Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

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One of the major benefits of using technology in the classroom is the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson. They are drawn to information that is presented visually. |Kelly Tenkely|.

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

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One of the things that I really appreciate about MobyMax is the mix of direct instruction and the ability for students to discover learning on their own through discovery-based instruction. As a teacher, the continuous progress monitoring makes formative instruction that much easier.

Differentiate and Personalize Literacy Instruction for Your Elementary Classroom!


Adaptive, Personalized Learning for Literacy Instruction in Blended Learning Environments What Is Lexia Core5 ? Lexia Reading Core5 is an online literacy program developed with an instructional model and scope and sequence based on research published in numerous peer reviewed journals.

Practical examples of social media in elementary school

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Using a blog hits many important curriculum areas, such as differentiating instruction as well as meeting many Common Core Standards (see here & here for examples). Everything done with social media is done to help create a transparent learning environment, teach 21st century skills and proper use of related digital tools, and meet the needs of all learners through differentiation while also meeting CCSS.

California’s Beaumont Unified School District Selects Discovery Education to Support STEM Teaching and Learning in District Elementary School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and Comprehensive Professional Development System to Create Authentic STEM Teaching and Learning Environments for Elementary Students- Silver Spring, Md. Discovery Education’s Science Techbook series empowers educators to transform science instruction.

Innovative Science Teaching in Grades 6-12

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I’ll be co-hosting a panel conversation on how I help kids learn how to personalize their own learning, how we can differentiate instruction, and we’ll have an “old fashioned” tool share at 2 pm in the room. Creating Elementary Portfolios with SeeSaw.

Consistent Use of Lexia Reading Core5 Leads to Surge in Charter Schools USA Elementary Students Literacy Gains


BOSTON (March 12, 2018) – An analysis of more than 22,600 K–5 students within the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) network found that incorporating recommended use levels of the Lexia Reading Core5® program into instruction resulted in substantial growth in reading skills during the 2016/17 school year, over and above that achieved with non-Core5 instruction. For more information, visit For more information, visit

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Partners with Discovery Ed


Discovery Education will support EBR’s educators with digital content and professional learning that aims to help them develop a culture of STEM teaching and learning at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School and Park Elementary School. For more information, visit

Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

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The Station Rotation has consistently reigned as the most popular blended-learning model implemented by elementary schools. Of the 235 active elementary schools currently profiled in the BLU school directory , 136, or 58 percent, of them have a Station Rotation program.

Helping Learners Move Beyond “I Can’t Do This”

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I work part-time with elementary learners – with gifted learners during the school year and teaching maker education camps during the summer. Giving learners tasks a little above their ability levels is actually a definition for differentiated instruction.

If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook…

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We had surprising outcomes from students with special needs,” said Jamie Morgan, an elementary school teacher in the Wichita Falls ISD in Texas. Morgan began the Chromebook initiative by hosting a “Meet the Chromebooks” information night for her kindergarten parents.

Broward County Public Schools Selects Science A-Z As District-wide Supplement to K–5 Science Curriculum


Florida’s second largest district partners with Learning A-Z to provide its elementary schools with professional learning and an award-winning curriculum resource that blends science and literacy TUCSON—Aug. Resources can be used for one-to-one, small-group, and whole-class instruction.

Using Data-Driven Instruction and SEL to Make the Most of Assessments

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As other districts experiencing these factors know, this presents a variety of challenges to the fidelity and cohesiveness of instruction. Our solution is a combination of strong data-driven instruction and social-emotional learning (SEL). Data-Driven Instruction.

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6 EdTech Resources and Strategies to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Students


It is therefore essential to personalize instruction based upon learner differences if we are going to ensure that all students thrive in our schools. The key strategy to get to this level of understanding involves a tried-and-true instructional practice: formative assessments and feedback.

The secret element in blended learning

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Information communications technology – 0.47. Technology with elementary students – 0.44. Online learning also gives teachers new options for how they group students, provide feedback, and use instructional time. When we look at many of the “offline” activities that online learning makes possible—such as small group instruction and mastery-based learning—we see even more favorable effects, ranging from around 0.3

Closing the Gap for ELs and Students of Color

She also suggested having students and family members do presentations as experts on their culture and language, which can include not just providing information but also the sharing of things such as food and music.

TEACHER VOICE: How students in one Massachusetts town learned to love coding

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Thousands of students in Plymouth public elementary schools participate in Hour of Code, a lynchpin in our technology curriculum for the past three years. With apps and online lessons, we’re able to differentiate instruction for students by level and interest. Boy using a tablet.

