MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

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MobyMax also includes “Power Tools” acting like a clicker, monitoring behavior, messaging, a social wall for students, a parent portal, manipulatives and time reports. As a teacher, the continuous progress monitoring makes formative instruction that much easier.

ASCD's #Empower18 Conference Report


The conversations in these presentations centered on impactful instruction and the magnitude of digital options. It includes carefully crafted content and direct instruction to support students’ foundational skills.

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Research roundup: 4 new reports on what’s working for blended learning practitioners

The Christensen Institute

Even though we aren’t even half-way through 2018, there are already several insightful reports on blended and personalized learning from this year that are worth highlighting. These reports examined various tools and approaches to implement blended and personalized learning models, as well as the potential impact these models could have on students and teachers. Another point of interest was how technology allowed teachers to change how they provided instruction to students.

Reframing ed tech to save teachers time and reduce workloads

The Hechinger Report

For much of the previous decade, advocates of education technology imagined a classroom where computer algorithms would differentiate instruction for each student, delivering just the right lessons at the right time, like a personal tutor.

Gamechanger: Type to Learn is Now in the Cloud!

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No more software downloads. This takes you to your teacher dashboard where you will find student reports and more. Teacher accounts include a dashboard that provides a list of students, detailed reports on student and class progress, the ability to create certificates, and more.

The secret element in blended learning

The Christensen Institute

Given this fact, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking of technology—devices and software—as blended learnings’ core, defining feature. When we look at hardware and software, their impact on student achievement tends to be moderate, in the rage of 0.1 Online learning also gives teachers new options for how they group students, provide feedback, and use instructional time. By definition , online learning is part of any blended learning classroom.

Three Things We Learned at Khan Academy Over the Last Decade


I think we all knew, even back then, that technology could one day deliver on the long-held dream of helping teachers to differentiate instruction for every student. Technology can be pen and paper, or adaptive software, or whatever is most helpful for the learning task at hand.

How to Differentiate Teaching for the advancement of student Thinking Skills: Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning Series (Part 5)


In the previous installments of our series, we have shared ideas on instructional strategies that allow the simultaneous implementation of Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATLs). This fifth post addresses h ow differentiated teaching can advance students’ thinking skills.

Personalized learning won’t work without personalized supports

The Christensen Institute

Or worse yet, as a silver bullet in the form of highly customized learning pathways determined through big data and adaptive software. Technology certainly holds phenomenal potential to differentiate instruction with levels of precision and scale that a single teacher with many students may struggle to manage. It risks assuming that all we need is better instruction to drive better outcomes—despite plentiful evidence that nonacademic variables shape learning outcomes as well.

Technology doesn’t drive blended learning success … or does it?

The Christensen Institute

All five schools use some variation of the Station Rotation or Lab Rotation blended-learning models for core instruction in math and English language arts. But even though blended learning is a deliberate part of their instructional approaches, it didn’t seem to be the differentiating factor driving their success. These school administrators have reported that they spend roughly 70 percent of their time providing coaching to teachers. Data-driven instruction.

25 Reading Sites and Apps

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Also, a great way to "flip a lesson" and gauge student learning to help differentiate instruction. Also, the educational portal allows for student tracking to generate detailed reports and differentiate instruction.

TEACHER VOICE: How students in one Massachusetts town learned to love coding

The Hechinger Report

With apps and online lessons, we’re able to differentiate instruction for students by level and interest. I have found that hyperdocs are a fabulous way to share these differentiated activities. Boy using a tablet. Photo: Jamel Toppin/Mint Images/ZUMA Wire. PLYMOUTH, Mass.

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Here’s how we made data usable for our teachers

eSchool News

With a few clicks, we can view detailed reports on student test scores, formative assessments, progress reports from self-paced software, attendance, and so much more. In today’s digital classroom, teachers have access to more data than ever.

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Documenting Maine’s failure to implement proficiency-based education

The Hechinger Report

Their 118-page report, “ ‘In theory it’s a good idea’: Understanding implementation of proficiency-based education in Maine, ” published in October 2018, serves as an unintended post-mortem of how educational reforms can go wrong. The report was funded by the Nellie Mae Foundation, which is a major financial supporter of many efforts to promote and study proficiency- or competency-based education, including those in Maine.

50 Sites/Apps for Educational Games

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Also, there is an educational portal that allows teachers to track/monitor students, generate detailed reports, and assess student's learning to make it easy to differentiate instruction. Sheppard Software - A nice site w/ lots of games on different subject areas.

