Plagiarism search tools comparison


We often hear from teachers who are exploring possibilities of using PlagiarismCheck for their schools, that they are currently searching for plagiarism manually or use some free software that is available online. To show the difference between the three options, we have put up a comparison list to spotlight the main differences.

The Big 3's War Over EDU: A Comparison of Apple, Google, and Microsoft


Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are quality pieces of software, but the lack of them on anything other than Mac means adoption will be low. The online portal might work, but it is going to have to be a simple as Google Drive with an easy tie to email for it to work.

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What is G Suite for Education? | What You Need to Know! (FREE Download)

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Whether you are brand new to Google or a seasoned user, there are probably a few things you don’t know about G Suite for Education. If you want to become a Google Certified Educator or Trainer, you need to learn the basics of G Suite for Education. (It Here’s a full comparison.).

In the market for a 360° camera? Look no further!

With the explosion of +Google Cardboard (and Google Expeditions ), my interest lately has been with the idea of students and teachers creating virtual reality and 360° content. Read further for my top pick and a handy (and constantly updated) comparison chart!

Battle of the Classrooms: Apple, Google, Microsoft Vie for K-12 Market


It’s terribly confusing, but perhaps no coincidence, that three of the world’s most prominent consumer technology companies—Apple, Google, Microsoft—each boast a “Classroom” tool aimed at K-12 educators and students. For a quick summary, see our comparison chart at the bottom.). Google Google Classroom. Updates and Upgrades: The first of the “Classrooms,” Google Classroom launched in August 2014. It’s a straight Google Classroom knock-off.” Google.

The Best Edtech for Students Is Backed by Research. Here’s What to Look For.


to outlay an estimated $8 billion annually on software and digital resources, not including hardware. One recent study of school spending estimated that up to two-thirds of software licenses are never activated. Does the study design provide a compelling comparison group?

Faceoff: What Digital Device Should My School Buy?

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Does this include teacher favorites like MS Office, Google Earth, or KidPix? software–can you install favorite programs? ability/need to upgrade–when there are software/hardware updates, how easy/difficult is this to accomplish?

Touch-Typing: Rote vs Integrated Learning or Rote and Integrated Learning?

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Take a class of thirty students, tell them they are going to learn how to type only by using it in searches on google and creating reports in Microsoft Office. That is an obvious comparison but there is a better one to be made.

How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

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A comparison of summative assessment and formative assessment. For this comparison, we will look at educational assessment under two categories: Summative or Formative. On a larger scale, Summative assessment software, such as Easy LMS , are already used for many standardized tests.

6 Awesome examples of EdTech for the visually impaired students


A good friend of mine’s son is a software engineer for one of our largest banks; she’s immensely proud of his achievements which include a master’s degree in computer science from a prestigious university. Find some independent comparisons of the most popular models here.

Why new technologies often don’t help students

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Edtech enthusiasts promote the benefits of innovations such as open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS), and adaptive learning software. The Gooru software and LPS’s learning resources are available for free at

The video wall on college campuses in 2017

Bryan Alexander

Software allows interactivity and perhaps other functions, depending on the package. Additionally, the display can easily connect with FLUX HPC and offers many common software packages for researchers, designers, and programmers.

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EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1


I have also situated phrases that are often incorrectly interchanged against one another for what I hope is a useful comparison. Examples include automated stock trading software and automated cars. A while ago we received a comment on a post about Augmented Reality.

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What Data Will Show That Edtech ‘Works’?


Data may also be self-reported by teachers and students on surveys developed by companies including Panorama Education or simply Google Forms. Correlational: Comparisons of users (variable) and non-users (control). Causal: More rigorous than correlational; this is an apples-to-apples comparison that ensures that students in the control and variable groups have similar backgrounds and characteristics. “A Correlations, Comparisons.

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Future technologies now

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Google Cardboard was on show, but so were other alternatives. In fact, it was surprising how inexpensive but robust some of the alternatives were in comparison to Cardboard. Digital Google Cardboard HTC Vive JISC learning pedagogies robotics Technology virtual presence VR

Silent Reading vs. Independent Reading: What’s the Difference? (plus digital tools to assess IR)

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In their excellent resource No More Independent Reading Without Support (Heinemann, 2013), Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss provide a helpful comparison: Silent Reading. This information can be backed up to Google Drive, Evernote, and other cloud storage options. Students can also be grouped in the software based on specific strategies and needs. Google Forms. We set up a Google Form in one grade level in our school: Evernote.

Social Media and Kids - what you should know - guest post

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They should also consider how the “like” feature on Instagram can become a comparison tool for teens and a way to measure popularity or self-worth. Consider putting proper safety measures in place, too, such as installing security software and keeping networks secure.

A ‘Safe’ Smart Speaker for Kids? Startup Chatterbox Promises to Put Privacy First


But smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home, which function almost like virtual assistants, come with a catch. The software is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer. A new Amazon Echo Dot, in comparison, costs $29.99.

