Personalized Learning “Twister”: A Future of Learning Live Demo in Dallas

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Lectures are now scheduled events or meet-ups. By Charles Sosnik. If you ask a dozen educators to define personalized learning, you’ll no doubt get some enthusiastic answers, and all twelve will probably be different.

Supercharge Google Meet for your Classroom

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Google Meet is a powerful tool that is being used widely for distance learning. To get even more functionality out of Google Meet, you can supercharge your Meet sessions for your classroom by using some of the following tips. Demo time!

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Meet NEO at ISTE 2018!


Judging by the last year’s edition, things look even more promising for the days to come: Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! We’re looking forward to meeting you at ISTE 2018! The post Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! It’s that time of the year again!

Meet NEO at BETT 2018!


Well, this video speaks for itself: Meet NEO at BETT 2018! Exactly one week from now the NEO team will be present — for the second time — at the ExCeL Expo Hall, eager to meet everyone there. Meet us at Booth F302! We’re really looking forward to meet you at BETT 2018!

Meet NEO at OEB 2017!


Meet NEO at OEB 2017! The NEO team will offer personalized live demos of our system. The only constant is change. This doctrine of change being central to the universe is thousands of years old, yet it seems so contemporary.

Meet NEO at ISTE 2016 in Denver!


ISTE Conference & Expo is the perfect place to meet like-minded educators with a shared enthusiasm for educational technology and a thirsty interest in how to use tech to truly enhance learning. Meet NEO at ISTE 2016. Meet us at Booth #2756!

Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Now in its 25th Demo Day, the Silicon Valley accelerator has created a machine for turning fledgling ideas into businesses that get investors salivating—and writing checks. YC Demo Day 1 has begun @ycombinator #ycdemoday Investor pitch events are a dime a dozen, but no one does it with the flair and furor of Y Combinator.

Meet Us at FETC 2016 – Booth 844!

Benchmark Education

’ You can find Benchmark Education Company at booth 844, where we will be demo-ing our latest technology as well as our popular digital platform, Benchmark Universe. This week, Benchmark Education Company will be one of hundreds of exhibitors at this year’s Future of Education Technology Conference, or FETC.

Class Is Almost In Session At ISTE 2017


Email us at to set up a demo or one-on-one meeting. We’re only a few weeks away from ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, TX where we’ll be launching VR Learn , a new offering for for 3D, VR, AR and mixed reality education.

150+ Digital Activities for the K-2 Classroom Inside One Simple App

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Unboxing Demo: Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection. Once you have everything in place, there will be times when you want students to play certain apps based upon their needs and the standards that you’re trying to meet.

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Technology Tidbits

Once this is done Tailor-ED curates educational resources, lesson plans, and activities that meets those student's needs. Below is a brief demo.

10 Tips for teachers to make the most of ISTE


Make time for live demos. However, as it can also be intimidating, so do not be afraid to ask for a demo to see how each edtech tool works and if it will work for your classroom, especially if you already have an eye on a certain solution. Meet NEO at ISTE 2019!

Yeehaw! JiJi Shares New ST Math with Texas Educators

MIND Research Institute

Teachers, principals, math coaches, and district administrators had a great time demoing ST Math games, and learning about the newest features, including assignments and more robust metrics and reporting. Stop by our booth to meet JiJi and see the new ST Math in action.

Join Us at CCSA 2020


Come by our booth for demos! You know how much your students can learn and achieve, and our Total Solution is an array of programs in one convenient subscription that helps you meet all the demands of your unique learners.

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7 Mindsets Launches New Teacher Portal to Manage SEL Content and Curriculum


Educators who are interested in learning more can sign up for a demo here. 7 Mindsets, the national leader in mindsets-based social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and activities , today announced a new portal to house its curriculum and SEL facilities for teachers to use.

6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


Does the conference meet your school’s ed tech goals? This strategy also helps attendees save time that can be used instead for longer product demos, networking or simply for taking some reflection time in between sessions. The NEO team will be happy to meet you there!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend a #GAFESUMMIT


Get Googley in the Photo Booth with old and new friends Be dazzled and entertained with the Demo Slams Find out how you can disrupt education and make a significant difference in your students’ lives

Permission to go Rogue – How to Adapt your Coaching Cycle


One of the things I love about being a Dynamic Learning Project Coach is I have a clear direction to follow in the ways in which I schedule coaching cycles and conduct coaching meetings. Tip #3: Demo Slam. If you’re anything like me, you’re a rule follower.

Transforming Educator Practice through Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

In the ever-evolving classroom environment, we as educators must constantly refine and adapt our practice to meet the needs of every student. Whether through Pinterest boards, YouTube lesson demos, or conversations with colleagues in the faculty lounge, I find myself and my fellow teachers increasingly turning to informal, unconventional methods to develop and hone our craft.

