Schools must lead on developing digital citizenship


Of course from an industrial or commercial point of view the distinction makes sense, but from a sociological — and in our case pedagogic — aspect our experience of modern life is practically indistinguishable from technology. Schools must lead on developing digital citizenship.

Spotlight: How One Teacher Taught Digital Citizenship Via Student-driven Websites

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Sheila Slawek teaches digital literacy & computer science. How about a website dedicated to students in the areas of digital citizenship and if we have time, we can add Office 365 applications?

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“We shouldn’t assume people know what digital citizenship is.”

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“We shouldn’t assume people know what digital citizenship is.” Digital Citizenship is huge. To us, it often seems like everyone is well-versed in digital citizenship and everything it entails. Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down that digital wall.

How Is Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

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She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum. When I started teaching, syncing work between school and home was impossible.

How to Take Digital Citizenship Schoolwide During the 2016-17 School Year


Full integration of digital citizenship (or DigCit) curriculum into every class and every content area—at every grade level—should be the goal to meet this need. Keep in mind that most teacher-prep programs do not incorporate digital citizenship alongside the other elements of teacher education. All stakeholders must have a clear understanding of both the “why” and the “how” of fully integrated digital citizenship.

How to sharpen students’ critical thinking skills online

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Supercharge Student (and Teacher) Financial Literacy With #PowerofEcon Day on April 26

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Prior to joining CME Group, Putnam gained more than 35 years of experience in the financial services industry with concentrations in central banking, investment research and portfolio management.

Men behaving badly

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Shortly after that, two other women who wrote about Quinn and Sarkeesian — Jenn Frank, a gaming journalist, and Mattie Brice, a game designer — announced that they would withdraw from the industry over the resulting harassment they received. Lindy West reports : .

Creative Communicator: Unpacking ISTE Standard for Students #6

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Creative Communicator : Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals. She's a unicorn in her industry and we need to develop more unicorns in the STEM field.

Do mobile devices stunt social-emotional skills?

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As more of our lives are consumed with digital technology — social media, texting and smartphones — is it any wonder that our children are growing up with electronic gadgets as companions? We try to stay conscious of it,” said Mr. Friess, who works in the tech industry. “We

The New Economy of Cheating #SXSWedu


In this session, two experts who have tracked the industry’s rise examine the shady operators, their threat to higher education and what can be done to stop them. academic integrity cheating digital citizenship sxswedu SXSWedu17 SXSWedu2017

Bring an expert to your classroom for Black History Month

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Teachers can view archived sessions for free and participate in a limited number of free “industry offered” chats on topics from STEM to the Arts. Additional industry chats being offered include Drones and Facetime on March 16. Learn more at

2 Great Professional Development Opportunities for Hour of Code

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This year, we’re offering two awesome industry chats meant exclusively for teachers. Sign up for both interactive industry chats below! . Want to connect your students with some amazing industry professionals too?

Can we teach digital literacies?

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In a blog post entitled '' Digital literacies and the bottom line '' Steve Philp questions whether digital literacies should be taught as a part of the school curriculum. The term ''digital literacies'' is a relatively recent addition to our vocabulary.

ORIGO Education Partners with Lakeshore

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Now, ORIGO Education is partnering with them to deliver their industry-leading math curricula. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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Digital Citizenship I try to get teachers to think outside the four walls of the classroom, and how technology allows us to connect with others around the globe. I want to thank ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries andInnovation through Creative Commons Australia and the Copyright Advisory Group of the Ministerial Council of Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs for the information on searching for Creative Commons in Google.

How Smart Tech and IoT are Making Educational Spaces More Accessible

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I do talk about it in my Digital Citizenship grad school class (if you click the link, it’s MTI 557) but haven’t turned those ideas into blogs yet.

Get Ready for Media Literacy Week with TWO New Podcasts featuring @CommonSenseEdu & @MediaLiteracyEd

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NYCSchoolsTech Podcast host, Nancy Ribak Altadonna, just released two new episodes to bring the experts in media literacy and digital citizenship directly to you. Cross posted at the #NYCSchoolsTech blog.

