Powerful Edtech for Adult Learners: Three Product Demos

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Technology can be a powerful tool for improving access to learning for adult learners. A recent report from SRI found that not only do educators see great potential for edtech, but learners also really like using edtech tools.

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Personalized Learning “Twister”: A Future of Learning Live Demo in Dallas

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But today, this is what personalized learning is becoming because current technologies allow learning to be “consumerized” and for schedules of traditional lecture, whole group, small group, labs and pairings to be “uberized.” The good news is that technology can now do all the heavy lifting.

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3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


Education and cutting-edge technologies are core to the many programs at NYC Media Lab , where we lead university-corporate partnerships, communications and events. 5G technology and edge computing will reshape education with lightning speeds.

Guest Post: The Missing Piece: What Most Edtech Companies Need & Only a Few Have

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Have you ever checked out the website for an edtech product only to close your computer knowing less about the product than when you started? This challenge is even harder for edtech companies innovating on the cutting edge. The Role of Logic Models in Edtech Adoption.

INTERVIEW: Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech


Phill and Graham had a wonderful conversation on the topic of e-learning and explored six key digital learning trends that are reshaping the EdTech landscape. Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech.

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Alexa Goes to ISTE: Edtech Companies—and Teachers—Debut New Skills for Learning


Four-and-a-half years after Amazon first released Alexa, its voice-activated virtual assistant, the technology is finding its footing in education. Education Technology Events Artificial Intelligence Edtech Business Enterprises

3 Emerging Technologies that will Reshape Education in 2019


Education and cutting-edge technologies are core to the many programs at NYC Media Lab , where we lead university-corporate partnerships, communications and events. 5G technology and edge computing will reshape education with lightning speeds.

Why the World’s Youngest Continent Got an Edtech Accelerator


He is the founder of Injini , an edtech accelerator based in South Africa, that launched this year to support education startups from across the continent. The Injini accelerator is part of the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi), established in 1999 to support entrepreneurs in Cape Town. Across Africa, feature phones make up 56 percent of the overall mobile phone market, according to technology research firm IDC. Education Technology Incubators Edtech Business

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We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.


At the end of the day, edtech can feel like one more thing on a teacher’s plate. From IBM’s test scoring machines in the 1930s to the Speak & Spells of the 70s, innovators and educators have been trying to improve education with technology for decades. Edtech initiatives that reduce teachers to the role of facilitator often overlook the important role the teacher plays in activating rich learning experiences for students. Explore a demo of Frontier.

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?Meet Intel Education Accelerator’s Newest Cohort of EdTech Visionaries


It was an edtech entrepreneur’s dream on Wednesday at Intel’s Education Accelerator Demo Day. KiraKira : The all-female team at KiraKira has a big goal in mind: get more girls interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Comprend.io : Even as new technology and tools trickle into classrooms across the U.S., Using a patented scanner technology, the tool allows teachers to grade assignments in seconds using a mobile device or tablet.

Thinking About Selling Your Edtech Startup? Here’s What to Expect.


Multiples can be higher for exceptional cases where a company boasts rapid adoption growth or proprietary technology. Education Technology Mergers and AcquisitionsOnce your startup picks up steady traction, you, your colleagues or your investors will begin thinking of next steps.

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Why Every School’s Edtech Department Should Make Themselves Obsolete


In the last decade, schools have put significant resources into academic technology in an effort to improve instruction and prepare students for a rapidly changing workforce. Many have created new staff positions or entirely new departments, such as Technology Integration, to act as liaisons between teachers and traditional IT departments, and to help teachers use edtech in the classroom. More importantly, they build technological knowledge at an institutional level.

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Y Combinator’s Newest Batch of Education Technology Startups


There were all the usual trappings of a startup demo day. Outside the Computer History Museum, where its 26th demo day was held, an autonomous tractor drove in circles next to a massive 3D printer assembling an office pod. Back to life and reality, the latest graduating class of 141 will be putting their best foot forward in an effort to woo investors at Demo Day. Brady has now overseen 11 cohorts of education technology startups over the past seven years.