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4 keys to supporting college and career readiness

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Our efforts seem to be paying off, as all of our elementary and middle schools are rated by the state as either “shows progress” or “excels” in terms of reading and math achievement. We would not have known this was a problem without our common district assessments to evaluate instruction.

Data Interoperability Provides a Path Toward Equity—4 Lessons Learned


Originally, SDCOE wanted to build a “universal transcript” that showed data from elementary through career. Because most of the districts in San Diego County are elementary school districts, the county decided to pivot and focus only on elementary school literacy data.

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Data Interoperability Provides a Path Toward Equity—4 Lessons Learned


Originally, SDCOE wanted to build a “universal transcript” that showed data from elementary through career. Because most of the districts in San Diego County are elementary school districts, the county decided to pivot and focus only on elementary school literacy data.

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Two Lexia Learning Products Honored in the 2018 Tech Edvocate Awards


Core5 provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalized learning paths in six areas of reading. PowerUp is designed to enhance core English language arts instruction for non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above. For more information, visit

Professional Opportunities for Educators in 2014


Pre-Conference: Power Up ( click here )* I Teach K ( click here ) I Teach 1st ( click here )* Singapore Math Strategies ( click here ) Differentiated Instruction ( click here )* I am presenting at three of the conferences.

What teachers want in a data dashboard

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When Amber Teamann was a teacher in Garland, Texas, seven years ago, her use of data to help guide her instruction was fairly limited. Based on the programs I was using, I could evaluate how to differentiate instruction for my students,” she said.

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SMATH: How to Turn 2 Subjects Into 1 Super-Class


Piedmont Elementary in Alabama, we decided to finally try it. We realized combining classes could help us integrate science and math standards, while team-teaching would allow us to differentiate instruction. We realized combining classes could help us integrate science and math standards, while team-teaching would allow us to differentiate instruction. Brandi Todd has been an elementary teacher for sixteen years.

Emphasize Flexibility and Adaptability When Grouping Students

Base groupings on information: Use pre-tests, formatives assessments, learning styles, and even student interest surveys to divvy up the students. For instance, one group might need constant prompts and direction instruction while another is set with a learning goal and list of resources.

Part 1: Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Reading

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Welcome to a series that supports the use of technology in support of differentiated learning in and beyond the PBL classroom. Look for contact information at the Booking Site. Part 1: Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Reading.

New Hampshire testing pilot breaks the federal accountability mold

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Starting this year, the four PACE implementing districts—Sanborn Regional, Rochester, Epping, and Souhegan—will administer the Smarter Balanced assessment once in elementary school, once in middle school, and once in high school (in three grades instead of seven). Many New Hampshire high school students, even under the new law, still experience cohort-based instruction, testing, and grading. This week the U.S.

How to make math a key part of your ELL curriculum

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Historically, English language learner (ELL) instruction has primarily focused on reading and writing. Middle school students are still at the elementary level, and upper elementary students are still figuring out the basics of numeracy.

Mentoring Minds Unveils Total Motivation – North Carolina


North Carolina unpacks and explains all the standards and gives teachers access to proven instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction and creating thinking-centered classrooms.

Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Launches New STEM Initiative in Partnership with Discovery Education


As part of this effort, district educators have for years integrated Discovery Education Streaming Plus , a comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas provided by Louisiana Public Broadcasting , into classroom instruction.


Strategies for Supporting ELL Students in Math

elementary and middle school classrooms, learning and understanding the language of mathematics can be a challenge. At Compton Unified, ELL students receive differentiated instruction with a teacher and language development through blended learning activities, Michele explained.

Part 4: 20 Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Writing Engagement

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to the fourth post in a series designed to support the use of technology for differentiated learning… in and beyond the PBL classroom. Look for contact information at the Booking Site. Part 4: Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Writing Engagement.

It's Easier Than Ever to Provide Differentiation in the Classroom

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With so many apps and online programs available for students, it's getting easier all the time to provide differentiation in student lessons and projects. Classrooms and libraries are taking on a new look and purpose now that mobile technology allows a freedom of instruction and learning that was not possible a few years ago. Over the last five years, our district's library staff has worked hard to redesign the elementary, middle, and high school libraries.

No Student Is Unreachable

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While there is much discussion about the “debunking” of the “myth” of multiple intelligences, the fact of the matter is that multiple intelligences can provide a kind of framework to diversify and differentiate instruction for all students.

Rethinking Data: How to Create a Holistic View of Students


In the spring of 2015, Denver elementary teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to complete this sentence in writing: “I wish my teacher knew. ” Having the information formatted this way also makes it immediately clear which students a teacher needs to get to know better.

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