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Mobile learning: The good and the bad


Everywhere we go, here and there, people always seem to have a mobile device in their hands, be it a smartphone or a tablet. It’s almost a sin not to own a mobile device. Our mobile devices are online 24/7. People in a café now usually ask the staff for the Wi-Fi password, and if there’s no Wi-Fi one can always tap the power of cellular data and stay connected to friends. Mobile learning of course.

Mobile gives the edge

Learning with 'e's

Smart mobile phones continue to disrupt our society. For everyone of us who own them, mobile phones are changing our lives, influencing our decisions about how we interact with each other, how we access and consume information, how we work, entertain ourselves and purchase our goods. Most significantly for those who are immersed in schools, colleges and universities - mobile technology is disrupting education. Thirdly, mobile technology is powerfully social.

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download. Claims on Social Media : Students consider the sources of a tweet and the information contained in it in order to describe what makes it both a useful and not useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Social studies teachers will adore these!

Tools to Help Become a Tech Savvy Educator

A Principal's Reflections

21st Century Leadership Shift Happens (must see video for any educator unfamiliar with the tends and impacts associated with technology and social media. Principals can use social media for communication, public relations, branding, professional development, and opportunity. Ning: Customizable social network similar to Facebook, great place to connect with other educators, pivotal to a PLN. educational technology Leadership Opinion Social Media tools

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Smartphone Learning

IT Bill

For the past several years the Horizon Report has listed mobile learning, in one form or another, as an emerging educational technology (e.g. mobile computing, mobile apps, social media, BYOD, mobile learning). Mobile technologies have changed over the years: from the early PDAs, Blackberrys and feature phones with texting capability and cameras, to tablets and eReaders to the ubiquitous smartphones of today. affordances of mobile Web 2.0.

6 ways to create findable, useful website content

Perry Hewitt

Search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and increasingly, paid social media placement can achieve remarkable results. Using smart keywords and accessing segmented, up-to-date user data troves like Facebook’s can produce the kinds of attention that drive revenue, and occasionally even “go viral” But sometimes these tools lead people to believe they can omit the first, essential step: creating findable, useful website content.

How to Manage Student Devices for Remote Learning

Digital Promise

At Verizon Innovative Learning Schools , every student receives a device with a data plan to support learning in and out of the classroom. Help students and families find wifi to conserve LTE data and support other devices. Work with local businesses and partners to create wifi hotspots where students can safely access wifi while maintaining social distancing protocols. Test the mobile device management (MDM) and internet filter off campus, and test it often.

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STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Others are encouraged to create their own #EmojiScience videos and share them on social media with the hashtag #EmojiScience. I share some of my ideas and resources for engaging learners in digital ways in the slideshow (free to download) and bookmarks below. Get students to visualize their data and research by creating infographics with these free web tools and apps- Piktochart , Easely , Visme , Smores , EduBuncee , Canva , Tackk , or Biteslides.

How We Turn Cybersecurity Concepts Into a Classroom Staple


The harsh truth is that all of us—along with our private data—are often the target, and we are constantly at risk for cyber-crimes, regardless of how blissfully unaware we remain of the threat. An astounding 98 percent of children aged 8 and under have access to a tablet, mobile device or computer within their household. We need to begin by deadbolting the funnel through which our data is transmitted so that only we have the key.

Education Technology and Data Insecurity

Hack Education

Pokémon Go, a free augmented reality game developed by Niantic (a company spun out of Google in 2015), became the most popular mobile game in US history this year. The game was launched in July and despite mixed reviews, was downloaded some 10 million times the first week it was released. Pokémon Go generated more than $160 million by the end of July, hitting $600 million in revenue within its first 90 days on the market – the fastest mobile game to do so.

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STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Others are encouraged to create their own #EmojiScience videos and share them on social media with the hashtag #EmojiScience. I share some of my ideas and resources for engaging learners in digital ways in the slideshow (free to download) and bookmarks below. Get students to visualize their data and research by creating infographics with these free web tools and apps- Piktochart , Easely , Visme , Smores , EduBuncee , Canva , Tackk , or Biteslides.

Cybersecurity is Still Paramount for Schools

Liability: Of course, the main concern is with a data breach and the district’s responsibility. Tell them what happened, what you’re doing to mitigate it, and if any data was breached. ClassLink Analytics gives decision makers the usage data they need. By Stacey Pusey.


How Can I Rethink Reading Logs with High Schoolers?