NYC Keeps Its Edtech Accelerator Revving With New Funders and Markets


New York City never sleeps and, apparently, neither does its effort to galvanize the education technology startup ecosystem. Today, the Big Apple’s edtech accelerator—a collaborative effort by New York University, venture capital firm Rethink Education, and StartEd, an industry network—announced the next dozen startups for its three-month program. Something that’s fundamentally shifted in the last decade are the private equity firms and their interest in edtech companies.

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News from the Y: The Latest Edtech Startups in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 Class


Over Monday and Tuesday earlier this week, entrepreneurs from 189 startups took the stage for Demo Day, the de-facto graduation ceremony for Y Combinator, one of the technology industry’s most recognizable startup accelerator programs. Among the graduates were a half dozen education technology companies. That also applies to “bootcamp” models of online learning, which made up half of the six edtech graduates. Education Technology Incubators Startups Bootcamps

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Jefferson Education Accelerator Winds Down, Rebrands to Focus on Edtech Reviews and Procurement


As a part-investment, part-research firm, the accelerator offered a unique proposition to education technology companies that hoped to marry rigorous research practices into the development of their tools. We have been pleasantly surprised to discover that everyone agrees that we should be making decisions about education technology based on merit, evidence of fit and evidence of efficacy. Education Technology Startups Edtech Business

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Teachers: Sometimes It’s Nicer to Say No—Especially to Edtech Salespeople


In my years of selling technology to different industries, I’ve never encountered nicer prospects and customers than those in K-12 education. For the Educators Sales, including education technology sales, is a well-defined process. If you don’t say “no” when you know that you really should, you’re committing yourself to a series of time-wasting phone calls or online demos or persistent emails that take you away from the classroom.

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To Prepare Kids for Their Futures, Incorporate Technology Into Core Curriculum


In a study of 140,000 classrooms in K-12 schools across 39 states, more than half showed no evidence of students using technology to gather, evaluate, or use information for learning. And in nearly two-thirds of the classrooms, students didn’t appear to use technology to solve problems or work collaboratively. The problem is that many schools haven’t figured out how to leverage technology to accelerate and enrich learning. For many schools, this isn’t for lack of technology.

The 6 Fundamentals of Technology Coaching

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The 6 Fundamentals of Technology Coaching. Schools often launch new technology without a plan for supporting and coaching teachers through the process of using the devices and software in their classrooms. Supporting teachers is key to launching and continuing the marriage of educational technology and curriculum. SIGN UP: Get more news from the EdTech newsletter in your inbox every two weeks! Why do you want to use this technology here?

Education Technology Vendors in Higher Ed: Friends or Foes?


During recent interviews with education technology decision-makers at institutions of higher education, I was struck by the sometimes extreme views formed about vendors during the process of procuring tools to support teaching and learning. Yet all higher-ed institutions need and use technology, and most rely on external developers rather than develop their own tools. That was a major question we explored at the EdTech Efficacy Academic Research Symposium in Washington D.C.

School’s Out for the Latest Y Combinator Batch, and Here’s What Its Edtech Graduates Are Up to


for startup accelerator Y Combinator’s Summer 2018 Demo Day. Since the previous Demo Day in March, Tim Brady, a partner at Y Combinator who advises edtech startups, says he hasn’t noticed much in terms of changes in the education landscape. In this latest cohort of edtech companies, only one is aimed at being used in classrooms. Here’s what that one classroom-facing company is offering, and what the other six edtech startups hope to accomplish off the school campus.

