Linking Data Sets in Different Google Sheets

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Updating One Google Sheets Spreadsheet From Another You have more than one spreadsheet of data. You need the information from one spreadsheet to interact with the data in another spreadsheet. There are 2 ways to do this in Google Sheets.

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Google Sheets: Create Fake Data

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Create Fake Data in Google Sheets Today is my birthday (I’m 42!) ” For my birthday (today only) get my online Google Sheets workshop for only $6. The post Google Sheets: Create Fake Data appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Google Sheets G Suite google sheets spreadsheetsso of course, we need a spreadsheet blog post. Remember “The answer is always a spreadsheet.”

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Teach Students to Analyze Data with Google Sheets by @aliciamotter

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Teaching Data Analysis with Google Sheets A Guest Post by Alicia Motter Purposeful Technology I am always looking for ways to implement technologies purposefully in my classroom that meet State Standards while integrating NGSS and engaging students in research that they are interested in. The post Teach Students to Analyze Data with Google Sheets by @aliciamotter appeared first on Teacher Tech. Intermediate Sheets Data Analysis Google Sheets

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Use Real Data and Put into Google Sheets

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Use IMPORTHTML to Get Website Data into Your Google Sheets In the information age, it is easy to find real data to use rather than contrived situations in a textbook or on a worksheet. The post Use Real Data and Put into Google Sheets appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Google Sheets G Suite google sheets spreadsheets

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Guided Tour of a Google Data Center - very interesting

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Google has some very cool data centers. It''s also a great learning resource to discuss energy, environment, data, technology and security. The data center campuses are very secure, with very limited access. Here is the link to Google''s main data center page: [link] --.

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How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data

While it is believed that the barrier to district leaders and classroom teachers using more data is that they don’t have time to look at it, 33% of districts and teachers say the real challenge is that information is in too many places for them to access. Data Analytics.

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Pivot This: Summarize Google Forms Data

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Tweet After collecting data from a Google Form it is likely that you want some summary data. forms Google Spreadsheet google pivot table sheets spreadsheets

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Otus - LMS, Data Management and Assessment Management, all in one easy-to-use product

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It combines the best features of a learning management system, assessment management and data management into one. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. assessment data learning management system lmsOtus is an interesting product, created by educators.

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How Data Analytics Can Help Decode Your District's Tech Use


For Suzy Brooks, Director of Instructional Technology for Mashpee Public Schools, data analytics is like a secret decoder tool. With the right data, we can make informed decisions about technology. EdSurge: What compelled you to adopt a data analytics tool for your district?

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Data-Informed Instruction for Literacy

Whether classroom resources are digital or not, educators can collect data every day to inform their instruction. And while the ultimate goal is to improve individual student achievement, Haggen sees a place for data-informed instruction for every level of classroom lessons.

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20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school

Ditch That Textbook

Everyone wants data. We track data in our own personal lives (fitness data, banking data, even social media data). Teachers and students have their own data gathering and tracking tool that’s free and easy to learn — Google Forms.

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Pokemon Data Handling: A Photo Essay


Getting inspiration from the brilliant Adam Hill , I recently used Pokemon as a stimulus for a data handling unit in mathematics. or alternatively use the raw data of different Pokemon characters. There is lots of data associated with Pokemon.

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Inside a Student’s Hunt for His Own Learning Data


Institutions have access to more student data than ever before—but it's hard to really grasp what that means, since many of the digital tools that colleges use are from third parties or companies that keep their algorithms private.

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Google Sheets: Merge Data into One Column

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Merge Data into One Column Sometimes I need to have a need to take columns of data in a spreadsheet and put them into one column. What I normally do, if it isn’t a lot of data, is use Control-X to cut out one column of data and put it underneath the other. The post Google Sheets: Merge Data into One Column appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Apps Script Google Sheets google sheets spreadsheets

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Use Real Data: Try FiveThirtyEight

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Use Real Data Real data helps make learning connections. The post Use Real Data: Try FiveThirtyEight appeared first on Teacher Tech. GoogleOne Twitter handle I follow is @FiveThirtyEight.

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How to Migrate Your Data from a Google Apps for Education account to a personal account

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How to Migrate Information from your Google Apps for Education Account to a personal Google Account. Depending on how quickly Google''s servers are working, your mail will be copied over to your new email. Login with your personal Google Account. Google for Educators

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Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides

The CoolCatTeacher

Kasey Bell teaches us eight great ways to use Google Slides. From stop motion to video controls and cool add-ins for formative assessment and graphics, learn about this Swiss Army Knife of Google tools – Google Slides. Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides.

