A parent-led effort to close the digital divide

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Two students who received laptops because of a parent-led effort to close the digital divide for Spanish-speaking families in Clark County, Nevada. The post A parent-led effort to close the digital divide appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

7 Shifts to Closing the Digital Divide


How can we close this digital divide? According to the US Department of Education , there are seven ways to help close the digital divide. Using apps like Buncee , Adobe Spark , Aurasma, and Pic Collage make it so easy for students to use their digital skills in creative ways. Schuylerville uses the Units of Study Writer’s Workshop program and our students creating digital storybooks based on their narrative writing.


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PROOF POINTS: Paper beats pixels on most picture books, research finds

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A meta-analysis of 39 studies of children’s picture books finds that children score better on comprehension tests after reading a paper book than after reading a digital book. Digital picture books have been a godsend during the pandemic.

OPINION: Why Black families have found some benefits in distance learning

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In my work as an elementary school teacher and principal, too often I saw teachers and administrators struggling to serve Black families. Distance learning dramatically closed the digital divide because these tools became a necessity to attend school.

PROOF POINTS: 10,000 student study points to kindergarteners who may become heavy screen users

The Hechinger Report

Researchers at Penn State analyzed 10,000 students and found that kindergarteners in low-income families and Black kindergarteners of all incomes had a higher propensity to be heavy users of technology by the end of elementary school.

Study 87

Massachusetts is taking action to improve the digital divide in classrooms across the state

Education Superhighway

One year ago we launched the Massachusetts Digital Connections Initiative in partnership with Governor Baker’s Office, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), and MassIT. Since the initiative launched, EducationSuperHighway and our state partners have focused our efforts on ensuring that every student in Massachusetts gets the bandwidth necessary to support digital learning in the classroom.

Texas Education Agency and Verizon enable distance learning for 18.9M students in 16 states

eSchool News

For students across Texas and around the country, bridging the digital divide and providing reliable Internet connectivity that enables distance learning for students without Internet access are among the top priorities for state governments, school districts, teachers and parents alike.

Three Examples: Elementary Charters Instructing Young Children at a Distance


To wrap up this unusual National Charter Schools Week , we have been thinking about some of our youngest and most vulnerable learners: students attending elementary grades. This is exactly why the digital divide is so damaging during the current pandemic.

3 steps we’re taking to ensure true digital equity

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Across the nation, school districts are investing in one-to-one computing programs and supplying digital devices for their students to use as learning tools. While these tools can be very empowering, giving each child a device isn’t enough to close the digital opportunity gap that exists between students of varying economic means. We want to make sure all of our students, even those from the poorest homes, can contribute to our digital future.

10 steps for bringing connectivity home

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This fall, Cypress-Fairbanks (TX) Independent School District is particularly excited about welcoming back 150 of our underserved elementary, middle, and high school students after they’ve enjoyed their first full summer of district-sponsored Wi-Fi. District Management Featured on eSchool News IT Management connectivity at home digital divide equity Internet connectivity

Closing the homework gap so ‘no child is left offline’

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During a forum hosted by public policy think tank New America to discuss this new data, Jessica Rosenworcel, the acting FCC Chairwoman, called the homework gap “an especially cruel” part of the digital divide that existed long before the pandemic. It has been digitized.

Another Cause of Inequality: Slow Internet in Schools

Educator Innovator

Using digital tools in the classroom isn’t the future of learning, it’s the present—except at the significant percentage of schools without reliable high-speed internet. A teacher at an elementary school in a Boston suburb leads students through a story creation session using Pixie. Today Northborough and Southborough public schools have a much faster connection via fiber optic lines—35 Mbps up/down speeds at the elementary and middle schools and 150 Mbps at the high schools.

OPINION: Here’s why chronically underfunded HBCUs are needed now more than ever

The Hechinger Report

Second, we’ve taken ownership of the digital divide at the institutional level. We also understand that the digital divide isn’t just about access, but also know-how. A recent online meme had a striking message: “A year at an HBCU can undo a K-12 experience.”.

Should rich families be allowed to fundraise a better public school education for their kids?

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This year, the Green Lake Parent Teacher Association paid about half that much to cover the cost of the elementary school’s vocal teacher and a portion of a full-time counselor’s salary, among other supports for students. Related: A parent-led effort to close the digital divide.

OPINION: Creating better post-pandemic education for English learners

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Schools’ struggles to engage English learners’ families during the pandemic partly stem from another pre-pandemic inequity — gaps in access to digital learning devices and the internet. Elementary to High School Opinion English language learners online learning Parents Personalized Learning

Homework in a McDonald’s parking lot: Inside one mother’s fight to help her kids get an education during coronavirus

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The digital divide. It would be another month before Mississippi lawmakers and the state superintendent of education discussed the possibility of using a federal emergency relief package to purchase digital devices and hotspots for students.

The pandemic’s remote learning legacy: A lot worth keeping

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The digital pivot made some districts solve preexisting tech gaps. Federal funds help narrow the digital divide. The benefits of digital equity go far beyond education.

