Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books

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Teaching digital citizenship in a meaningful way can be daunting. This post is written by Eleni Kyritsis, a Year 3 teacher and Leader of Digital Learning and Innovation from Melbourne, Australia. Teaching digital citizenship books digital citizenship picture books picture books for the classroom social media picture books technology picture booksThese picture books illustrate important concepts beautifully.

Digital Citizenship Resources


Teachers have long understood the importance of teaching and modeling good digital citizenship in their classrooms. Below are some helpful resources to integrate digital citizenship into classroom lessons: 1.

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week this week!

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Internet safety, online communication, digital footprint, strategic searching, copyright and fair use–these days, “tech skills” encompass so much more than simply learning to type and download files. For Digital Citizenship Week this year (Oct.

Teaching Students with Autism about Digital Citizenship


I nstructional Technology Specialist at Cumberland Academy of Georgia Jennifer Liang knows all about digital citizenship. Digital citizenship at Cumberland Academy began when the school started thinking 21st about century social skills. “A

New, free digital citizenship curriculum helps students become responsible tech users


A strong understanding of digital citizenship is essential for students of all ages to be able to make smart choices online and in life. The new, free K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Education has lessons for all ages to address the current technology landscape.

Get Started with Digital Citizenship in Your District


How should an entire district begin teaching digital citizenship? Life Schools Charter School’s digital citizenship initiative began when they started to notice that many students were posting on social media about their location and other personal details.

4 fresh ideas for teaching digital citizenship sooner

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So why do digital citizenship courses focus on middle school and above? In a digital learning environment, how can educators ensure that students are being safe while they are online? How can we help all students–from elementary to post-secondary–be savvy digital citizens?

Common Sense Education ramps up ‘Digital Citizenship for All’

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Common Sense Education’s new Digital Citizenship for All campaign, part of the organization’s commitment to making digital citizenship a national priority, urges educators to take a digital citizenship pledge and model behavior for students as they use technology responsibly.

ISTE issues Digital Citizenship Week challenge

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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) will leverage Digital Citizenship Week (Oct. 16-20) to raise awareness of the importance of teaching digital citizenship to students of all ages. Two digital citizenship Twitter chats on Oct.

Student Screen Use: A Perspective from Principals


Digital Learning Digital Citizenship MDMStudents need more access to devices outside the classroom.

10 findings about K-12 digital learning

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Digital learning itself is expanding in schools, but access to classroom and home technology still remains a major obstacle, according to a new study from Schoology. Nearly 42 percent of study participants say lack of student access at home is their biggest obstacle to student learning.

7 beginner’s steps in digital citizenship for any district

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How should an entire district begin teaching digital citizenship? Life Schools Charter School’s digital citizenship initiative began when they started to notice that many students were posting on social media about their location and other personal details.

Indiana Digital Citizenship


Digital Learning Professional LearningGuest Post from Michelle Green, eLearning Development Specialist for the Office of eLearning at the Indiana Department of Education As districts across Indiana prepare to. read more.

Determining “Just Right” Digital Citizenship Lessons for Kids

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As I now try to teach parents and teachers how to gauge the appropriateness of digital citizenship lessons for kids, I use a technique modeled after choosing “just right” books. Similarly, the first step toward determining age-appropriate lessons in digital citizenship instruction should be selecting a topic that is relevant to the population you’re trying to reach. Such is the case with digital citizenship.

How to Take Digital Citizenship Schoolwide During the 2016-17 School Year


Since our students are using technology to play, learn, and communicate while at home and at school, they should be learning how to use that technology responsibly. Full integration of digital citizenship (or DigCit) curriculum into every class and every content area—at every grade level—should be the goal to meet this need. Keep in mind that most teacher-prep programs do not incorporate digital citizenship alongside the other elements of teacher education.

Partnering Tech Integration with Digital Citizenship

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Improving the way students learn using technology requires more than just high-quality instructional resources like lessons and facilitation guides. It requires creating a culture of digital citizenship that involves students, faculty, and parents -- a whole-community approach. Kelly: Digital media and technology hold great promise for supporting K–12 education, yet successfully implementing digital learning initiatives can be challenging.

Digital Learning Day Reflections

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Therefore, when I told them about digital learning day I didn't ask for anything special to happen, I just asked them to allow visitors when they normally used technology in the classrooms. dlday collaboration digital learning day edtech elementary technology integration

Helping Learners to be Kind Online and Offline

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Common Sense Curriculum – The Digital Citizenship lesson plans and resources by Common Sense are full of engaging ways to get students to reflect on the choices they make online. This is one of the student digital missions in my book.

12 Ways to Join the Twitter Party to Celebrate Digital Learning Day 2014

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Digital Learning Day raises awareness about the ways digital learning supports educators. Follow the official Digital Learning Day account @OfficialDLDay 2. engchat — Digital Learning Day (@OfficialDLDay) February 4, 2014 4.