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Using Vernier Data Tools on a Chromebook

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You can even use them with Vernier Data Tools. Vernier is a huge name in data collection tools for science and math and they have been working to support Chromebooks for some time. Using Graphical Analysis for Chrome, students set experiment parameters and start data collection.

Google Classroom Level Up Game

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Level Up in Google Classroom This is a long time dream for me. ” In video games we use data to motivate players. In schools we use data to make kids […]. The post Google Classroom Level Up Game appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Google Masters For Kids of All Ages: Badges, Skills and More

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Today’s Sponsor: WriQ from Texthelp is a new FREE Add-on for Google Docs that helps teachers easily assess student writing and track progress over time by automatically scoring students’ spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Google Masters for Kids of All Ages.

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FTC Cracks Down on Facebook, Google Over Data Privacy Violations

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The Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook a historic $5 billion over data privacy violations and is expected to reach a multi-million dollar settlement with Google for improperly collecting data from children streaming YouTube videos. The post FTC Cracks Down on Facebook, Google Over Data Privacy Violations appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Uncategorized Data Privacy Federal / State Policy Social Media

How Google Docs Improves Writing

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Google Docs is a free word processing program that does 99% of everything a student will ever need to do when writing. What isn’t included as part of the Google Docs program tool can be augmented with mostly free third-party add-ons, extensions, and apps. Embed Google Docs.

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The Keys to Discussing Student Data Privacy

Despite universal concerns about student data privacy, communicating school policies can quickly overwhelm school leaders. Coaches, for instance, might have sensitive health information, and clerical staff input student data constantly.

A good app to take self-data


The same principles could be enacted using Google Calendar as a (free) data-taking tool; the benefits here would include the ability to add more text/data for tracking.

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How Do You Backup Your Data

Ask a Tech Teacher

Probably, of all computer functions, backing up data is the most critical and the most likely to make you tear your hair out. There are dozens of reasons why you should–really–backup your data. You can back-up data to your computer, a network, or the cloud.

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Personalizing Learning with Branching Google Forms


The article focuses on an often overlooked feature in Google forms that can help teachers do just that. Personalizing Learning with Branching Google Forms. Google Forms is a teacher favorite for collecting information, formative assessment and simple quizzes.

Sharing Classroom Data with Sheets


There are some really interesting ways that classroom teachers can use Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, and Sites to share information. Students fill out a Google Form each time they finish a book and that information is automatically published on our class website.

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How Google Keeps Our Data Safe- Teaching and Learning Webinar


This month’s Teaching & Learning webinar was all about how Google keeps our data safe in G Suite for Education. TedPennell represented data and security from a Canadian view starting off with FIPPA. Google for Education Teaching and Learning

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Google Joins Ed Tech Giants in Signing Student-Data Privacy Pledge

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith President Obama is taking student-data privacy seriously, and companies are taking notice. Big Data Business Intelligence Classroom Internet Online Learning

Six Ways to Protect Student Data and Prevent Cyberattacks


Lurking in the shadows, cyber-gremlins wait for an opportunity to strike so they can capture sensitive data and wreak havoc with school systems. Making sure that every staff member is aware of potential dangers is the first step in keeping your school secure and safeguarding students’ data. If so, be aware that there may be hackers eavesdropping to try and gain entry to any two-party exchange you make so they can filter and steal data.

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Google EDU Announces Differentiation, Data and API Updates to Classroom


It’s a new year, and with that comes updates from the Google Education Team. The announcement revolves around Google Classroom , which the tech giant today claims that more than 20 million students and teachers use. The new features are designed to better support teachers, administrators, and students, in both K-12 and higher education, writes Andrew Garrett, Google Classroom Software Engineer.

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Do School Districts Need Their Own Data Centers Anymore?

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Do school districts need their own data centers anymore? My school district has a multi-million dollar data center to support 41 buildings, 21,000 students and over 4,000 faculty and staff. Above is just two of the 10 racks in the data center. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Storage Wars: Choosing a Secure Student Data Solution

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Storage Wars: Choosing a Secure Student Data Solution. Legislators across all 50 states have introduced student data privacy laws. But what happens to this data when lessons are over and students leave for the summer, or move on to college or the workforce?

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Making Sense of School Data Is Hard Work. This Partnership Makes It Easier.


Schools now have more data than ever before—from assessments, attendance, online programs, and elsewhere—but not every school can leverage this data effectively by making it visual. The project grew out of the Data Whiz community of practice, a group I helped found.

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Google Sheets: Text to Columns in a spreadsheet

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Data Menu Highlight the cells that have text you wish to split up. The post Google Sheets: Text to Columns in a spreadsheet appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Google Sheets G Suite google GoogleEDU sheets Spreadsheet spreadsheets

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