Empatico-Build Global Awareness in Students

Ask a Tech Teacher

Activities range from 2-3 hours, spread over multiple meetings (called ‘Short Spark Activities’) to 8-12 hours (called ‘Longer Fire Activities’). While the Empatico folks do offer a free demo, I always try to get set up by myself, without assistance.

Airtame - wireless streaming with enterprise level controls

Educational Technology Guy

This is a perfect solution especially for large auditoriums or meeting rooms using more than one display screen. For more information or to setup a demo: [link] [link]. Airtame is an HDMI device that plugs into a display or projector and allows you to wirelessly display to that device. You can share your screen from any device, on any platform. It includes full screen mirroring on Mac, iOS (Airplay), Windows, Chrome and Linux.

Viva las Matematicas at CAMT 2019!

MIND Research Institute

You can come see us at Booth #212 all three days of the show, and get hands-on experience with a demo of our new ST Math Chats feature! ST Math Chat Demos. Let’s celebrate math at the 2019 Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics (CAMT)!

Helpful Tips for Principals


Face Time In the business world, companies typically arrange meetings multiple times a week, sometimes daily. But unlike many companies, all of this structure within faculty meetings doesn’t allow for much open discussion. A teacher can reach 20 to 30 students in a class period.

ISTE 2016: when ed-tech met passion


The street level offered tens of meeting rooms, plenty of space for ISTE playgrounds, where attendees could have hands-on time with interactive technology, an area for relaxation and recharging (both body and devices), and also the Bellco Theatre, where all the powerful keynote speeches were held.

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iPad App Review: iCanConduct is a Great Tool For Teaching Pulse and Rhythm To Young Musicians | @beansinmyears


Video Demo: [link]. iCanConduct was born on one of Paul’s visit’s to meet Kyle’s son, when the two decided it was time for them to stop talking and start programming.

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How an Ed-Tech Startup Can Rise Above the Noise at ISTE

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

to share ideas, meet new people and see old friends. This year we didn’t exhibit at ISTE, but I attended the event to hold meetings and scope out the landscape. They are offering hands-on learning, demos and pens, bags, candy, prizes.

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Vote for Digital Promise in the 2019 SXSW EDU PanelPicker!

Digital Promise

See a prototype demo of the solution! MY World 360-Immersive Storytelling Meets the SDGs. At Digital Promise, we believe in the power of storytelling to help move from vision to reality.

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7 Ways Data-Fueled PLCs Are Transforming Education


Common learning goals and objectives A set of common goals, along with a designated meeting time for focused effort, helps each participant get the most out of a PLC. At Benton School District in Arkansas, teachers meet weekly to discuss common objectives.

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The checklist to choose the right Academic Management System for your academic institution

Linways Technologies

The Demo Once you have made your short list, send word to each of those firms for a detailed demo. Make sure to check the availability of key decision makers and technical experts in your institution in order to get the most detailed insight from the demo.

First EduJedi Training Orientation Video is Now Available to Every Educator

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The Learning Counsel’s EduJedi Leadership Society is an existing community of over 1,000 Schools and Districts that annually attend Digital Discussions meetings, as well as more than 215,000 U.S. They wanted to demo to her or her news team to get editorial coverage.

Suite! G Suite Google Sites Top 10 Web-Based Tips


RSVP for our live Q&A and demo with Emily Fitzpatrick when the New Google Sites is released on November 21st to all users at 3pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. You can also catch Lisa Thumann on Google Education on Air: Meet the NEW Sites live on Dec. Check out Top 10 G Suite Google Sites Tips! Custom Headers You can create a custom banner on every page. Options include a large, small and title 2. Size Drag and resize content using the blue dots or the crop function 3.

NEO will be at ISTE 2017!


The countdown has begun and we can hardly contain our enthusiasm at the thought of meeting once again so many beautiful people who, before anything else, are interested in how to leverage technology in order to do more for student learning. We can’t wait to meet you at ISTE 2017!

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The Case For Backing Up Your Calendars

Gaggle Speaks

Whether it’s a full calendar of meetings and events or just one entry, no one likes to manually recreate them when a restore can happen with a couple of mouse clicks. Request a Gaggle Archiving Demo >> The Case For Backing Up Your Calendars Click To Tweet.

5E/Hero's Journey Cycle Example: From Density to Dining

Cycles of Learning

See image below: Normally I begin the activity by showing parents the above demo, then asking: "What questions do you have?". PHASE 3: EXPLAIN (Meeting the Mentor) Facilitate responsive lecture on mass, volume, density as "reveal".

Transform a ThingLink by Replacing the Background Image

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

ThingLink is a powerful tool for creating resources that can be reused and easily adapted to meet the changing needs of educators and their students. Watch the video demo to watch the process in action.

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