How to employ a differentiated mindset when teaching STEM

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When we facilitate professional development events, there’s often a common theme: teachers understand the importance of active STEM teaching and learning, but don’t always know how to implement it in a way that supports the diverse needs of their students. In our work with TGR EDU: Explore , a partnership between TGR Foundation and Discovery Education, we provide guidance to educators on how to prepare students for success through active, engaging instruction.


Bringing Equity to STEM Education

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Progress for the STEM education movement must continue to improve, especially for students in underrepresented communities hard hit by COVID-19. We know that STEM-related education holds opportunities for students, but STEM learning must become more evenly distributed. It’s imperative that we address barriers to STEM education now so that students won’t suffer later. Here’s how TGR EDU: Explore is working to bring equity to STEM education.


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Discovery Education STEM Connect


If the school system has Discovery Education Streaming or buys Streaming with STEM Connect, price is $3000 per site per year. Product Description: Discovery Education STEM Connect is a Web-based K–8 learning resource that helps teachers enhance their curricula and integrate STEM in to their classrooms. Quality and Effectiveness: Discovery Education STEM Connect is an excellent resource for the classroom. ? Retail Price: $4000 per site per year.


STEM, PBL, Common Core, and 21st Century Learning


Solar exploration in Mrs. Hamman''s 5th grade class This STEM project was student driven. Water quality in Mrs. Goucher''s and Mrs. Martinez'' 4th grade classes This was a collaborative project between two classrooms, capitalizing on each teacher''s strengths while differentiating for the learners. Lessons learned through Alka-Seltzer in Sandy Rollefstad''s Chemistry and Sarah Harrison''s Algebra classes This STEM project turned into PBL about math in the real world.

Part 3… STEM Resource Series… Over 70 Stemtastic Sites

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to this third of many posts that will bring you over 70 STEM links. STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. I have traveled the country delivering PD relating to technology integration, PBL, STEM, Digital Literacy, and the 4 C’s. Part 2… STEM Resource Series… Over 70 Stemtastic Sites - Michael Gorman ( ) .

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20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

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You’ll learn how to identify the signs of student engagement and analyze highly engaging lessons so you can replicate effective strategies in your own instruction. In addition, you’ll create differentiated activities and assessments tailored to diverse learning styles and achievement levels so you can keep all students engaged based on their unique interests and abilities.” With video instruction on the rise, flipped classroom techniques can help any teacher.

5 Ways to Help Kids of All Ages Code #HourofCode

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I’ll be co-hosting a panel conversation on how I help kids learn how to personalize their own learning, how we can differentiate instruction, and we’ll have an “old fashioned” tool share at 2 pm in the room. Brian Aspinall is an educator, best selling author and three times TEDx speaker who is considered one of the brightest STEM innovators in education.

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Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Launches New STEM Initiative in Partnership with Discovery Education


- Unique Combination of Digital Content and Sustained Professional Learning to Support Educators’ Efforts to Build Dynamic STEM Learning Environments - Silver Spring, Md. August 14, 2018) – Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish Schools (EBR) today launched a new STEM initiative in partnership with Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms. The Science Techbooks series also includes valuable STEM/STEAM resources.


Eduprotocols for Littles with Jon Corippo #kinderchat

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iPads to Differentiate Instruction in K-2 Classrooms. 5 Idea Friday Blended Learning and E-Learning Chromebooks Classroom Management Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Game Based Learning Gsuite and Google Apps Innovation iPads Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Mac STEM Students Teachers Web Tools Windows-PCJon Corippo on episode 375 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

California’s Beaumont Unified School District Selects Discovery Education to Support STEM Teaching and Learning in District Elementary School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and Comprehensive Professional Development System to Create Authentic STEM Teaching and Learning Environments for Elementary Students- Silver Spring, Md. Beaumont USD’s Palm Elementary School is the focal point of this new collaboration, which seeks to create the area’s premier STEM school through a unique combination of Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources and robust STEM-focused professional development services.

New Professional Learning Opportunities with Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

The Differentiating Instruction to Support Refugee Students micro-credential aims to build differentiation strategies along content, process, product, and learning environment to promote the highest levels of learning for all students in a classroom. Ensuring Equitable Participation in STEM : A facilitator engages all youth in an equitable method in STEM learning scenarios.

