nation, many schools and districts are launching new technology initiatives and programs designed to improve teaching and learning. Digital Learning and Tools Resource STEM

Lifeliqe Creator empowers teachers to create, publish interactive 3D content at ISTE

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VR-enabled STEM models immerse students in a trip to space, a walk with a dinosaur, and a voyage through the inside of a shark. Lifeliqe’s models are focused on STEM subjects including human biology, plant biology, animal biology, geology, paleontology, physics, geometry, and chemistry.

Is this the new class every student should take?

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Uncategorized coding education Data analytics data-analytic digital learning STEMData analytics, 101: The class your students need to take today for tomorrow. Data analytics in just about every field, from what consumer products we buy to the type of medical treatments our doctors prescribe. Read more at eSchool News.