iPads to Differentiate Instruction in Early Elementary Education

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Emily Lynch talks about how to use iPads in the classroom to differentiate instruction. Today as our ongoing spotlight this week on K-2 education, we focus on iPads with younger students and differentiating instruction with them. Emily Lynch is a third-grade teacher at Meadowbrook Elementary in the North Kansas City School District.

How Differentiated Instruction Can Help You Reach Every Student in Class


Research around differentiated instruction confirms this is true. If you can adapt your instruction to reflect your students’ needs and learning preferences, you can make class time more effective and help students become more engaged. What is Differentiated Instruction?


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Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

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One of the major benefits of using technology in the classroom is the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson. 5Sigma Analyze Anastasis Academy Apply Create education reform Evaluate inspiration Knowledge (remember) Middle/High School Primary Elementary professional development Secondary Elementary Subject Teacher Resources Understand (describe, explain) Websites |Kelly Tenkely|.

MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

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One of the things that I really appreciate about MobyMax is the mix of direct instruction and the ability for students to discover learning on their own through discovery-based instruction. As a teacher, the continuous progress monitoring makes formative instruction that much easier. It’s always nice when new toys show up in the mail to review. Especially when they promise to help make your program more tailored to the individual, that I really like!

Differentiate and Personalize Literacy Instruction for Your Elementary Classroom!


Adaptive, Personalized Learning for Literacy Instruction in Blended Learning Environments What Is Lexia Core5 ? Lexia Reading Core5 is an online literacy program developed with an instructional model and scope and sequence based on research published in numerous peer reviewed journals. This lowers expenditures on assessments and, according to a national survey, saves teachers up to a month of instructional time.

The Open Classroom: A Perspective on Differentiated Instruction

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"New math" pedagogy was introduced in the elementary schools in the early '60s with very sketchy results. Elementary teachers were ill-prepared to execute properly, which resulted in a decade or so of students who never "got it" in math. We have seen this development accelerate over the past decade with virtual labs, learning collaboration tools and a differentiated curriculum tailored to the student and course requirements.

Top Tips to Create an Organized, Blended Learning Space for Students!


Join us May 21st to see how international classroom design consultant and elementary teacher, Erin Klein, is leveraging technology to maximize her teaching time, while differentiating and personalizing her instruction for all students. blended learning brain friendly brain-friendly class design differentiated instruction education free webinar kurzweil personalized learning teaching

Setting Up Digital Workstations


Try utilizing existing tools in your classroom to set up digital workstations that allow for differentiation, collaboration, choice, and active engagement. cash bash centers differentiated instruction digital workstations education elementary projects Kleinspiration Learning Resources teaching technology centers technology stations Encouraging Choice, Collaboration, and Fun! give away at the bottom of this post - Have you ever ran out of time when teaching a lesson?

Best Practices for Teaching Math to Unique Learners: Visual Representations


Early elementary school teachers commonly use lines, circles, or other basic shapes to represent quantities to be combined when teaching addition. Middle elementary school teachers typically introduce the concept of multiplication with arrays and equal groups.

Inspiring Elementary Learners


Our year is wrapping up, and as it does, I''d like to dedicate the next several posts to celebrating some fabulous educators and incredible learning, starting with the AJUSD elementary level. Celebrating Collaboration As a reflective piece on our school year, the Elementary Collaboration Coaches worked together to create this "Coaching Chronicles" during our Microsoft Peer Coach Training : Elementary Collaboration Coaches from Shauna Hamman on Vimeo.

10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

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Flipping Your Classroom: Redefining Homework and Instruction is an excellent course to help you with this. This is especially important for Instructional Technology Coaches, who can then carry their newfound knowledge to help their fellow teachers set up their tech in all subject areas. As you create lessons, you’ll want to decide how you will differentiate instruction.

Course 272

5 Ways to Help Kids of All Ages Code #HourofCode

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I’ll be co-hosting a panel conversation on how I help kids learn how to personalize their own learning, how we can differentiate instruction, and we’ll have an “old fashioned” tool share at 2 pm in the room. Computer Science Teachers Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Game Based Learning High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) How to Guides. Brian Aspinall on Episode 396 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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Practical examples of social media in elementary school

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Using a blog hits many important curriculum areas, such as differentiating instruction as well as meeting many Common Core Standards (see here & here for examples). Everything done with social media is done to help create a transparent learning environment, teach 21st century skills and proper use of related digital tools, and meet the needs of all learners through differentiation while also meeting CCSS.

Eduprotocols for Littles with Jon Corippo #kinderchat

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Eduprotocols for kindergarten and early elementary with the book’s co-author Jon Corippo. iPads to Differentiate Instruction in K-2 Classrooms. 5 Idea Friday Blended Learning and E-Learning Chromebooks Classroom Management Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Game Based Learning Gsuite and Google Apps Innovation iPads Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Mac STEM Students Teachers Web Tools Windows-PC

TEACHER VOICE: As the pandemic rages, more students are struggling with trauma

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As the visual arts teacher at an elementary school in Brooklyn, N.Y., I teach art via a program called Teaching for Artistic Behavior, which values student choice and agency and aligns perfectly with trauma-informed instruction.

California’s Beaumont Unified School District Selects Discovery Education to Support STEM Teaching and Learning in District Elementary School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and Comprehensive Professional Development System to Create Authentic STEM Teaching and Learning Environments for Elementary Students- Silver Spring, Md. Beaumont USD’s Palm Elementary School is the focal point of this new collaboration, which seeks to create the area’s premier STEM school through a unique combination of Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources and robust STEM-focused professional development services.

