Inspiring Ideas and Resources from the #STEM4INNOVATION Conference

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Recently, I attended the incredible STEM 4 Innovation Conference at Texas A&M University. I would definitely recommend this conference to any educator in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Resources and Ideas from the Conference.

5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Elementary Math can be exciting. 5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology. Vicki: Today we’re talking with Kelly Gary, a first-grade teacher in Pennsylvania, about five ideas for improving elementary math with technology.

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Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon, Global Education Conference co-chairs, talk about the Global Education Conference 2017 that runs from November 13-16. Today we talk about the conference, what people can expect from the conference and how to sign up.

How to Boost Family Involvement through Parent-Teacher Conferences


Before you know it, parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner. It’s easy to let the conference season catch us by surprise, but did you know that parent-teacher conferences are one of the best ways to boost parent engagement? Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

#01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom

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Karen Lirenman ( @ KLirenman ) and Kristen Wideen ( @ mrswideen ) have written the definitive book on using iPads in the elementary classroom, Innovate with iPad: Lessons to Transform Learning in the Classroom. TRANSCRIPT #01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom.

8 reasons why my students lead their own conferences

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I can clearly picture my eight-year-old self staring out the large window, waiting for my parents to come home from my parent-teacher conference. From that point on, I transitioned to student-led conferences with elementary students.

Why Elementary Schools Should Teach Kids to Play Poker


Maria Konnikova speaking at this month's SXSW EDU conference. Maria Konnikova doesn’t buy the "10,000 hour rule"—that theory popularized by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes at least 10,000 hours of serious practice to become a world-class expert at an activity.

Learning Targets and Student-Led Conferences More Pathways to Communication

Battelle for Kids

Learning targets and student-led conferences are proving to be a powerful vehicle for informing our school community at Katherine Smith Elementary about what and how our students are learning. Volume 3, Issue 2, Number 7.

The Beauty of Ownership and Belonging: Elementary Tech Teams

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These elective opportunities gave me the possibility of having an elementary tech team. The pressure was on to create good resources to share at this conference.

Could This Be One of the BEST Edu Conferences of 2015? #WGEDD


What Great Educators Do Differently - click here to connect to the conference homepage - I've always been "addicted to" professional learning. Each time I get to visit and observe educators in our elementary, I take something away that my students can benefit from.

Sylvia Shugrue Award for Elementary School Teachers

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This award honors one elementary school teacher who has established (or is establishing) an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lesson plan. The award consists of $1,000 and up to $500 to attend the NSTA National Conference on Science Education; the recipient of the award will be honored during the Awards Banquet at the NSTA Conference.

Elementary Technology Favorites by Grade Level

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Recently one of our fifth grade teachers, Alice Sikkema, was chosen to present in the poster sessions at Georgia Education Technology Conference (GaETC). One of the things shared was the list of "tried and true" technology usage by grade level at our elementary school.

Planning for Elementary School Closures #CoronaVirus #CoVid19 #RemoteLearning

The Innovative Educator

Additionally, childcare is not as a big of a concern for older children, but what about elementary school students? Free Conference Call is another option. Schools being closed is nothing new. There are spring and winter breaks. There are snow days. There is summer vacation. At these times teachers, schools, and districts may decide to give students homework packets with various activities. Parents need to figure out childcare.

Big ideas and ed trends from the #ASCD15 conference

The Cornerstone for Teachers

ASCD is one of the most important and influential conferences in the nation because it’s targeted toward school leaders and those who make big decisions in education. Here are 6 big ideas and educational trends I heard throughout the 3 day conference: 1) School culture.

What makes your school/PD/conference different?

iLearn Technology

Join us to see first hand how a focus on students-with-names impacts everything that we do (including our approach to conference PD!) The 5Sigma Education Conference is an opportunity for you to see first hand what makes Anastasis such a different learning environment.

Research Skills in the Elementary Classroom


She has led many Professional Development sessions within her school district and at numerous conferences in Indiana. The post Research Skills in the Elementary Classroom appeared first on EdTechTeam. Today’s learners need to know how to ask and answer their own questions. They need to be independent thinkers and not always given questions provided by teachers.

Wait, what just happened?! (Launching a Conference)

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As it turns out, putting on a conference is a whole lot like planning for a wedding. A strange peace comes over you when you wake the morning of the conference. I’ve struggled to neatly sum up the 5Sigma Conference. Only everyone at the conference was that person.

