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What’s all the fuss about micro-credentials and digital badging? Nellie Mae White PaperDigital Badging and Micro-Credentialing. Digital Promise & Educator Micro-credentials. Digital Promise Educator Micro-credentials. Digital Promise Home. What are they and how do I earn them? What do they have to do with professional development?

MIT Starts University Group to Build New Digital Credential System


The idea is to encourage widespread use of digital credentials across all kinds of academic institutions, and even at more informal places of learning, so that students end up taking ownership of how to communicate their learning to employers.

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Digital Badges Are Gaining Traction,” according to MIndwire Consulting’s Michael Feldstein. Related, via Doug Belshaw : “Some thoughts on the future of the Open Badges backpack.” ” Via Inside Higher Ed : “White paper explores changing the accreditation system to encourage continuous improvement and open the door to ‘alternative’ education providers.” ” The white paper comes from Ithaka S+R.