Microsoft’s Big Bett Updates: Free VR Curriculum and Using a Pencil as a Stylus


On the software side, several new grading functions have been added to Microsoft Teams, the company’s version of a learning management system. Its interface resembles a mashup of Slack and Google Classroom.) Justin Chando, now a product manager for Teams for Education, hails from Chalkup , a company he founded in 2013 to build classroom collaboration software. By comparison, Google claims more than 30 million users for Classroom, a likely competitor to Teams.

10 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have

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Tips on Better Searches (from Google) Infographic on Better Searches Common Craft Video on Web Search Strategies UPDATED thanks to a great comment below. Businesses still use MS Office for the most part, but iWorks, OpenOffice / LibreOffice, and Google Docs are all getting more popular.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Education Projector

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Digital displays, by comparison, have a fixed screen size. Interactive software, which varies by manufacturer, lets multiple users interact at the same time. Considering an education projector for your classrooms or lecture hall? That’s a smart move.

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

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Ray Kurzweil is a bestselling author, futurist and Director of Engineering for Google. Apple’s SIRI, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortona and Google’s Hey Google are all thought to be AI. e nterpriseMind is software that models the way we think. By Charles Sosnik.

How to Leverage Technology Tools for Tutoring (sponsored post)


Clark is software for your tutoring business. More than just software for tutors, Clark simplifies the logistics around tutoring sessions for parents and students. Google Calendar.

Why a Web Filter Isn’t Enough To Keep Your Students Safe

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A web filter is software designed to restrict or control the online content that a user is allowed to access. We keep students safe by analyzing and reviewing all communication associated with a student’s school-provided email account and cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. This comparison just scratches the surface when it comes to the differences between Gaggle and web filters.

100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom

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Facebook is one social network that schools and teachers use with their students, when it isn''t blocked by the school filtering software! Infographic on which to use when Twitter - A great resource for Education Google+ - more reasons it''s great for educators Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Email, Google+ - why/when I use each one. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

“Tired of fighting that fight”: School districts’ uphill battle to get good deals on ed tech

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A student in New York uses Google Docs on her classroom iPad to discuss themes in the class’s latest book with her group. billion was spent on devices by K-12 schools in 2015, and the Software and Information Industry Association estimates that nearly $8.4 billion was spent on software.

Microsoft’s Many EDU Updates—and a Window of Opportunity to Win K-12 Market Share


Microsoft has long had a beef with Google—even if the company won’t always admit it today—dating back to the “Scroogled” advertisement campaign that critiqued the search giant’s Chromebooks and privacy policies. According to Futuresource Consulting, a market research firm, in the third quarter of 2017, Google’s Chromebooks captured 59.8 But Futuresource also noted that while Google “remains the dominant market share, its growth shows signs of slowing.”

The video wall on college campuses in 2017

Bryan Alexander

Software allows interactivity and perhaps other functions, depending on the package. Additionally, the display can easily connect with FLUX HPC and offers many common software packages for researchers, designers, and programmers. That software I mentioned isn’t a trivial matter.

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EverFi Rocks the Edtech Industry With $190 Million Fundraise


not just deliver software, but also be able to engage with big brands and marry our interests.” The team in charge of managing these sponsor relationships is “relatively small,” she adds, in comparison to the company’s K-12 implementation team that has footprints across the country, from urban metropolises to coal country and the Mississippi Delta. So, too, do companies such as AirBnB, Google, Oracle and Whole Foods.

Paying to Turn in Homework? ASU Prof's Viral Email Raises Questions About Online Textbook Model


Goegan also argued that he was forced to fail 30 percent of his students, which he said university officials wanted so that an adaptive-learning project being developed for other sections of the economics course would be made to look good by comparison.

Tools Harvard Computer Science Students Use to Collaborate, Stay Organized


MOSS (Measure Of Software Similarity): This tool is freely developed and can help determine academic honesty. The tools allow users to anonymously submit student work and see a comparison to other existing code. Malan finds it more group friendly than Google Hangout.

Hi-Def Classroom Collaboration With the AVer CC30

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The AVer CC30 packages all the hardware and software you need to present, record, screen capture, live stream, and annotate material with your class. Software. In comparison, a standard webcam only gives a narrow 70 degree angle as seen below.

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How a Master's Program From the '80s Quietly Keeps Up With Coding Bootcamps


Recent graduates “landed jobs at Mozilla, Stitch Fix and are getting jobs as software engineers,” she adds. Spertus, who has also worked as a senior research scientist at Google, disagrees, saying “it’s a fallacy to think the theory you learn in CS programs is … useless. Even with the option for federal financial aid—which coding bootcamps lack, because they are unaccredited—the ICS program could still be a prohibitively steep price in comparison to a $10,000 bootcamp.

How to figure out what’s “good enough” and be satisfied with it

The Cornerstone for Teachers

If you have a question you’d like me to answer here on the podcast, let me know by filling out the Google form , or, even better, by leaving me a voice message that I can play on the show. I think the no-comparisons thing kinda goes without saying, but I had to get that out right up front.

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Rhode Island Teachers Fired After Insulting Students Online

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Earlier in the week, 18 pages of their private conversation on Slack were leaked to staff and students at the school in a mass email which included a link to a Google document sent using one of the teacher’s hacked email accounts. (Photo: Pixabay, Creative Commons).