Coursera, K12, Inc. make bold moves to drive learning

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As I wrote about Coursera last year, although the company held intriguing promise, realizing its potential would require some big pivots. As I wrote, Coursera’s initial incarnation never felt to me like it could disrupt higher education. In many cases, Coursera’s platform itself did not help, as it did not help course authors create pedagogically sound experiences. s basic products in ways similar to Coursera’s reinvention of its platform.

Coursera’s New Strategy Takes Inspiration From Netflix—and LinkedIn


Coursera is quietly testing elements of a new strategy, with the goal of moving from a platform for courses to a broader career-building service. Two Stanford University professors founded Coursera about five years ago, amid a wave of hype that free online courses could one day replace residential undergraduate colleges. That never happened, and since then companies like Coursera have been trying to find their niche—and a sustainable business model. Coursera and Chill?

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Coursera Co-Founder Andrew Ng Wants to Bring ‘AI to Everyone’ in Latest Course


The course will cost $49 per month and will be hosted on Coursera, a platform for massive open online courses, or MOOCs, that Ng co-founded in 2012. (He But the course won’t be offered through a university, like many of the other online classes on Coursera. offers through Coursera, which Ng teaches, have had wide appeal on the MOOC website. In June, EdSurge reported that three Coursera’s top 10 most popular courses were taught by him.

Dr. Chuck on Inclusive Programming, Online Instructor Involvement and Coursera’s Paywall


Charles Severance was one of the first professors at the University of Michigan to give the massive open online courses (MOOC) platform Coursera a try. I’m making [the class] funny and making it engaging and teaching [students], but I don’t get to meet these people.” To try to serve more students, Severance and his colleague, Colleen Van Lent, each have a new specialization on Coursera, which Coursera describes in part as a “series of rigorous courses.”

Teacher Creativity Skill: Meet a Challenge

The Playground Advocate

If you haven''t seen the video below before, it illustrates what I mean better than anything I could write: When we take risks and meet challenges, we add to the internal resources we can bring to bear in new situations.

Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram

Wired Campus

Some of the biggest MOOC producers, including Daphne Koller’s Coursera, may have figured out how to get employers to accept free online courses as credentials: Get big-name companies to help design them.


A Proposal to Put the ‘M’ Back in MOOCs


These days, most MOOC providers let learners start courses whenever they like (or on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, as Coursera does). At one point Coursera boasted about a average forum response time of 22 minutes; that’s no longer the case. Those who don’t meet the deadline could pay an upgrade fee and earn the certificate.

MOOC 100

Unlocking stackable global credentials

The Christensen Institute

Meeting this increase in demand presents a critical opportunity for disruptive innovation in higher education. It took 912 years from the founding of the first university in Bologna in 1088 for the global higher education system to grow to serve 100 million students annually by the year 2000.

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Guest Blog Post: Online Learning – a Perfect Confluence or a Bad Influence?


There are tons of free courses on sites like Coursera and edX , which bring knowledge closer to a wider audience. Everyone can take the online course they like, but these courses still have structure that has to meet the needs of a larger group of students.

Will this semester forever alter college? No, but some virtual tools will stick around

The Hechinger Report

If anything, what people are mistaking now for online education — long class meetings in videoconference rooms, professors in their bathrobes, do-it-yourself tools made of rubber bands and cardboard — appears to be making them less, not more, open to it.

The Metamorphosis of MOOCs


At a recent meeting of educational technology policy advisors, a well-informed university CIO casually declared that MOOCs were history. Examples of these online course series, which are open to enrollment by any applicant, include Coursera Specializations which appeared in early 2014, and the MicroMasters , first offered in Supply Chain Management by MITx in 2015 via the edX online platform.

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As Corporate World Moves Toward Curated ‘Microlearning,’ Higher Ed Must Adapt


Well-funded MOOC providers Coursera, Udacity and EdX have evolved their business models to focus squarely on corporate learning and serving professionals seeking credentials. Second, in this changing landscape, colleges and universities that seek to meet corporate needs must move beyond monolithic programs and think in terms of competencies, unbundling curriculum, modularizing and “microlearning.”