Education Technology’s Machine Learning Problem—and Responsibility


But how is machine learning playing out in education—and how does it impact not just students, educators and parents, but also the businesses building technology tools to support teaching and learning? At the SF Edtech Meetup, hosted by EdSurge on July 10, four panelists gathered to discuss the challenges around deploying machine learning in the classroom and the boardroom. Machine-learning technology can help humans perform these types of tasks. “I

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Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Now in its 25th Demo Day, the Silicon Valley accelerator has created a machine for turning fledgling ideas into businesses that get investors salivating—and writing checks. Of this group, five teams are building education technology tools with support from mentors from Imagine K12, the local edtech accelerator that Y Combinator absorbed last February. YC Demo Day 1 has begun @ycombinator #ycdemoday pic.twitter.com/YOem8vP3oG.

5 Educational Technology Trends for Digital Classrooms in 2017

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However, like most aspects of educational technology, m-Learning is a rapidly changing field. w features, technologies, and apps have become regular in edtech that l?t’s increase their knowledge and understanding of technology. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE. v????

STEAM Up Learning with 50 Fabulous Resources!

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The field of Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math (STEM/STEAM) is at the heart of innovation, discovery and curiosity. Discover more ways to integrate technology effectively by taking one of my fully accredited online courses or get one of my books !

Guest Post: Is Virtual Reality For Education All Hype?


The technology has already been adopted by school teachers in various locations across the US. To name a few, San Francisco Unified School District and Polk County Public Schools in Florida are reported to have adopted VR technology, Fortune says. VR is here to stay, love it or hate it.

What Makes a Good Edtech Tool Great?


As a director for Common Sense Education , I’ve enjoyed something of a ringside seat, having edited close to 1,000 edtech reviews written by expert educators. Identify a Real, Solvable Problem The edtech industry has a tendency to misdiagnose the day-to-day challenges teachers and students face. These are political struggles and not something edtech can adequately address. and guided demo approach. Education Technology Technology Tips Technology in School

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Create a digital classroom with Google Classroom and BookWidgets


The reasons why teachers use technology in their classroom are simple. This demo video of both apps working together is useful: If you need help, you can reach out to BookWidgets at support@bookwidgets.com or take a look at this handy tutorial.

Google Assistant and Edwin Want To Be Your Next English Tutor


Google is investing in the education startup Edwin , an AI-powered English tutor that was one of eight education technology companies to come out of Y Combinator’s latest demo day. Edwin is currently the only education technology company involved. Education Technology Enterprises Edtech BusinessGoogle Assistant can remind users about appointments, turn off TVs, and help drivers manage tasks from behind the wheel.

Otus - LMS, Data Management and Assessment Management, all in one easy-to-use product

Educational Technology Guy

This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. Otus is an interesting product, created by educators. It is integrated classroom tools for students and teachers and powerful transparency for families and school leaders.

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4 Augmented and Virtual Reality Projects That Point to the Future of Education


I hope that virtual and augmented reality technologies will show an effect on learning in the upcoming year, including increasing engagement and retention and providing teachers and content creators with exciting new tools. NYC Media Lab merges engineering and design research happening at the city’s universities with resources and opportunities from the media and technology industry—to produce new prototypes, launch new companies and advocate for the latest thinking.

Which Virtual Reality Headset Is Perfect For Education?


Furthering the frontier of technology in education is Virtual Reality, a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment that can be interacted with in a physical way by a person using special electronic equipment , ordinarily goggles.

How to Cite Sources in Google Docs

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When I demo this feature, it never fails to get some jaw drops with some ooooohs and aaaaahs! edtech educational technology Free Resources for teachers G Suite GAFE Google Google Add-Ons Google Docs Google Tips Instructional Technology Tips and Tricks citing sources google docs

AI and Personalized Learning That Goes Beyond Tech: The Latest Camelback Ventures Cohort


Meanwhile, the schools that shared their ideas focused on student-centered learning and models that honor the differences in students and “think about personalized learning beyond just technology.” During the demo, Kwan told the audience that teachers can assess students on language and literacy, math and social emotional development. Education Technology Entrepreneurship Edtech Business

The checklist to choose the right Academic Management System for your academic institution

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Finding value in education technology. This blog is about finding value in education technology. In this first part, we will discuss about the key points that you should keep in mind while choosing an edtech solution or product for your college/academic institution.