Social Media in the Library: 4 Top Ways to Promote Digital Literacy


The importance of media literacy cannot be understated. Nor can the value of social media as a teaching, learning, and publishing tool. Two principles inform why I engage with my students around social media: Digital literacy doesn’t just naturally develop any more than print literacy does, and. So, my students must have guided practice analyzing and using social media if they are to use it purposefully, productively, and safely.

5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes with Kecia Ray

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This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners. Idea #1: Use Formative Data to Improve Learning. Social media is something students are going to explore on their own, no matter what.

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5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology

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The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. 5 Idea Friday Assessment Data Driven Instruction Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) How to Guides.

Make your LMS a social learning platform

Ask a Tech Teacher

Vivek Singh, education professional and contributor to Ask a Tech Teacher, has some interesting ideas on using your native LMS as a social learning platform. Education, thus, has its roots in the earliest social interactions. What makes your LMS a social learning platform?

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The Facebook Scandal: What Can We Learn as Educators

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Obviously those 50 million people did not know their data was being used. Britt: So it became a real public relations nightmare for Facebook, but it also raised troubling questions about, “What do we know about our data?”. You and I have both been in social media now for a decade.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How to Use It) #mtbos #iteachmath

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Learn about the current trends in hashtag learning and the popular techniques for harvesting learning from this social network. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Social Media : Students consider the sources of a tweet and the information contained in it in order to describe what makes it both a useful and not useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Part 4: Facilitating Inquiry in the Classroom… Exploring Search Engines and Data Bases

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Part 4: Facilitating Inquiry in the Classroom… Exploring Search Engines and Data Bases. The Social Media Search Engine. These include reference services and databases. There are also data based search engines, by now you may know that I am referring to Wolfram Alpha.

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Food for thought: The data-driven future of food and higher education

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Chang jokingly refers to Ando as his “dream restaurant” because he won’t have to worry about complaints “about the stools or backless chairs or the ambient noise.”. Data will drive more powerful interactions and experiences that move us beyond tradition and intuition.

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Why Is Tech So Slow To Go?

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I think I might be in a state of depression as a result of my addiction to television News shows and the recent development of an affliction that I refer to as “screen screaming”. It has been quite awhile since I have written a post.

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Workplace, Teams, or Slack, Oh My! What's Right for You?


The absence of this feature means there is no way, other than sifting through hundreds or thousands of messages, to refer to a post. Administration Social Media Professional Learning Network TL Advisor Blog

A Teacher’s Guide For Creating A School Twitter Chat

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If you are managing the chat or behind the scenes–you could use Tweet Binder to get data on the statistics of the chat. A Lesson Using Twitter must Have a Social Component. Social Media Technology pd social media twitter

Is School Surveillance Going Too Far? Privacy Leaders Urge a Slow Down


Increasingly, many schools and states are deciding that the answer is to surveil—through social media monitoring, facial recognition cameras, threat assessment and other emerging technologies. Education Technology Artificial Intelligence Policy & Government Data Privacy

Smartphone Learning

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mobile computing, mobile apps, social media, BYOD, mobile learning). By using Google Drive or , media can be made available for students to download offline, when they may be without a WiFi connection as well as for those students with limited data plans.

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Learning with 'e's

It fascinated social psychologist Stanley Milgram. So Milgram''s notion of six degrees is not so much a theory of learning, more a social contact theory, but it has significant implications for learning in the social media age. References Jenkins, H.

Using Google to Enhance Teams

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With my single GMail account, I integrate my mail, my documents, my online storage, my calendar, my blog, and many of my social networking tools. During those Hangouts, we can share screens, refer to shared Docs, and even record the meeting using Google Hangouts On Air.

“My students have always seen the problems in the world, but now we are concentrating on looking beyond the problem to the solution.” – Valerie Anglemyer, USA 

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Last year, Anglemyer and her co-teacher, Steve Bowser, created an inquiry-based pilot class titled Humanities — a combination of Social Studies and Language Arts — with a concentration on connecting the two subject areas. . Valerie Anglemyer.

We must not allow bigots on campus to hide behind free speech

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Students at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana demanded that officials fire professor Eric Rasmusen, after he posted racist, sexist and homophobic opinions to social media earlier this month. Andre Perry Higher Ed Opinion Data and research Funding Principals Race

Fake News or Fact? How do you tell?