24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech


When you just meet: The Mask Youtube Clips, Warner Bros. Wanna come over tonight to Coursera and chill ? Hackathons. Platforms. EdCamps. Startups. Bootcamps. Pitchfests. What binds these and countless other education ideas, events, words and buzzwords together? Why, love, of course. A love for learning, teaching, education, a better tomorrow—and the role that technology could play.

It’s the Dawning of a New Day in the Job Market. Here’s What That Means for Higher Ed


MOOC catalog site Class Central has reported a 900 percent spike in traffic , and course enrollment has surged at Coursera. As 2020 kicked off, the U.S. job market was the strongest in 50 years , and the economy had seen a record 113-month streak of job creation.

As the Microcredential Market Booms, Don’t Forget the Learner


One in five employers report that they have hired someone with a verified certificate from a platform such as Coursera or EdX. But while employers are critical constituents, we must ensure that in our rush to meet their needs, we aren’t forgetting the learner.

Employer Credentials and Community Colleges: A Look Behind Google’s IT Support Certificate Program


Despite their often limited budgets, the innovative nature and adaptability of community colleges makes them well-positioned to meet the training needs for aspiring tech professionals. At Google, one of us works as a product lead for the IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera—a program designed to take beginner-level learners to IT job readiness in about eight months.

Production Value in Online Higher Education

Soon after, MOOCs (a la Coursera and Udacity) arrived and took the potential impact of freely distributed instructional content on reputation to a whole new level, quickly establishing these online courses as a very public platform for inter-institutional competition.


Online Learning Platform, NovoEd Acquired by Boston Private Equity Firm


At the time they were not alone in their efforts; Coursera, Udacity (both of which were also co-founded by Stanford professors) and edX had launched MOOC platforms a year earlier. When people talk about growth as the focus, sometimes you are just doing things to try to meet the metrics for the next fundraising round,” says Miller, a technology industry veteran whose past experience include stints at Blackboard and Data Hero.

George Siemens and David Wiley Join Forces for a MOOC About Open Education


Since the New York Times named 2012 the year of massive open online courses (MOOCs), millions have flocked to platforms offering them such as edX and Coursera. Maybe you’re a graduate student in need a course that will appear as credit on your transcript; your professor will be able to grab some of the openly licensed material in our course and use that to put together something local that’s going to meet your needs.

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Looking Back at the Year in Ed Tech

Wired Campus

As Coursera Evolves, Colleges Stay On and Investors Buy In. Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram. Concerns about Yik Yak and analysis of MOOCs and online teaching were among the most popular stories this past year on our Wired Campus blog.

Designing Organizations to Support Tech on Campus #SXSWedu


Interesting (to me, Sandy) that some digital learning groups/departments were created in the wake of Coursera. Notes from the General Discussion and Audience Questions To get uninterested teachers using technology, start with a need and show how tech can meet it.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 10 Edition)

Doug Levin

He anticipates needing to purchase around 2,000 to meet that goal. government, yet 92 percent of its most popular sites fail to meet basic standards for security, speed, mobile friendliness, or accessibility. Ever wonder how stories promoted by ‘thought leaders’ on social media get selected? Filter bubbles are bad, including in educational technology.

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‘Talent’ Has Become the New Theme Uniting Education and Employment


The largest funding rounds of 2017 and 2018, and the most richly-capitalized companies overall, include Coursera, Degreed, Andela, MasterClass, and Trilogy Education Services—which for example each represent services or platforms to help meet the talent challenge, rather than, say, companies that offer software or tools to traditional colleges. The postsecondary education sector is on a collision course with the world of work.