How Tech Teachers Can Benefit From Historical Research Tools

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However, one thing that can make it easier for students to learn is for teachers to include instructions on basic academic skills like vocabulary, keyboarding, digital citizenship, and research.

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Shaping young minds: 3D printing solutions for education


Schools, universities, and other forms of educational institutions are gradually waking up to the reality of Industry 4.0 These discussions will further improve understanding, thus enabling the participants to become responsible digital citizens.

Physical Bookstores in The Digital Age

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Though bookstores remain, too often, parents simply buy books online–digitally or print, doesn’t matter–and miss out on that opportunity to discover new worlds. It is surprising, then, that many noted names in the book industry have been hit hard in recent years.

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Classroom Experts on Tap–from Nepris

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Browse the Nepris video library for archived industry chats and make any of your lessons come alive! She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

How to Teach the Human Body and 16 Sites to Help

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This lesson plan, though, adds a few digital native twists. take a picture of themselves with the iPad camera (or another digital camera). This has the advantage of tying into class discussions on digital citizenship (why use avatars rather than the real picture?).

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Bring Weather into Your Lesson Plan with Earth Networks and WeatherSTEM

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Nearly every business in every industry is profoundly affected by the weather, and knowing how to read and understand the data that is presented to business leaders via WeatherSTEM platforms and weather data visualization software is invaluable.

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How AI is Changing Writing: Check out Robot Don

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See what you think: We live in a digital era where the kids are in contact in all sorts of technological solutions that help them learn, connect, and have fun. –Lisa Griffin is a writer with years of experience in tech ed industry.

Best Software Programs for Desktop Publishing

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Printing digital files can be performed in a short period of time, with the finished product being bound with the help of a strong type of glue or screw posts , which securely holds the pages together. For a decade, when I thought of desktop publishing, I turned to Microsoft Publisher.

Fact or Fallacy: Why Esports Are Here to Stay in K–12 Schools

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Since then, access to personal computers and the internet as well as other advancements in technology have supported esports’ growth into a substantial industry with professional teams, high-stakes competitions, team sponsorships and more.

Preparing High Schoolers For A Career In Cybersecurity

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Rather, when teaching such a complicated subject such as cybersecurity, it only helps students for them to be learning in an interactive digital environment. The cybersecurity industry is changing all the time, so staying on top of all the new methods and tools can be a huge task. So if students are already familiar with this model, they will have a much easier time transitioning into the paid cyber industry. The cyber industry changes on an almost weekly basis.

5 Things to teach to develop cyber-savvy students


Online safety is a concern in many industries but within the context of education it automatically takes bigger proportions. If we want our students to become great digital citizens — and we do — we need to teach them to be cyber-savvy as well.

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CoSN 2018 Annual Conference and Global Symposium

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Starting with an international focus, CoSN/UNESCO Global Symposium will highlight the essential digital-citizenship skills needed by students to be successful in today’s global environment. To what extent is technology providing new challenges to digital citizenship?

Bring Experts to Your Class Easily with Nepris

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Teachers have long-known the positive effect industry experts have on students, but the complications of finding the speaker, arranging the event, and preparing the class have made this a daunting task. There are also many industry-offered virtual sessions where multiple classrooms can join.

LAUSD Making a Comeback with Instructional Technology

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Members also met in smaller workgroups and invited industry experts and partners from other districts to share their research and experience with instructional technology.

The Importance of 3D Printing in Education

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3D printing, which has impacted so many industries, is only beginning to be appreciated as an aid to education. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

Hour of Code: How Students Can Build Their Own Apps

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App developers can work for software companies, retailers, in healthcare, in the travel industry, for the entertainment industry, or in financial services. These include Hello Codi, TalkToMe I and I I (Text-to-speech app), Ball Bounce Game, and Digital Doodle (a drawing app).

Esports Emerge as Learning and Social Catalyst in Schools

Esports is also a professional industry that in 2018, generated $906 million in revenue, and has the potential of reaching $3 billion by 2022. She is responsible for helping school districts build a culture of digital citizenship among educators, students, and their families.