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What a Teacher Can Do About Cyberbullying

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Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Cassie Phillips, is a consultant and internet security expert. They can give recommendations for online safety that are tailored to a given situation. A lot of innocent teasing happens in interactive media. 29 Steps to Internet Safety for Kids.

4 Great Lesson Plans for Internet Safety

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With kids getting smartphones and other devices at younger and younger ages, it's more important than ever to teach them how to use the internet safely. Whether kids are using social media, searching for information, gaming, or emailing, they should have some basic understanding of how to protect themselves online. Though teachers and parents are deeply concerned about kids' online safety, we often don't know the best ways to teach these skills.

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Sextortion: Your Students Are at Risk, Teachers Can Help

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The time to talk is when they get their smartphone. Today’s Sponsor: Netsmartz Free Teaching Digital Citizenship Course. This free course is designed to help you teach the latest in internet safety and digital citizenship for your students.

How to Grow Global Digital Citizens

Ask a Tech Teacher

With the rise of online games, web-based education, and smartphones that access everything from house lights to security systems, it’s not surprising to read these statistics: In 2013, 71 percent of the U.S. population age 3 and over used the Internet. Digital Citizenship webinar.

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How to Set Healthy Screen Time Habits: A Guide for Parents


Through computers, smartphones, and tablets, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips that can be both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Today’s children are digital natives, which means that they’ve grown up surrounded by technology from the time they were born.

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Teens and Screens - Recommended Resources for Parents and Teachers

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A Resource List to Jumpstart Screenagers Discussions -- A Work in Progress From Common Sense Media : FAQ • How much screen time is OK for my kid(s)? How do I talk to my kid about Internet porn? • How do screens -- such as TV and smartphones -- affect my kids’ sleep? •