Is the new education reform hiding in plain sight?

The Hechinger Report

Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. Differentiated instruction was conceived in the 1950s. Photo: Laura Pappano for The Hechinger Report. appeared first on The Hechinger Report. Dan D.

10 tools for blended schools

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In their profiles, schools can share the ins-and-outs of their approach to blended learning including their instructional model, the grades and subjects in which they are rolling out blended approaches, and the software powering those models.

Most English lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers and other sites are ‘mediocre’ or ‘not worth using,’ study finds

The Hechinger Report

One of the most popular English lessons in the instructional marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers is a unit on how to teach William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” But otherwise, instruction in this Shakespeare unit rarely goes deeper than a surface understanding of the text.

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EdRedi makes tablets ready for classroom use

eSchool News

New application ensures a safe instructional environment in which teachers control content and personalize learning for each student. Material from a press release was used in this report.

Part 3… STEM Resource Series… Over 70 Stemtastic Sites

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

The site also features collaboration tools to enable teachers to discuss and share effective instructional practices. Also, find professional development resources such as a video on differentiated instruction or a tutorial on what engineering might look like in your classroom.

STEM 126

Utah State Board of Education Approves Lexia Reading Core5 as K–3 Reading Improvement Program


NYSE: RST) Company, today announced that Lexia Reading Core5® has been named by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) as an approved provider of early interactive reading software for literacy instruction and assessment for grades K–3.

'Lost in the Cracks' Alabama District Brings Personalized Learning to Incarcerated Youth


In the traditional model, you still want to differentiate and meet students’ needs, but sometimes it can be challenging when you need to move a student a little bit faster.” Brown says technology has made differentiating instruction based on students’ needs easier, noting how the curriculum is personalized through programs such as Odysseyware, a learning management system that allows students to move through lessons at their own pace (based on assessed content mastery).

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


Achieve3000 will apply its online differentiated instruction to the content, helping students to digest critical material so they can read, discuss, and debate core U.S. The software takes advantage of Casio’s Natural Display technology for input and output of mathematical expressions.

Catholic schools turn to blended learning as a way to address students’ individual needs

The Hechinger Report

SEATTLE — After years of declining enrollment, a growing number of Catholic schools nationwide are placing their faith in blended learning, a teaching approach in which computers share the instructional load with teachers, and one that appeals to many parents disillusioned with traditional schools.

Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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link] Office Word - Google Drive Docs Excel - Google Drive Sheets PowerPoint - Google Drive Slides (Using Google Drive offline [link] ) Notetaking Google Keep [link] Evernote notetaking and bookmarking [link] Google Drive Docs can also be used for Note taking MoveNote - Ever wish you could hear what students were thinking or trying to develop when they wrote a paper or constructed a lab report?

The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Software and Web Memberships : some amazing companies have really been supportive and offered some fantastic resources - you won''t believe how cool they are! per Heinemann website): Troy Hicks holds sight on good writing workshop instruction.

What you Need to Know about K-12 Fundraising Tech

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When your school takes part in an a-thon fundraiser using online fundraising software, your student participants (or their parents) receive customizable pages that they can share via email, text, and social media with their friends, family members, and other connections. With the help of online fundraising software, participants can share their pages and supporters can make their contributions whether they’re on their phones or their computers. Useful reporting features.

10 Sites Teachers Really Love

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Many of TextHelp’s tools integrate with Google, and their software for exams and assessment is aligned with the Common Core and other State Standards. It is being used to flip a classroom or lesson, project based learning, grading/assessing, and even for differentiating instruction.

200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I plan on providing sessions that integrate PBL with STEM, Makers, Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry, Deeper Learning, and Technology Integration. Have students create word clouds of a lab report and compare results. Welcome to a post that grows each time I write it.

Resources from 25 Presentations at Miami Device 2015

Learning in Hand

Green Screen Magic by Janet Corder and Joan Gore Your K-12 students can easily create videos for storytelling, book reviews, historical reenactments, weather reports and more through the use of Green Screen Technology. She highlights useful web tools, Chrome extensions, and software.

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Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

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Arcademic Skill Builders - Amazing site w/ educational games and portal to allow for student tracking and progress reports in Math, Reading, and more. Also, this game is aligned to Common Core Standard and can send progress reports to pareants/teachers via email.