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A Gullible Population Is a National Security Issue

The CoolCatTeacher

Army War College National Security Seminar that caused this response. While this blog is based on verifiable data, some readers may be unhappy with my interpretation. For the curious, one requirement for attending the Army War College National Security Seminar is “non-attribution.”

Make your LMS a social learning platform

Ask a Tech Teacher

Vivek Singh, education professional and contributor to Ask a Tech Teacher, has some interesting ideas on using your native LMS as a social learning platform. Education, thus, has its roots in the earliest social interactions. What makes your LMS a social learning platform?

LMS 195

Students Size Up Edtech’s Dark Side


This semester I’m teaching a graduate seminar on education and technology for Georgetown University. Read part 1 , part 2 (about audio) , part 3 (about video) , and part 4 (about mobile tech in education).

EdTech 147

Trends to watch in 2015: education and technology

Bryan Alexander

There’s now a movement to teach humanities seminars online. Mobile : as humanity continues to migrate ever-increasing swathes of life into handhelds, educators slowly follow suit. Let’s see if higher ed figures out mobile-first design, as ELI recommends.

Why the Boldest Ideas in Education Come From Underrepresented Entrepreneurs


Hosted at the Kapor Center for Social Impact in Oakland, Calif., a dozen entrepreneurs from Camelback’s third fellowship shared ambitious social ventures to support literacy, speech therapy, incarcerated youth, Black male educators, restorative justice programs and media content that feature underrepresented groups in a positive light. This was an energetic cohort, laser-focused on equity, social justice and what it means to support students holistically,” Walker adds.

The new age of inequality and what it means for education: my January talk

Bryan Alexander

Political unrest will be a possibility, stirred and/or sapped by media. Piketty et al turn out to be wrong : perhaps class mobility starts returning to its old dynamism. Maybe the data and analyses reveal previously hidden flaws, and things just aren’t as bad as we thought.


Worldwide, Online, and Free - The Library 2.013 Conference Starts Friday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

There are eight conference strands covering a wide variety of timely topics, such as MOOCs, e-books, maker spaces, mobile services, embedded librarians, green libraries, doctoral student research, library and information center "tours," and more! Examining Mobile Apps for Library Functions - Emily Krug, Emerging Technologies and Cataloging Librarian 10:00am KEYNOTE - NEIL PAKENHAM-WALSH: Healthcare Information For All ( ) 11:00am Become a library advocate with NPSIG!