In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

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In further developing 21st Century classrooms and learners , it''s vital that we move beyond using technology to enhance teacher-led instruction, but rather as tools to assist student-led discovery.

#04: Simple Ways to Find Your Teaching Blindspots in the Classroom

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True excellence is a mindset, a desire to serve, a belief that helping others leads to the best outcomes.” Register for my free Differentiating Instruction with Technology webinar sponsored by SMART Learning Suite next Thursday, February 9 at 4pm.

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The Challenges Educators Face

A Principal's Reflections

Technology, most specifically social media, has flattened the world. Dedicating time to fortify universal instruction and systematic procedures while continuing to attend to the intensive needs of the high volume of kids in crisis & experiencing trauma.

Blended Instruction vs Blended Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Schools continue to make investments in technology to engage students better, improve outcomes, and prepare all learners for the new world of work. Here is the difference: Blended instruction is what the teacher does with technology.

5 Steps to take for successful PD for teachers


They need to learn about differentiated instruction , flexible learning environments, how to make the most of the school LMS, educational apps, or even VR and drones. You could diversify the courses format: face-to-face instruction, online courses, or try out a blended approach.

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Meeting the Educational Challenges of COVID-19 Together

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Basic Needs and Social Emotional Support. And as we think about learning, now more than ever the social and emotional challenges students are facing are going to profoundly impact learning now, and in the longer term. Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.

Learning Revolution Free Events - The Conference - Next Up #Reinvent14 - Appreciative Inquiry and AERO

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Topics include: Personalize Your Math Professional Development, Learn About Differentiated Instruction and UDL, Personalize Your ELA Professional Development, and more. See graphics for social media and follow the event to join the campaign!