Building Teamwork and Perseverance in Early Elementary Students with Breakouts


At one elementary school she supports, Duffy collaborated with the speech pathologist to design a Breakout that required general education students to use the communication tools that their non-verbal peers use daily.

Elementary school teachers struggle with Common Core math standards

The Hechinger Report

2, 2014 photo, teacher Joy Burke surprises her students with homemade cookies as they leave their fifth grade class at John Hay Elementary school in Seattle. Cookies and math tend to go together in an elementary school classroom. In this Thursday, Oct.

New Research-Based Games Available for Elementary School Students


The elementary school games complement Legends of Learning’s existing middle school suite of more than 800 games and simulations.

Misconceptions About Kids With Learning Differences in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

She presented her research at an International Autism Conference in Nanjiing, China. Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Equity High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Parents Special Needs Teachers Students Teachers Wonderful Classroom Wednesday

PBIS, Discipline, and Compassion Fatigue

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Melissa is dual certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. Melissa presented at ISTE in 2015, and she has presented for the past eight years at Alabama’s state technology conference and at various local conferences.

Thinking Routines in the Classroom

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Karen was the 2015 Tennessee State Teacher of the Year and I interviewed her at the NNSTOY Conference in DC this summer. And I’m at the in NNSTOY Conference , that’s Karen Vogelsang has taught elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee for fourteen years.

Motivation to Thrive Your First Few Years of Teaching

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During my educational career, I have had multiple rewarding opportunities to conduct research and present at a conference on different topics. I was able to present my research a year later at an undergraduate research conference held at Millersville University.

A Look Back- CUE 2017 National Conference (Plus Puppets)


For readers who have never been to a CUE conference, I need to provide an experience they can relate to, paint a scene they can see themselves in. . The conference had 501 sessions: 501 individual learning experiences crafted by members and supported by the amazing CUE organization.

California’s Fallbrook Union Elementary School District Broadens Partnership with Discovery Education Transforming Instruction Districtwide


September 25, 2018) – California’s Fallbrook Union Elementary School District (FUESD) today announced it is expanding its partnership with Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms.

How to Teach AI in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Michelle Zimmerman, author of Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning , talks about Artificial Intelligence and what we should be teaching kids in our classrooms today.

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5 Ways To Bring SEL Into Edtech Classroom Use

The CoolCatTeacher

Mark is the host of the monthly What’s New in Edu Youtube channel, the Teaching Happiness web-series and regular presenter at Executive Briefings, conferences and workshops.

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My New Intel All-In-One PC, Before And After #IntelAIO (Perfect Touchscreen PC for Elementary!)


An Elementary Teacher''s Opinion Keep in mind as you''re reading this review that I am not a technology specialist. I could even use it at parent-teacher conferences. Before and After My AIO (All-In-One) PC As a 2nd grade classroom teacher, I often find that my goals or expectations for a product may differ slightly from those are not educators. Take the personal computer, for example.

A conference about what is sacred in education: 5Sigma Edu Con

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Hundreds of conferences, workshops, MOOCS, edcamps, professional journals, blogs, the list seriously goes on and on. In short, this is a conference that will do more than inspire you, you will be empowered to launch in your own classrooms, schools and districts!

Integrating the Arts into Every Subject

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Former secretary of education, William Bennett, says, “An elementary school that treats the arts as the province of a few gifted children, or views them only as recreation and entertainment, is a school that needs an infusion of soul.

5 Essential Practices for Designated and Integrated ELD

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5 Idea Friday All Subjects Education ELA/ ELL Teachers Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) History and Social Sciences Teachers Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Math Teachers Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Science Teachers Special Needs Teachers Teachers

MOOC 268

Are Smartphones in the Classroom a Smart Move?

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Liz has done consulting work and has been a featured and keynote speaker at conferences all over the United States and Canada. Liz Kolb in episode 387 of the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

22 Top Tips for Better Classroom Management

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From student-led parent conferences to parent parties , there are many ways to build these positive relationships with parents. See the course about Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences from Advancement Courses 8. Classroom management can be a challenge.

Fearless Teaching Transforms Elementary School Classroom – Tammy Dunbar, USA

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She and her class made this terrific video on how to use Sway , a topic Dunbar presented at the recent E 2 Conference in Redmond. When we last caught up with Tammy Dunbar this past January, the 4 th and 5 th grade teacher’s district was in the middle of a massive learning transformation.