Blending with Playlists

A Principal's Reflections

The key is to shift the balance of power and time from instruction (what the teacher does) to learning (what the kid does). Many times, blended instruction is confused with blended learning. This is not to say that a teacher using a variety of tools as part of daily instruction isn’t effective, but this is not blended learning. I'm currently working on how to make it even more differentiated.

What lessons does special education hold for personalized learning?

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Fueled by donations from Silicon Valley philanthropists, the instructional approach has spread to classrooms around the country and more than 40 states are exploring it in some form. A student at Belmont-Cragin Elementary School.

iPads in Students' Hands


This was our first year with iPads in the elementary classrooms, purchased with Title funding. Using the iPads to help facilitate differentiated spelling tests Bonnie Barrett , 1st and 2nd grade teacher, used the iPad to deliver the spelling tests to her two grade levels of students. 21st Century Learning differentiated instruction iPad Professional Development

iPad 75

Consistent Use of Lexia Reading Core5 Leads to Surge in Charter Schools USA Elementary Students Literacy Gains


BOSTON (March 12, 2018) – An analysis of more than 22,600 K–5 students within the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) network found that incorporating recommended use levels of the Lexia Reading Core5® program into instruction resulted in substantial growth in reading skills during the 2016/17 school year, over and above that achieved with non-Core5 instruction.

What I Wish My Teacher Knew: One Question That Could Change Everything

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She has spoken internationally about supporting students, differentiating instruction for students learning English, and building strong communities in classrooms. All Subjects Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Monday Motivation Social Emotional Learning Students TeachersKyle Schwartz on episode 141 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Getting rid of gifted programs: Trying to teach students at all levels together in one class

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More than 30 years ago, Rockville Centre began a gradual but determined effort to do away with gifted classes in its elementary schools as well as many of the tracked classes at the middle and high schools.

Kindergarten Kindness Superheroes and the DNA of Kindergarteners

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iPads to Differentiate Instruction in Early Elementary Education. Laurie McIntosh on episode 374 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Laurie McIntosh shares how her kindergarten kindness “superheroes” wear their capes and spread kindness around their community.

Innovative Science Teaching in Grades 6-12

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I’ll be co-hosting a panel conversation on how I help kids learn how to personalize their own learning, how we can differentiate instruction, and we’ll have an “old fashioned” tool share at 2 pm in the room. Creating Elementary Portfolios with SeeSaw. Seesaw in the Elementary Music Classroom with Amy Burns.

New Posted Resources 06/04/2010

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100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner tags : tools , resources , favorite A 21st Century Professional Development Proposal - LeaderTalk - Education Week A 21st Century Professional Development Proposal tags : professionaldevelopment , favorite Tech-Fueled Differentiated Instruction Engages Elementary School Students | Edutopia Tech-Fueled Differentiated Instruction Engages Elementary School Students tags : differentiation , favorite Posted from Diigo.

5 tips for overcoming low-level reader challenges

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As the sole literacy director and reading specialist for our entire district, I work with students—including those with low-level reader challenges–in elementary, middle, and high school, and I also help out at other district schools—one of which is five hours away.

How to make time for innovation

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Although we often talk about blended learning as a tool to differentiate instruction with greater frequency and precision, blended learning is also a critical solution for any school facing time and human capital shortages. For example, when KIPP Empower , an elementary school in Los Angeles, Calif., Education Blog Blended learning grit noncognitive skillsets PACE New Hampshire PACE pilot performance assessment Pleasant View elementary School

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Take 5! for Science: 150 Helpful Prompts


is a handy science resource targeted for K-5 teachers that can also help differentiate instruction in higher grades, says Laura Von Staden. Book Reviews Science Capstone Common Core critical thinking earth science elementary Judy Elgin Jensen Kaye Hagler Laura Von Staden life science math middle grades NGSS physical science prompts science writing skillsTake 5!

Reimagining Student Supports in a Year of Distance Instruction

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Through a large-scale, multi-year, federal project focusing on early literacy, we were able to gather feedback from educators on how instruction has been going this school year. Now it drives instruction.

Site Visit & Shift Happens


The teachers were masters at differentiated instruction with technology. What was interesting was the learning taking place in 6th-8th grade looked similar to the elementary with the students working in small learning groups. Every teacher mastered differentiating instruction with technology. But, having differentiated instruction through technology in every classroom from Kindergarten through 8th grade was quite impressive and powerful.

Common Core: Addressing Text Complexity through Digital Resources


Primary/Elementary examples: If your class has just read one of the Strega Nona books by Tomie DePaola, then ask the essential question , "How do authors create their characters and plots for their stories?" 21st Century Learning Common Core differentiated instruction The Internet is a key resource for text complexity. We are in a day and age where information and resources are at our fingertips.

More COVID Funding for Schools and Districts with CRRSA

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K-12 funding has been made available in two different venues: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and. Addressing student learning loss through evidence-based approaches, including family resources, assessments, and differentiated instruction.

#05: 5 Ideas for Using Game-Based Learning in your Classroom Today

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Register for my free Differentiating Instruction with Technology webinar sponsored by SMART Learning Suite next Thursday, February 9 at 4pm. Here are instructions for iPhone/iPad or PC/Mac instructions. Here’s my interview with Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen about the best iPad apps for the elementary classroom. Free Differentiating Instruction Webinar on Thursday, February 9 [link].

Inspiration Stations: A Creative Spin on the Station Rotation

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more effectively differentiate instruction. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see students engage in play at school after they’ve left elementary school, but secondary students need this time too. This year, I’ve focused on using the Station Rotation Model to: create smaller learning communities within our larger class. spend more time working in small groups with students. make the most of our limited technology.

How Remote PD is Helping This District Get Back to School


We had to balance providing teachers time to prepare for 100 percent online instruction with the need to provide PD pertaining to specific areas like SEL, differentiated instruction and technology integration.