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Now, there are dozens of channels, hundreds of newspapers, thousands of bloggers, and tens of thousands of social media journalists — all trying to get your attention with the latest apocalyptic news flash. There are no such laws in news media.

‘Weapons of Math Destruction’: A Data Scientist’s Warning About Impacts of Big Data


These days algorithms have taken on an almost godlike power—they’re up in the (data) clouds, watching everything, passing judgment and leaving us mere mortals with no way to appeal or to even know when these mathematical deities have intervened. That’s the argument made by Cathy O'Neil in her book “ Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.” If algorithms are gods, she’s one of the high priests, as a data scientist and mathematician.

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Their Space: Educating Digitally Ethical Teens #sxswedu #theirspace


About three years ago presenters started to notice a shift to more social media use by middle schoolers. 2009 - Meeting of the Minds - important work from Common Sense Media on perceptions of social media ethics. They often refer to trial-and error tactics to figure things out, much like they did when they were toddlers. They are unaware of the digital tattoo - the permanence of data.

11 Bits of Wisdom I Learned From a Computer

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“ Bandwidth “ refers to your computer’s capacity for handling the volume of activity thrown at it. Many refer to this as “Plan B” (or C or D). In technology, “Baud rate” determines the speed of communication over a data channel.

Education Technology and Data Insecurity

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Many students cannot afford the heavy data usage required by geofencing apps, for starters. Furthermore, at launch, Pokémon Go demanded users sign over a great deal of personal data and grant permissions to the app that, for a time , gave it access to a user’s entire Google account. Handing over data, often quite thoughtlessly, has become par for the course – in education and in society more generally. To data about students’ immigration status?

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Humorous Look at What I Learned from my Computer

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“ Bandwidth “ refers to your computer’s capacity for handling the volume of activity thrown at it. Many refer to this as “Plan B” (or C or D). In technology, “Baud rate” determines the speed of communication over a data channel.

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The Process of Change

A Principal's Reflections

Through my work I have seen in person, and through social media, some amazing examples of what education can and should be. To simplify the process take a look at data, which can come in many forms.

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Kayla Delzer: 3 Ways to Promote Student Leadership in the Classroom

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From student-led social media to students calling parents with score reports and student-led conferencing, these three ideas can help empower students in your classroom. Just for one example, we have student-led social media accounts in our classroom.

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What a Teacher Can Do About Cyberbullying

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A lot of innocent teasing happens in interactive media. Delete them from your social media contacts. Report the bully to websites and social media they are using. Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Cassie Phillips, is a consultant and internet security expert.

Sustainable Development Goals: Writing Journals

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Interpret differences in shape, center, and spread in the context of the data sets, accounting for possible effects of extreme data points (outliers). It also explores new data from scientists and researchers where standards for measuring SDG targets are still being developed.

Friday 5 — 5.29.2015

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The new Netflix redesign is visually pleasing, but more importantly, it’s based on a rigorous, data-driven approach. With more unbundled competition for video viewing, it makes sense for Netflix to invest heavily in gathering and driving decisions from their user data.

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Connecting Parents to Student’s Digital Lives

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Mike: We’ve started a weekly email to about 400 parents so far, where we’re covering topics like digital citizenship, security, filtering, social media — everything that really relates to how students should use technology today.

Use Unconventional Research Sites to Inspire Students

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And then, not two days later, I heard Twitter has reclassified their app as a news purveyor rather than a social media device. No surprise news shows are littered with references to listener’s tweets and presidential candidates break stories via their Twitter stream.

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Students sick of ‘lip service’ from universities over racism

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So when the university chancellor eventually released a public statement condemning the killing of George Floyd, after being repeatedly called out on social media for remaining silent, Torrey saw it as performative. “I

Pay Attention to Your Digital Footprint

A Principal's Reflections

Check out the short video from Common Sense Media below that nicely sums up the facets of a digital footprint. Set up your Google Alert(s) today using these simple steps or refer to this simple video tutorial.

The Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Yielded Surprising Results

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Schools and Districts responded to this year’s national Survey, which collects data to rate schools and mark national trends in how digital transitions are occurring, primarily from a lens of software sophistication, devices and network infrastructure.

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Top 5 Apps for Educational Administrators to Use

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Administrators can take notes, clip articles from the web for future use and reference, upload files to attach to notes and share notes with their staff. Social Media - Social Media is an excellent resource for administrators. This way, they can be mobile and still have access to their data, information, and resources and be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently with staff, students, and parents.