Reading By Example

If you are not familiar with Goodreads, it is a social media tool for readers. In addition, the students can download the book titles they’ve read so far into a spreadsheet to share with you periodically. Goodreads is very mobile friendly, so they can use their smartphones and tablets for this purpose at school. Using a social media tool would allow your students to continue their conversations with peers beyond the school day.

Sustainable Development Goals: Writing Journals

User Generated Education

Interpret differences in shape, center, and spread in the context of the data sets, accounting for possible effects of extreme data points (outliers). It also explores new data from scientists and researchers where standards for measuring SDG targets are still being developed. Data are critical for decision making and accountability. The webpage from the World’s Largest Lesson contains downloadable comics, graphic novels, and picture books.

Overcoming The Barriers To Better School:Home Communications

The Web20Classroom

Even worse, no idea if they have good contact data on each and every of their students or not. It must be something that is constantly evaluated and refined to meet the ever-changing needs of a more mobile society. Barrier 1-Bad Data In Means Bad Data Out -Some of those papers I had to fill out at the beginning of the year were the same green sheets my district has been sending home for nearly 15 years. The goal is to collect demographic data on every student.

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Must-have features in any LMS


Developers might handpick a select number of users and judging from how they the features, they can collect data, squash bugs and make the experimental feature available for general use. Mobile apps and/or responsive design It’s standard nowadays for any platform to have an app that’s downloadable from the major app stores. Not only do they provide greater flexibility in terms of accessibility, but nowadays almost everyone owns a mobile device.

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See What Facebook (Thinks It) Knows About You


Today offered a vivid reminder that social networks are (also) surveillance machines, as SnapChat published heatmap of students participating in National Walkout Day. And, in general, as we’ve come to know over the past two years, the information ecosystem created by social networks is pretty poisonous. We’ve posted before about ways to understand better what’s going on with your social media accounts.

How to Cope with Bullying

Ask a Tech Teacher

It includes not only websites, but cell phones, Nintendo, and Wii, as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, and fake profiles. Responsibility to download music, videos, and other material legally. Responsibility to keep data/information safe from hackers.

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The 9 essential elements of digital citizenship

eSchool News

According to a recent Common Sense Media’s study , the percentage of children ages eight and under who’ve used a mobile device nearly doubled from 2011 to 2013, from 38 percent to 72 percent. And about two in five children under the age of two have used a mobile device. Digital commerce: How to be effective consumers in a new digital economy, and be able to make smart, well-informed decisions relating to buying and downloading materials online.

Visualizing Learning with Infographics: 23 Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

When learners create their own infographics they are telling a story of what their data, information, research and facts mean. They are creating a meaningful connection with the data, which is a powerful way to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Download a free pdf of the slides from my presentation, Visualizing Learning with Infographics as Learning Tools. . “Numbers have an important story to tell.

Want To See Their Best? Then Let Them Play

TeachThought - Learn better.

As blogs and social media exploded in popularity, they have subsequently de-credited major news media in the process. In Little Big Planet, developer Media Molecule created a brilliant digital sandbox for learners to “play” in. Social Media as a Sandbox. Download only the songs you want. You’re still stuck with a walled garden, but the apps, the mobility, and the communication avenues are all yours. Want To See Their Best?

International Travel: A Good Reason to Have Two Google Accounts


We’ve heard quite a lot over the last few months about travelers being asked to unlock their mobile phones —and, in some cases, provide their social media passwords —when entering the United States. We’ve also heard tips on traveling abroad with a phone; over at The Verge , the suggestion is to delete our data before leaving the country if we really want to protect it.

ClassDojo - free classroom behavior system - announces iOS apps.

Educational Technology Guy

ClassDojo automatically compiles all the data collected from each class into analytics reports, allowing teachers to monitor progress, track trends and share information with parents. The platform has seen incredible viral growth with 20 thousand new teachers adopting the platform each month, as teachers spread ClassDojo by word-of-mouth and through social media channels. To download the ClassDojo app, visit: [link] app/classdojo/id552602056?ls=

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Why the Boldest Ideas in Education Come From Underrepresented Entrepreneurs


This isn’t how many people downloaded your app. Hosted at the Kapor Center for Social Impact in Oakland, Calif., a dozen entrepreneurs from Camelback’s third fellowship shared ambitious social ventures to support literacy, speech therapy, incarcerated youth, Black male educators, restorative justice programs and media content that feature underrepresented groups in a positive light. The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice.