Students have their own demands for school reopening

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The organizations collaborated to articulate 10 principles for reopening that include listening to students, closing the digital divide, addressing basic needs, moving away from one-size-fits-all instruction and evaluation and creating an inclusive curriculum.

Survey 113

OPINION: How technology can help parents communicate with preschoolers

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In a randomized field experiment, we gave parents an electronic tablet with a preloaded digital library. But technology-based support for learning cannot succeed in areas where parents do not have access to the internet, digital devices or even cell phones.

12 Websites for Digital Books Summer Reading

Ask a Tech Teacher

At the beginning of the 21st century, the definition of digital equity revolved around the provision of a digital device to every student. This site provides thousands of digitized books, audio recordings, DVDs/CDs from the public domain (or out-of-copyright).

Using ESSER Funds to Prepare for a Transformative School Year

Insight Education Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has left elementary and secondary schools across the country in need of additional resources to operate and support their school communities. billion to the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Education Relief Fund, also known as ESSER ( NCSL, 2021 ).

Using the ESSER Funds to Prepare for a Transformative School Year

Insight Education Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has left elementary and secondary schools across the country in need of additional resources to operate and support their school communities. billion to the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Education Relief Fund, also known as ESSER ( NCSL, 2021 ).

Education in the Era of COVID-19: Why Connection Matters

Digital Promise

With digital learning likely to stretch into the fall due to COVID-19, how can we ensure every student has equitable access to powerful learning opportunities? The Equity Gap and Digital Divide Creates a Disconnect for School Districts.

Developing Asynchronous Remote Learning Tasks

A Principal's Reflections

The significant shifts in adapting to remote learning involve how time is used, providing flexible pathways, ensuring there is regular feedback and the purposeful use of digital tools when appropriate. Over the past couple of months, I have written extensively on the topic of remote learning.

5 Ways to Flip Your Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

You kow, we haven’t closed that digital divide quite yet. You know, there’s nothing wrong with a little “Sanford and Son” with a title in the middle of the video– not only to divide concepts, but again, to make them laugh, draw them in. 5 Idea Friday All Grades All Subjects Assessment Data Driven Instruction Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) History and Social Sciences Teachers How to Guides.

Rolling Out Across Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

Digital Promise

Watch FOX19’s coverage of the Cincinnati rollout event: Jewel, a student at Sayler Park, served as a new correspondent for Verizon Innovative Learning in this video: Both schools in Glendale Elementary School District in Phoenix, Arizona, rolled out earlier this month. Sine Elementary School held its own celebration a few days later. “We Across town, Madrid Neighborhood School was the first school from Alhambra Elementary School District to roll out devices to students.

iPad 175

Remote Learning Teaching Tips

A Principal's Reflections

More than half of those surveyed teach in public schools (66 percent) and more than half are elementary school teachers (60 percent). In some cases, immense challenges such as digital equity and limited parental support at home have had to be addressed and overcome.

21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

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They fit into the categories of SEL, digital instruction, engagement/management, and leadership. Relationship over reproach: Fostering resilience by embracing a trauma-informed approach to elementary education. Online and Digital Instruction.

Course 299

Q&A: Kim Buryanek on Bringing Digital Equity into Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Q&A: Kim Buryanek on Bringing Digital Equity into Classrooms. To make the best use of the technology, and to try to give every student a comparable digital learning experience, teachers need professional development, says Kim Buryanek, associate superintendent of Sioux City Community School District in Iowa. Buryanek recently talked with EdTech about how her district is tackling the challenge of digital equity one teacher and one mobile hotspot at a time.

Three Big Bills, Three Ways to Access Educational Funding


Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund). What can bridge the digital divide within the special education community? CARES, CRRSA, and ARP: Big Legislation, Big Opportunities. To address the economic fallout from the pandemic, the U.S.

COLUMN: Endangered public schools need federal leadership more than ever

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Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, has also asked for more federal funds , to close the digital divide and help low-income students most seriously affected by school closings.

4 Essential Steps to Secure Funding for Hybrid Classroom Technologies


As you consider how to communicate your digital needs to your state's board of education, these four essential steps will help you stay organized: 1. Samsung’s unique portfolio of in-classroom technology can help bridge the digital divide once funding is secured.

Emeritus Expands into K12 through Acquisition of iD Tech Bringing Equitable STEM Education to Adults and Youth Globally

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It positions individuals for success, starting in elementary school and continuing throughout their professional careers. iD Tech is dedicated to bridging the digital divide and is committed to gender diversity.


COVID-19 Education Innovations Solution Spotlight in New York, Florida and Free Internet Access


Bridging the Digital Divide. Also, many communities , including Palm Beach in Florida , are partnering with local companies to get more than 11,000 digital devices into the hands of students who need them to participate in online classes, as reported by WPEC on March 20. . Elementary school students will have a 2.5-

State Spotlight: Texas’ Student-Centered Response to COVID-19


A llow s elementary schools the flexibility to add additional instructional days (up to 210 days); . Since Texas schools closed in March , the TEA has continued implementing new programs and providing resources focused on four key goals: designing new school models ; innovating special education instruction ; bridging the digital divide ; and assessing anticipated learning loss. . Bridging the Digital Divide. With 5.4 million?students