Robotics isn’t scary! 4 benefits of working with robots

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Educators across the country are working to establish robotics clubs after school, they’re creating robotics units in STEM classes, and they’re doing their best to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn just how essential robotics is to our daily lives. In that role, she frequently incorporates personalized learning and differentiated instruction. Featured on eSchool News STEM

Math in One-to-One


This was review content, but necessary for them to be ready for the new content in outliers and stem and leaf plots. Wells the opportunity to work with all the students, tailoring instruction to their individual needs. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction One-to-One Ever wonder what math looks like in an one-to-one environment? Is it just worksheets and math problems online, or is there an advantage to learning math in one-to-one classrooms?

Helping Learners Move Beyond “I Can’t Do This”

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So it is no wonder that when learners are given hands-on tasks such as those common to maker education, STEM, and STEAM, they sometimes struggle with their completion. Many maker education, STEM, and STEAM activities require a skill set in order to complete them. Mastery learning: Reframes a student’s sense of responsibility, where performance is viewed as the product of instruction and practice, rather than a lack of ability.

Why Technology in Classrooms Doesn’t Always Boost Education Results

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I went to a recent professional development about differentiated instruction. When I do a workshop on differentiation, I differentiate. Innovation News & Trends Research STEMTechnology Research and News A recent Wall Street Journal Article is attracting attention. It found (gasp) using computers doesn’t give you better test scores. Technology in classrooms means little.

Formative Assessment and Differentiation


Teachers must know how to use that information to shape their instruction. We use formative assessments to drive instructional decisions such as changing the approach or changing the target content. Created with Doodle Buddy , prompted by Stem Resources visual Differentiating assessment and instruction I spent February 10th with the awesome staff at Apache Junction High School facilitating staff development.

New Science Techbook is built for NGSS

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Digital textbook uses instructional approach aligned to real-world science applications. The Science Techbook includes standards-aligned content such as video, audio, text, interactives with hands-on activities, and virtual labs intended to help educators differentiate instruction and provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. Digital Learning and Tools News STEM Top News


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This is done through an innovative platform which helps teachers develop dynamic lessons, differentiate instruction, and seamlessly integrate Computer Science into their curriculum. 21st century SEL STEAM STEMFUNecole is a wonderful digital learning solution for grades 1st-6th. FUNecole focuses on different topics such as: digital literacy, SEL (social-emotional learning), and 21st Century Skills, coding, Computer Science, and more.

Site Visit & Shift Happens


You see, all week long I indulged in PBL lessons such as STEM with GPS and students doing amazing projects, projects that I aspired to do when I was still in the classroom but hadn''t quite gotten there. The teachers were masters at differentiated instruction with technology. Every teacher mastered differentiating instruction with technology. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction ed reform PBL

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Partners with Discovery Ed


Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish Schools (EBR) today launched a new STEM initiative in partnership with Discovery Education. Discovery Education will support EBR’s educators with digital content and professional learning that aims to help them develop a culture of STEM teaching and learning at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School and Park Elementary School. Ed Tech Ticker curriculum STEM

STEAM Learning in Action

EdNews Daily

The need for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education is critical, especially because there will be more than 3 million job openings in STEM-related fields by 2018. But administrators and policy makers now recognize the benefits of integrating arts education into STEM subjects. Now, instead of focusing solely on STEM, education experts are finding ways to innovate in the classroom with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics).

DON’T MISS IT: Teachers Leading Teachers Online Conference Starts Thursday

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I will present Differentiating Instruction with Technology , at 9:30 am EDT Friday. 9:30 am – 10:30 am Vicki Davis – Differentiating Instruction with Technology. 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm – Jessica Alessio – 1,2,3 Magic: Getting Rid of Gimmicks and Getting Back to Instruction. 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Amanda Dykes – STEM Across the Curriculum. How to Differentiate and Reach Every Learner.

One District's Journey From 'State of Emergency' to Student Success


In a conversation with EdSurge, Gilmore—who became Allendale’s superintendent a year ago—discusses how she is turning around her district, and outlines her six-step instructional process that drives teacher and student success. One of the improvement priorities from AdvancED | Measured Progress was that the district needed a standard instructional process. So I developed the Allendale Six instructional process: bell to bell instruction. standards-based instruction.