How One District Is Transforming Digital Learning

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While pedagogies, learning tools and technology have evolved over the 20 years I’ve worked in the industry and 14 years as a leader in educational technology, the belief in digital equity has remained a constant for me. Building the Digital Dream.

Help Digital Kids Build Social-Emotional Skills


In a culture where we're always connected, writes digital citizenship consultant Devorah Heitner, the challenges of adolescence are intensified in ways that adults and kids themselves don't always fully grasp.

What does digital learning actually look like?

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Today we celebrate Digital Learning Day across the country by taking time to highlight the impact of technology on teaching and learning. . Any educator will tell you digital learning includes: Frozen screens. My appreciation for digital learning took time.

3 Reasons to Use Bing in the Classroom


Educators need to teach students what it means to be digitally responsible as well. Access Common Core Aligned Digital Literacy Lesson Plans Having quality resources can make a big difference in the classroom. Additionally, Kerry Gallagher , Digital Learning Specialist at St.

Social Media Use & Our Students: Guest Host @JKDNCN #EdtechMissions

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We need to allow teachers and students to use social media as an instructional tool, which is why I encourage teachers to do this with digital learning missions in my book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions. One of the digital missions encourages students to create fictitious social media profiles for famous historical figures or characters.

Make a Difference in the World as a Citizen Scientist

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Students achieve reading, writing, and digital research standards and see their learning make a real impact on the world. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go. Challenge: Get students to contribute their learning to meaningful research as citizen scientists. ebook, Learning to Go. Effective Technology Integration citizen science citizen scientist digital citizenship digital research STEAM STEM

A Reflection on Digital Learning Day

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On February 5, 2014, educators and students around the country participated in Digital Learning Day (#DLDay). Afterschool Alliance Digital Is Educator Innovator Blog Edutopia Hive Learning Network KQED Education Mozilla Webmaker National Writing Project YALSA #DLDay #make4dlday access connected learning digital citizenship digital divide digital learning day digital literacy equity

Selfie Activities to Inspire Reflection on Digital Identity

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This is why one of the missions in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom , is for learners to go on a selfie adventure. Get your copy of Hacking Digital Learning , The 30 Goals Challenge , or Learning to Go. Improving Self Concept & Digital Identity with Selfie Activities from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

State and District Leadership Discuss Digital Learning Opportunities


SETDA’s latest research, Navigating the Digital Shift 2018: Broadening Student Learning Opportunities , highlights how state policies are supporting the transformation to digital learning. Of course, schools can’t make the switch to digital overnight.

Microsoft Flagship Schools, Insta Parent Guide and more!


In this episode of TOSAs Talking Tech, Tom and Michael discuss Microsoft’s new Flagship Schools program created through lesson learned from many pilots across the country. Learn Digital Citizenship Education Technology podcasts

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media


However, said Jamie Knowles, Senior Manager of Educator Professional Learning Programs at Common Sense Media, social media also has the ability to help users share their stories and shed a positive light on their activities. Enhance student learning: Social media is ubiquitous.

Are You R.E.A.D.Y. as a School to be Good Digital Citizens


Today's students are using technology to collaborate, learn, research, and communicate while at school. Blended and personalized learning with digital tools has flooded classrooms, but most teacher-prep programs do not incorporate digital citizenship as requirements for teacher certification.

Teacher Creativity Skill: Create Digital Learning Spaces

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Great classrooms have always been the fertile earth for creative work, but in the Digital Age, we have the responsibility to adapt to new opportunities and new environments. Online learning experiences can be both transformative and restrictive.

Stop Thinking About Screen Time


Why Student Creation is the Hardest/Best Form of Assessment ] cross posted at www.KerryHawk02.com Kerry Gallagher is the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at St. Digital Citizenship Policy TL Advisor Blog

New BrainPOP partnership offers schools new resources for teaching the election

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Second Avenue Learning partners with BrainPOP for trail program. As the conventions and election season draw near, a new partnership between Second Avenue Learning and BrainPOP will help provide new digital resources for educators teaching students about the election process.

Are my students addicted to technology?


” To find answers to these questions — and, more importantly, to help support a healthy digital lifestyle — Common Sense examines the latest scientific research about problematic media use in their new report, Technology Addiction: Concern, Controversy, and Finding Balance.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


This wide variety of lifestyle, income, and infrastructure can get in the way of student access to learning or our assessment of our students. There is more and more pressure to eliminate as many non-digital learning activities as possible, both at home and in the classroom.

Connection for Personalized Learning

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This post is part of a series about the Building Blocks for Personalized Learning. By engaging in opportunities to make connections beyond the classroom to real-world learning activities and situations, students are better able to experience personalized learning.