Future-Proofing College by Embracing ‘Purpose Learning’


At the most recent ASU GSV Summit, machine-learning pioneer Andrew Ng (and co-founder of Coursera) warned audience members to steer their children away from becoming radiologists. If we wish to meet the rapidly-changing demands of the workforce of the future, we first have to acknowledge that the educational pathways of the future might very well involve skills-based learning that does not necessarily add up to four years, or even a degree.

?Filling the Other Skills Gap


The likes of Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, MasterClass, Lynda, and Pluralsight have together raised more than $1 billion and represent combined enterprise value of more than $5 billion. Despite the acuity of the problem, there is a paucity of compelling consumer-oriented digital tools focused on meeting the education and employment needs of low-income, low-skilled workers.

Udemy 86

?A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers


Before becoming too beholden to the particular features (or limitations) of a technology platform, try to think bigger and more creatively about how you can meet the needs of your learners. Start with the “big four” that most people have heard of: Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and EdX. Finally, perhaps one of the most important lessons is to get out from behind your computer and actually go meet the learners who experience your courses, apps or experiences.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

From the Coursera blog : “Announcing ‘ AI for Everyone ’: a new course from on Coursera.” is the new company of Andrew Ng , Coursera’s co-founder.) ” Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “Meet the New Mega-University.” ” Via Education Week : “ FUNecole : Social-Emotional Learning Meets Computer Science and Digital Literacy.”

Education Technology and the Promise of 'Free' and 'Open'

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Remember in 2012 when Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller said in her TED Talk that her company’s goal was to “take the best courses from the best instructors at the best universities and provide it to everyone around the world for free”? Coursera began charging for certificates in January and launched a subscription service in October. Daphne Koller announced her departure from Coursera in August; she’s now working for Alphabet (a.k.a.


Yale Announces ‘Blended’ Online Master’s Degree

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Students would meet in virtual classrooms where they would discuss course material using videoconferencing technology. In 2013 it joined with Coursera and started building MOOCs. Yale University is creating a master’s program that will hold many courses online, continuing the Ivy League institution’s foray into “blended” learning.

Education's Online Futures

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No doubt, Udacity, Coursera, and edX have been moving away from “free” and “open” online education for a while now , charging fees for courses and certificates and acting much more like online program management companies – third party vendors for Internet-based courses and degree programs. Coursera also brought on a new CEO : Jeff Maggioncalda, whose previous job was in the financial planning industry.


Developing and Delivering Effective Professional Development for Educators


The Teacher Slam takes place at the beginning of any large meeting. It helps teachers to get recognized in front of their colleagues (along with maybe a bar of chocolate) and also sets the tone for productive discussions during the meetings. 7. Some of these self-paced paced content providers for educators are: Udemy , Future Learn , edX , Coursera , iTunes U , and Youtube for teachers 9.

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The Flip Side of Abysmal MOOC Completion Rates? Discovering the Most Tenacious Learners


verified certificates from Coursera and completed 11 social entrepreneurship courses from +Acumen. These skills include: Digital fluency and information literacy: the ability to cut through the noise on the internet and find the content and opportunities to address and meet their goals. Usman Khaliq was an engineering student in northeastern Pakistan when he took his first MOOC. He quickly began supplementing his education with online courses from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

MOOC 101

Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


The first online class we launched in 1998 was little more than flat text on webpages, and we closely followed the birth of learning management systems, meeting with both Blackboard and WebCT before they achieved their first $1 million in revenue. ASU Global Freshman Academy, Coursera and edX have taken the StraighterLine model—and pushed it even further.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

Teachers Are Moonlighting As Instagram Influencers To Make Ends Meet,” Buzzfeed reported in 2018. And, of course, many teachers find themselves working as Uber drivers as they struggle to make ends meet on their salaries.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

The district failed to meet its burden of proof and interpreted a state law in a way that is ‘offensive to fundamental rights of free speech,’ the judge said.” Just a few weeks after Daphne Koller ’s announcement she was leaving the MOOC startup she co-founded, Coursera unveiled “ Coursera for Business ” this week, marking its pivot from “democratizing higher ed” to “ training corporate employees.”