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Resources from 25 Presentations at Miami Device 2015

Learning in Hand

Miami Device had an amazing collection of presenters, all speaking about hot education topics. Fortunately, some of the speakers have provided digital handouts and resources from their presentations. Nelson shares a PDF with the colorful slides from his amazing presentation.

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Teachers: Don’t Feel Guilty About What You Can’t Do. The System Needs to Change.


Undeterred, they documented their cause on social media and found solidarity with others fighting for the district to reinvest in its schools rather than divest them to private interests. Students collaborated, constructed their designs, collected data, wrote reports and gave presentations. What if I could differentiate instruction in more effective ways than providing extra worksheets to advanced students or offering after-school tutoring for those who struggled?

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Part 4: 20 Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Writing Engagement

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to the fourth post in a series designed to support the use of technology for differentiated learning… in and beyond the PBL classroom. I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. Part 4: Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Writing Engagement.

Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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srcid=0B6dF7rWxc-5aMGMyanRsMW5DbzQ&pid=explorer&efh=false&a=v&chrome=false&embedded=true Find Apps for Chromebook - great resource to find apps to use with Chromebooks [link] A great list of Apps and Extensions for Education Once you select the document, and open MoveNote, the camera will automatically launch. As MoveNote calls it, it is ‘Presentations with Emotions.’

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


Achieve3000 will apply its online differentiated instruction to the content, helping students to digest critical material so they can read, discuss, and debate core U.S. KAHOOT EDTRENDS REPORT FOR EDUCATORS (

200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I plan on providing sessions that integrate PBL with STEM, Makers, Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry, Deeper Learning, and Technology Integration. Have students create word clouds of a lab report and compare results.

Reflecting On My Visit to Saint Stephen’s College in Australia: The Learning Spaces #flipclass #edtech


The learning spaces they have set up open up so many possibilities and opportunities for blended and differentiated instruction and individualized learning, meeting the needs of all different learning and personality styles. Their end goal is to create a digital presentation.