TOP TIPS for Classroom Management in the Digital Age


see p.27-30 or download some ideas here from the EdTechTeam ) Digital citizenship is certainly an ongoing topic of discussion and discourse in schools and hopefully at home and the authors make the all-important point that we were doing this before we had devices in classrooms.

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A hidden, public internet asset that could get more kids online for learning

The Hechinger Report

The message, from Zach Leverenz, founder of the nonprofit EveryoneOn, attacked the Educational Broadband Service (EBS), which long ago granted school districts and education nonprofits thousands of free licenses to use a slice of spectrum — the range of frequencies that carry everything from radio to GPS navigation to mobile internet. This asset was handed to [school districts and educational nonprofits] with the expectation that they deliver educational and social value in return.

MDR Releases Digital Marketing Trends in Education Report


Each section of the report includes an infographic of key findings, in-depth data analysis and charts, best practices with checklists on how to apply the findings, and emerging trends to watch. With the wealth of data from the campaigns we deploy for and with our clients, MDR is in a unique position to draw data-driven conclusions about how educators engage with digital marketing,” said one of the report’s authors David Clemen, director of digital marketing at MDR. “We

Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum

Kitaboo on EdTech

This proves helpful as students don’t have to spend time on the search engine browsing for relevant data. Download: Can the US Higher Education Publishing Industry Leverage A Subscription Model. Digital Textbooks Enable Collaboration: Keeping up with the social media trends, most digital reading devices are equipped with sharing features. Digital natives are no strangers to sharing posts and daily activities on social platforms.

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THE BRIGHTBYTES LEARNING OUTCOMES MODULE ( WWW.BRIGHTBYTES.NET ) The Learning Outcomes module captures millions of data points from any digital device usage, and triangulates it with district investment data and student achievement data. The module goes beyond tracking app usage, and uses advanced data analytics to help educators discover which programs have the most influence, and inform plans to replicate, scale, or adjust resources accordingly.

Literacy in the Digital Age: 9 Great Speaking & Listening Tools

Educator Innovator

We would argue our students read and write more now than they ever have before—between texting, social media, gaming, and everything else they do in their digitally fueled, online lives. Additionally, by embedding formative assessment checks throughout the video and analyzing real time data based on student response, teachers can provide precise intervention or enrichment along with timely and specific feedback.

Producing Infopics

Learning in Hand

View the 11 minute video on YouTube , on Vimeo , in iTunes as a podcast, through RSS , or as a download. The message might be a summary, quote, definition, notes, data, weblink, hashtag, or other informational tidbits. Pixlr is a mobile app (iOS, Android, Fire) and web app. Posts that are photogenic get more attention on social media. Check out my website at and find me on social media ( Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , Google Plus ).

AP: Libraries launch apps to sync with iPod generation

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Since libraries started rebranding themselves for the iPod generation, thousands of music geeks have downloaded free songs from library websites. The latest national data from the American Library Association shows that library visits and circulation climbed nearly 20 percent from 1999 to 2008. A growing number of libraries are launching mobile websites and smart-phone applications, says Jason Griffey, author of "Mobile Technology and Libraries."

The Top 50 Best Books for Teachers – Professional Development

Fractus Learning

In Lean In, Sandberg digs into issues, combining personal anecdotes, hard data, and compelling research to cut through the layers of ambiguity and bias surrounding the lives and choices of working women. It takes into account recent changes such as ubiquitous connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to dramatically shift how schools have been run and structured for over a century. There are a LOT of great books for teachers out there.

Worldwide, Online, and Free - The Library 2.013 Conference Starts Friday

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

There are eight conference strands covering a wide variety of timely topics, such as MOOCs, e-books, maker spaces, mobile services, embedded librarians, green libraries, doctoral student research, library and information center "tours," and more! Franks, PhD Using downloadable audiobooks to improve student literacy outside the classroom - Sue Toms, Head of Libraries WLMA - Reach Out and Teach Someone - Terri Grief, President-Elect.


Learning Revolution Week's Events - Evernote in the Classroom - Yong Zhao - Google+ vs. Ning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Connect With the Learning Revolution Project on Social Media. The Learning Revolution, as a new project, could use some help building our social media presence and credibility. Thursday, June 12th at 10:30am in Madison, WI GLS 10 Conference - Games in the Classroom , A panel discussion on surveys about games and learning: what surveys can and can''t tell us about this topic, what we learned via survey data, and implications for practice.