Khan Academy: Friend or Foe?

A Principal's Reflections

Next challenge: we have to bridge the digital divide for kids @irasocal: There are few bigger frauds in American than Sal Khan #NSBAconf Khan Academy is not a silver bullet that will fix education and improve achievement as a stand-alone entity. It has its merits, as does the flipped learning approach that his videos are generally associate with, but more as an instructional supplement to enhance the teaching and learning process.

This Program Is Empowering the Next Generation of Computational Thinkers

ED Surge

Yang: We were first prompted to address concerns over the digital divide. And we want to close the digital divide. CoolThink brings along a lot of pedagogy changes: flipped classrooms, teamwork, peer learning.


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The Pandemic’s Lasting Lessons for Colleges, From Academic Innovation Leaders

ED Surge

Recognition that the digital divide prevents academic progress has prompted colleges to do more to connect students with tech tools. Matthew Rascoff, vice provost for digital education at Stanford University. Flipped learning can be a big adjustment for professors too.

What the flip?

Learning with 'e's

Everywhere I look I'm seeing 'Flip teaching' or 'Flipped classroom'. There's a lot of hype about this 'flipping' idea and it's getting me flipping irritated. What does flipping actually involve? Even Aaron Sams, a highly visible proponent of the flipped movement admits that the term is ambiguous. An article entitled 'University just flipped'. Another objection to the flipped classroom is the digital divide.

14 Tips For Helping Students With Limited Internet Have Distance Learning


While there are plenty of best practice guides available for online learning, strategies for bridging the digital divide are scarce. . In my flipped classroom, I would provide DVD discs for DVD players, PS4, XBox or provide USBs with my video lectures to students who identified specific IT needs.

How SAMR and Tech Can Help Teachers Truly Transform Assessment


What follows are four ways that technology transcends analog tools in education, including those that demonstrate simple recall while providing valuable feedback to fuel learning to the true innovators in our classrooms: teachers. source: vandycft/flickr) By contrast, Reuben Puentedura’s SAMR model suggests increasingly complex ways that technology impacts the classroom. Socrative , Kahoot and TopHat , are great tools for augmenting assessment, especially in flipped classrooms.

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. Perhaps a digital learning journal could be employed to promote reflection. Through proper facilitation, learning that happens in the classroom can happen anywhere.

5 Ways to Flip Your Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

History teacher Keith “Hip” Hughes has a massive following on his YouTube channel.Today, he shares his technique for flipping the classroom in engaging, powerful ways. Today’s Sponsor: Edpuzzle is my new favorite flipped classroom tool. Five Ways to Flip Your Classroom. And Keith, today we’re going to talk about “Five Ways to Flip Your Class.”. So basically, flipping your classroom – and I guess this is the first kind of tip is explaining it.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

The implication, according to one NYT article : “the digital gap between rich and poor kids is not what we expected.” The real digital divide, this article contends, is not that affluent children have access to better and faster technologies. (Um, The Flipped Classroom".