MobyMax launches K-8 cognitive skills science curriculum

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Cognitive Skills Science is a great addition that will help teachers differentiate instruction, as well as assess students’ understanding of key concepts,” said Elizabeth Was, a teacher at Mark Fine Elementary School in Las Vegas. Cognitive Skills Science creates a solid STEM foundation in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) domains—life, physical, earth, and space science. News STEM Top NewsNew K-8 curriculum uses manipulatives to target science mastery.


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CodeMoji is an excellent learning tool to introduce html, CSS, and Javascript, while integrating STEM into the classroom. Educators can even grade students and generate detailed reports to help differentiate instruction. coding programming STEMCodemoji is a innovative new website for grades 1st-8th grade learning how to code or program. Best of all, it makes coding fun and easy to learn through the use of emojis.

How to make math a key part of your ELL curriculum

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Historically, English language learner (ELL) instruction has primarily focused on reading and writing. Researchers have suggested both that strong early math skills are top indicators of college and career success, and that STEM-related texts offer a powerful opportunity to engage students in reading by building on their budding interests. For that success to happen, however, ELLs need individualized, differentiated instruction to close the math gap—but challenges abound.

Epic Heroes of Knowledge

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This game has lots of a replay value, is very easy to play, and even differentiates instruction for each student. game based learning mobile learning STEMEpic Heroes of Knowledge is the latest mobile (iOS) learning app (free) from Yogome. Yogome is well known for their beautifully rendered games that are ideal for learning grades K-5th. Epic Heroes of Knowledge has students learning a wide variety of subjects (i.e.

Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Little did I know this experience would eventually propel me to help develop a school operating system that tackles technology issues plaguing educators and supports them with more opportunities to offer individualized instruction. I generated logins for my students and started “blending” instruction using the free content from these publishers.

TEACHER VOICE: How students in one Massachusetts town learned to love coding

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With apps and online lessons, we’re able to differentiate instruction for students by level and interest. I have found that hyperdocs are a fabulous way to share these differentiated activities. K-12 Opinion STEM Technology accessBoy using a tablet. Photo: Jamel Toppin/Mint Images/ZUMA Wire. PLYMOUTH, Mass. When I was 8 years old, my father began teaching me a programming language called BASIC, using an Epson QX10 computer.

16 educators share their digital learning strategies

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Online literacy platforms, virtual field trips, STEM simulations and modeling–these are just some of the tools that help elevate instruction in classrooms across the country. I use edtech in my classroom to differentiate instruction and take my literacy curriculum to the next level. To accomplish this, I use Achieve3000 , a digital platform designed to support accelerated literacy growth through differentiated content and assessments.

?How Game-Based Learning Encourages Growth Mindset


Grouping math students to target instruction has become widespread, with students often placed in one of three categories—intervention, advanced, and somewhere in the middle. Intervention students can get stuck in a deficit model of instruction that repeatedly focuses only on they skills and knowledge they lack. Adaptive GBL platforms can help by doing the heavy lifting, handling instructional planning, delivery, and data collection in mixed ability classrooms.

Installing Network Infrastructure for Mobile-First Learning


Pre-K–12 schools and districts are shifting toward personalized learning through blended learning, project-based learning, design thinking, STEM/STEAM, and other inquiry-based learning models, whether or not they are 1:1. In fact, instructional strategies are shifting away from those that are teacher directed to more collaborative learning environments where students take responsibility for their own learning.

Literacy Tools That Bring Equity and Energy to the Classroom—and Unlock Career Doors


EdSurge talked with him about how he and his colleagues use online differentiated literacy instruction tools from Achieve3000 , and how that platform has helped the school’s students—80 percent of whom are eligible for free lunch—achieve a stunning 98.5 Differentiated instruction is the idea that we can meet more students’ needs by changing content, processes and products to keep kids learning at high levels and eventually achieve equitable outcomes.

Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience Wins Approval

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Following a comprehensive evaluation, Virginia’s State Board of Education has approved Virginia Discovery Education Science Experience for statewide use as a core instructional resource through its state adoption process.

Stepping Toward Personalized Learning and a Lesson on Walls… plus a Free Webinar

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I want to take a break from my Over 70 STEM Resource Series to have a conversation on Personalized Learning and its relationship to the Walls of education. STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS. By the late 1970’s and early 1908’s the idea of Individualized Instruction became a buzzword. Later in my career there was another step that may have gone beyond Individualized Instruction.